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June 05, 2006


Why weren't the police called?

(Thanks to Laura Fusco)


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Well duh, he was a Hungary student.

Jeremy Maitland was in the Hungary Creek Middle School kitchen one day last month filling a water cooler for a baseball game.

Oh, and -


Why didn't he just blame the squirrels?

I'm confused. Was the mother admitting that he ate the cookie and stole a laptop?

why would they call the police? they ran the poptart guy down with a minivan

If found guilty, he will be forced to listen to 4 hours of Barry Manilow tunes.

Hey, take my laptop but keep your teen-aged mitts off of my HoHos!

I'll bet the kid is kicking himself for not taking the whole jar of cookies.

Well he's older than 6; Clearly more than the police can handle. Newborns who cry to much get hard time. 6 Year olds are arrested as an example to everyone else. High schoolers are suspended. Beyond that you can do what you want and watch the police tase (taze?) themselves in an effort to stop you; No accountability and comic relief all in one.

Superintendent Fred Morton ... reviewed the case and found the school's decision reasonable.

So apparently there's no policy against lying.

the police should have been called to smack the principal upside the head.

hmmmmmmmmm, i notice there isn't a father mentioned in this story either. verrrrrrrrrrrry suspicious.

I think the kid should be required to give back the cookie (in whatever form that may be) and the principal be required to eat it.

Something tells me the school officials in question have a problem with obesity. Nobody takes their cookies that seriously unless there are underlying issues.

This incident will follow him forever, in ten years he will be denied admission to Yale, Harvard and Faber college all because of one Oreo.

"Staff Member's Cookies" wbagnfarb and a cool euphemism for something, I'm sure......

My kid's mp3 player was jacked from his car last week, and the school couldn't care less. And this idiot teacher is bitchin' about a cookie? Maybe he should get a different job.

Now, had he parked his car in the kitchen...

AND they kicked him off the baseball team!!!!!

I mean, C'mon.

private message to crossgirl: pssst, I like your comment - a lot.

I think the teacher and the principal both need to take a chill pill.

Make the kid replace the cookie, apologize to the teacher, and get on with his life.

WAAAAAY too dumb!

I'm totally with Mikey on this one. Chill.

Frankly, I subscribe to the "let the crime fit the punishment" school of thought in cases like this. If the "staff member" in question is OK with a punishment of suspension, that's OK. But the particular staff member better not leave any more food lying around, or get accustom to booger-flavored cookies (or worse, a lot worse).

You just know the other kids are gonna make that "staff member" hate life. Which is fair.

"he ate a cookie after someone knocked over a cookie jar and he tried to pick them up."

What? He was so exhausted that he needed a sugar boost from TRYING to pick up cookies? How big were these cookies?

Very, very fair, BJ.

Maybe the cookie was a $10 "special" cookie you know like a Hello Dolly Cookie in which case it would explain why the teacher was upset. I think the teacher and the kid should be tested.

Let's start a reading group. First we'll review the most recent dozen items about Crime and Punishment in Grammar School; then we'll read and discuss "Huckleberry Finn".

Dudes, remember. Henrico County is the place where they were selling used iBooks and they started that melee that had people punched, groped, and kicked in the junk. This is a slow day for Henrico.

So the cookies had to be picked up,probably off the floor, after the jar was knocked over. Better add a safe food handling violation to the sentence.

Henrico is also the county that gave every student and teacher a laptop a few years ago.

When I went to school in Henrico County, they didn't give me a laptop.

Oh, wait, that was in 1963. Never mind.

I think he should be punished more because in the future he may think twice before he do something like that.......

I think he should be punished more because in the future he may think twice before he do something like that.......

I think he should have been punished more so in the future he will think twice before he steal

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