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June 30, 2006


The Fritz and Franz Bierhaus has RUN OUT OF ERDINGER. Fortunately, they still have "Schneider Weisse."


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Oh, whew. For a second I thought you'd have to stop drinking. Thank GOODNESS they have schneeder wes.. schiednen houws.. shee... more beer.

Yay, Dave! Hurry and drink it before it's gone too!
I'm having beer envy.

(somebody tell me how to do the strikethrough please?)

Reminds me of that song cut from "Sound of Music"...

Schneider Weisse, Schneider Weisse
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever

Schneider Weisse, Schneider Weisse
Bless my homeland forever

Dave, you need to be careful. If you start feeling urges to either dance while slapping yourself or invade France you should immediately switch to Guinness!

*snork* @ Lairbo

on my way to the beer store now....this could turn into a family crisis

test If this works I will tell you where I found it.


click here
Scroll down to the More section and click entities. that will show you the HTML tags that arent really tags but fun.

I overshot the section, it is under the bold link not entities.

Don't give up Dave I hear they are on the case. On second thought worry.

Overtime! You'll need your strength -switch to Guiness.

Juggler - what exactly is a "turorial"?

Agh! Penalty shoot-out! Need a long-neck beer so you don't spill any when everyone jumps up and down.

Oh, jeez - in my excitement, I misspelled 'Guinness.' Off to church with me to say penance.

i don't know what a "turorial" is - but, according to the google language translator, it's spelled the same way in english, german, and spanish

coincidence? or UN globalization plot?

I'm back. Germany won?!?! Ach du lite-beer!

Guinness, on the other hand, tastes the same no matter how you spell it

I am curious who is the biggest under dog left in the world cup so I know who to root for...

and who would be considered the Yankees so I know who to root against.

I dont know why you asked me Jorge, But...

Online Dictionary

Mirriam Webster Online offers this definition of...

Main Entry: Tutorial
Function: noun
1 : a class conducted by a tutor for one student or a small number of students
2 : a paper, book, film, or computer program that provides practical information about a specific subject.

Addicted: You hate The Brazil and love the The Ukraine.

JoG - a tutorial on a tutorial!
Addicted - hisssssss!

And Germany is the Atlanta Braves.

Underdog; maybe Ukraine. Yankees: Brazil.

Simul with Matt....better give me a receipt.

No, Mexico is the Atlanta Braves...Always in the round of 16, never advancing forward.

I am confoosled. I just provided a link not the tutorial itself.

JoG - me, too. Mas Erpinger, s'il vous plait!

Dave ... your bar has run out of beer (ANY beer) at 1:00 in the afternoon??

Either that's a poor bar or a helluva group of drinkers! I'll vote for the latter.

Cheers ...

Thanks everyone
GO UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!Anda, Brasil!

I thought "Schneider Weisse" was a breed of dog.

Oh GAWD, Dave! Maybe it IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Those Nazi's Germans will make beer out of ANYTHING!! Is that where the expression "hair of the dog" comes from??)

Do they make beer guards for crapcams or blackberrys? I'm guessing Dave might be needing one about now.

JoG, thanks for the link. I've been wanting to learn how to strikethrough but didn't want to show my ignorance.
Wait...you guys have already seen an abundance of that.

This is awesome kewl!!

Dave orders a German beer =the Germans win....and Dave is now in a meeting with Herr Schneider Weisse and cannot be disturbed.

Thank you Blurker, But I have to admit, I got that link from one of the other posters here. I was just lucky enough to remember to bookmark it when she posted it. Unfortunately it is close to quitting time and my brain cannot remember the original posters name. When I do I will give them the credit.

DISCLAIMER: I didnt read any other comments

I knocked back six Paulaner during the game (I am a New Zealander but live in Germany). I have to admit, Erdinger is a fine brew. Also look for Shoefferhoeffer (not sure of the spelling, also beware of the Umlaut.

Update: also beware of the umleitung (detour)

Update: Also, if you speak German to a taxi driver, be sure to ask him if he drives at night time, but try not to ask him if he drives naked, as I once did by accident (the words sound the same to the untrained English speaker). He said it depends on the tip.

Be careful. You know how Germans get when they drink - you could wind up invading France and/or accidentally torching a Danish embassy.

German idioms are more dangerous than pronunciation. I accidentaly stumbled into a phrase asking my 8 months pregnant(although amazingly still hot) Deutche Lehrerin if we should go to her place or mine for carnal activities.

"uses the extra 'l' from the original misspelling of Erdinger"

YAY! for my favorite cheat-sheet being passed on to the next generation of noobs!!

I thought it said "Urgent Breaking Wind Update"

*Snork* at Phil.

Also, Beware of the Umlaut WBAGNFARB.

Matt, I would LOVE to know what you were TRYING to say... (also, what a "Deutche Lehrerin" is...)

Juggler - mucho gracias merci thanks for the tip. It will be much used appreciated. BTW, it was the lovely and stupendous Sarah J that I got that link from, but then was too lazy busy to check out anything more than how to make a link

More Wheat beer!, Viva Wheat beer!!!one

Your welcome Muffles nd thank you Sarah J for first posting it and also thank you to KDF for sending me the first email about HTML way back when I had a more confusing name.

In case of emergency, head south to Munich. That's where they keep the national beer stockpile, and every town has at least two local breweries.. It would take the yobs over a WEEK to drain them dry...

(and make mine a dunkel with weisswurst soup... Prost!)

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