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June 27, 2006


UPDATE: Neither can this.


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I had a Kapuas Mud facial once. I stayed the same color.

OK, I'll bite--I say a snake never REALLY changed it's color.

who says he loves the python "like a sister."
He should, that's where she is now.

*resumes frantically searching cube for invisible snakes*

So the "World Wrestling Federation" (WWF) is in charge of snakes on Borneo now??? Figures...

Okay, when the Enhydris Gyii learns to swim and can leave the Borneo Island, then I will start to worry. Unless the rich neighborhood brat up the street gets one and wants to play jokes.

Oh.....and as far as the snake & the little kid - I see NO future problems...no sirree....

I suggest the kid not dress as a rat this Halloween.

"So the "World Wrestling Federation" (WWF) is in charge of snakes on Borneo now??? Figures..."

They had to change their name to the WWE as World Wildlife Foundation had dibs on WWF. (or WTF, but that has a whole different meaning).

Did anyone notice on the pic of the news team, the only one not foolishly grinning is the woman? Maybe she got her pantyhose stuck in her underwear and her cohorts are getting a giggle out of it????

Leesa, they're already here. Caught an American Airlines flight.

But the snake turned white when placed in a dark bucket... reverse-chameleon? It's evolved to stand out as much as possible? It seeks attention?

Interesting idea for an experiment Kate, we lock one of these snakes and Twitney in a dark room...

*turns white*


"The discovery of the 'chameleon' snake exposes one of nature's best-kept secrets. Its ability to change color has kept it hidden from science until now,"

Considering is poor ability to actually blend in with its surroundings maybe this proves that most scientists are colour blind.

Little Boy Keeps 19-Foot Python As Pet

again, inaccurate reporting - the headline should read:

19-Foot Python keeps little boy as snack for later

ONE of those two is keeping a pet.

What's wrong with a boy having a 19 foot python as a pet?
'Scuse me while I have my daughter go feed our pet lion.

And I'm sure that the parents will just be shocked when they come home one day & their little boy is nowhere to be found!

The snake is bathed, fed and even prayed to, sometimes.

*tries and fails to make a play on words involving "pray" and "prey".*

What's the big deal with chameleon-like snakes?

In the US, snakes change their political stripes all the time...

The snake is bathed, fed and even prayed to, sometimes.

Yeah, well, if this is "sometimes" like "The dog is bathed, fed, and walked -- big comma -- SOMETIMES", the kid will not want to be on the wrong side of "sometimes".

At last, something better than a Huggable Urn. A living, slithering huggable urn.

I have a friend whose young son used to climb upon a chair and stand in front of the thermostat for their central heating and cooling system, in order to pray to it. His father once told him that the device controlled the great big unit in their basement which provided all of the nice comfortable air in their house.
Whenever the family went to visit friends,the young boy would always ask the hostess where their thermostat was so that he could pray to it.

"My twin is in the snake? Will you do that to me, too, Mom?

One of these days, that kid is going to be hissstory.

Not if he has true faith.

I must demand warnings when there are going to be pictures of these creatures! I'm going to be up all night now......
My son use to bow to the garage door to make it open. He also talk to the cruise control on the car.

The snake is bathed, fed and even prayed to, sometimes.

"Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me. Amen."

How exactly is this any different from our elected congress persons?

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