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June 30, 2006


"Never shave in a gym near a chandelier," we say. But do they listen? No.

(Thanks to Mav)


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Is this Dirk Nowitzki's revenge?

Shaving and hitting a chandelier. Was he on a ladder shaving his back?

I'm no fan of DH but what rocket scientist designs a gym with fragile, low hanging, glass chandeliers?

Fortunately he hit it with his head!

Another thing to say is, "Never Promote a 60 year old Stripper"

I don't even know where to start with this one!

Thanks a lot, Dave. A link the firewall finally lets me open and it's that.
*a lot*

blurkie, dear, we can't wait until your wife gets back tonight either. :)

At my elementary school, we had a gym/cafeteria. So now we have gyms/ballrooms?

Jemmy - it's a gym bathroom, not ballroom. Separate from the gym, hopefully, but with a chandelier in it.

Thanks, Annie. I only skimmed quickly (because of work) and was rather confused about shaving in a gym, but I figured, "Hey, it's David Hasselhoff. He might."

How the feck do you do that?

Some writer's not fulfilling his or her journalistic duty.

Jemmy - exactly. That man is capable of anything.

is he that tall or is his head still growing?

Another thing to say is, "Never Promote a 60 year old Stripper".

Excellent point, Alfred, and never say - when confronted by such overly tan MALE stripper - "I wanted to see how far he'd go."

My guess is someone was Hasseling the Hoff (so to speak) in the bathroom, perhaps showing off his stripper moves, and this was the result.


Hmmmn....would this be a real-life example of "not the brightest bulb in the chandelier"?

How exactly does using the Hoff in a commercial for an ISP promote their business? To wit: Pipex

Guin, I couldn't get the link to work.

Ditto, marfie.

And David sang:

SO clearly not true. I'm an unbelieveably awkward person, and I can't even imagine hitting something that hard. Something was happening here other than shaving...


damned <> thingies

It gets better (and I'm not even going to try to hyperlink, because I'm horrible at it):


So he wasn't reaching UP, he was bending DOWN.


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