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June 29, 2006


Perhaps we can help save him!

Quote: "The upside for Boo is that he's become a celebrity. And everyone will be watching us, when we finally decide what to do."

Quote that is more important to Boo: "He never exhibited interest in getting out before. Then there was a female on the mountain and the interest definitely increased. I've been surprised by how strong the attraction was. Neutering would certainly cool him down."

(Thanks to Craig McAdie)


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I've got a webcam watching the grass grow in my front yard, so I'll keep an eye out for Boo! ;-)

P.S. Another quote from the article - yikes:
"Castration is looming for the powerful young male."

That'll be the last time he has a light lunch.

And it would help if I responded to the right thread...

Neutering would certainly cool him down."

To all of the blogettes out there:

This is just a JOKE!

It's not true.

Ha Ha.


"Neutering would certainly cool him down."

Yeah, good luck with that. Hasn't cooled down our family dog completely. A (human) female friend visited last week and made the mistake of petting him a lot and talking sweetly to him. Sir Humps-a-Lot had to be removed from the room pronto. Poor guy was confused, too -- didn't know he was supposed to hump another dog, or even a leg, for Pete's sake -- just the air. "What's he doing, Mommy?" "Never mind -- put him in the yard."

As for what to do with Boo, if he's too tame to be set free, wouldn't it just be kinder to bring him a girlfriend to live with him? I mean, humans messed him up originally. I think they at least have the responsibility to keep him happy. So to speak.

*focuses binoculars* *squints*
I've sighted The Amazing Steve!

Neutering would certainly cool him down
Well, sure. But then he probably wouldn't be such a celebrity, would he?

so, Boo suffers from Wanderlust?

Jeez! If chasing girls is the criteria for neutering I'd have been a eunich in about the ninth grade.

*checks the "change" in my pocket*

if he can break through a 400lb steel door and deactivate an electrified fence, then jump it, I don't see how they'll keep him in when they get him back. Not only does he know how escape, but you just cut his b@lls off & he's NOT going to be happy about it.

Wesson.. neutering generally only stops humping if you do it when they're still a puppy.. otherwise the behaviour is engrained in what passes for the canine brain.

If we're trying to "keep him happy," Wessonality, we could employ the use of that go-cart humping dummy New Zealand is using for bulls now (the one linked down below somewhere...)

Surely there's an enterprising young animal keeper willing to run that thing for Boo...

In associated news, an otter broke out of Auckland Zoo in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, and has evaded capture since (linky). I don't know why they think a bear would be easier to catch (except that he's gonna be stopping for "companionship", which does distract him a little)

They should call in that infamous Oklahoma Judge to help them make that all important decision.

If he's that eager to find a female, think how eager he'd be to find his nuts.

Judge at the big bear decision:

Go ahead and whack it off.

No wait! That's not what I meant!!!

blurker - I thought it was funnier in the other thread. Now it's old.

Sorry, Brainy. I got kafused. Happens a lot.

Mr. Grass: I had the perfect companion, mootube, a site streaming actual cow footage, but from the viewpoint of cows. Unfortunately, it's been taken down. It was fascinating to watch for a minute or two, as you would never have guessed how much time they spent looking straight down. No wonder they are burger bait!

Significant quote: ... a remote alpine area six kilometres west of the Rocky Mountain wildlife refuge ...

Somebuddy moved Switzerland to California!

Hu gnu?

Measuring in european yards, Swiss. But alpine means high and dry, generically speaking. Let Boo go, but he gets one strike. After that, blammo. Bear meat is the absolutely bestest thing I have ever tasted.

Mr. Stetski said he is also in awe of the "strength and intelligence and determination" shown by the 4½-year-old bear in freeing himself from a secure area in the wildlife refuge thought to be, like Alcatraz, escape-proof."

All he wants is a little loooove!! Don't lop anything off. Just move his lady friend into the compound and make her Mrs Boo. Everybody wins

If neutering him would cool him down, I wonder what "Hootering" him would do?

singing softly: Love, on a high and windy hill, It's the April song, what could go wrong, (or)Climb Ev-ery Moun-tain,

*snork* to puppytoes

Kafaleni, speaking of puppies, Sir Humps-a-Lot (not his real name) was fixed at the shelter at 11 weeks of age before we adopted him. Hard to believe he was the alpha male of the bunch. He pees like a girl (dog), which isn't a bad thing when you have kiddie climbing-toy-thingies in the yard, I guess. At least he doesn't mark everything that's one foot off the ground. And the funny thing is, I don't remember him going through this problem before. He just turned seven, which in dog years, is probably like, a midlife crisis, isn't it?....oh. Well, yeah, I guess that kind of explains a lot. Either that or my friend has some weird musk perfume that only horny dogs love. Ick.

And the otter? I say, "FREE JIN!" She sounds like she's having a blast. If an otter can't run wild and free in New Zealand, what the hell? Sounds to me like she's doing fine. How big of a danger can she be? She's not a tiger or an alligator or something.

---unfunny alert ---
My daughter told me today, as we drove past the local zoo, that she doesn't like zoos because the animals are caged. (The child wants to be a veterinarian someday.) I explained that some of the people in the world who care the most about animals work in and for zoos, and are environmentalists like her, etc., but yes, it is ironic that those people also have the responsibility of keeping essentially "wild" animals contained. Zoos might actually become a thing of the past in her own lifetime, with fewer and fewer traditional zoos, and just a few animal sanctuaries taking their place. We're seeing the change with elephants already.
---end unfunny alert ---

Anyway, I agree with muffles. Bring in Mrs. Boo and let the bear keep his dignity.


If they let the girl bear go live with him ... that'd be like ... Ursine Copulatory Cohabitation Without Benefit of ... um ... nevermind ...


People are now living on Preserves. They are called "Gated Communities."

As it turns out, after a bit of research, Grizzlies are on the threatened species list. Doesnt it seem like we should want them to reproduce with each other? Would we castrate a rare tiger if it wanted to mate with a tigress? I doubt it.

On a side note, Wess, my girlfriend IS a vet, and she agrees with your daughter.

If there are more Sophie's and Wessonality offspring around, maybe there's hope for the future yet. Although I doubt it.

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