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June 27, 2006


Wooden-cow rustlers.


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Ahh...politically motivated wooden cow rustling. That's a first.

First....and WTF????


let me get this straight - the cows are wooden, not the rustlers. ok.
what bozos.

I was gonna say...are they stolen by "wooden cowboys"?

Not much of a political statment.

Sumpthin tells me those steaks would be mighty tough. Lots of fiber, though.

Yeah, ok...I got nuthin'.

It seems like they're moootivated to find the thieves.

Reminds me of an old song my grandmother used to sing: "Wait Till The Cows Come Home, Nelly!"

They're gonna find 'em in the barn...next to the rubber chickens.

Got Splinters?

Stump Broke Wooden Cows?

not a thing

And of course, that reminds me of another song: "Wood-un THAT Be Luv-er-ly!"

Call Sheriff Woody!!!

Inspired by the "Got Milk" campaign? More like the "Got Wood" campaign..

It was obviously moooved by a splinter group. As the getaway car was leaving, a voice was heard saying, "I wanna steer!"

I've heard that wooden cows are very poplar..

If you're going to steal a black & white cow, shouldn't you drive a Pinto?

Somewhere there's a herd, frozen with fear.

snork@annie. so what happens if they have to prosecute the theives? do they make them walk the plank??????????????????

*snork* at EVERYONE! You guys are so punny, you'd make my grandfather proud!

I think that it's a job for the Texas Rangers. They always git their Man! Yeee Haw!

Hmm somehow I know Michael Jackson is behind this!

Next up the cows will be taking the wooden cowboys from people's lawns...

I don't see the problem here.

Maybe the culprits were too stoned for cow tipping.

no-no, they were wood, not stone. you might be thinking ofthe rhinestone cowboys............

I saw a sign in a window here in DogTown. It said: "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowbooy!"

I woodn't tip that cow a wooden nickel.

a 3-foot-by-3-foot wooden cow...

Huh. I've never seen a cow with 6 legs before.

I live in that area, and this whole thing does not surprise me, on several levels:
* Los Altos Hills is a swanky neighborhood built out of farmland. Figures they'd put up wooden cows, cuz they sure as heck don't know a darn thing about *real* ones.
* Los Altos Hills has to pay for elementary schools in Los Altos. Boo hoo. Both of those suburbian nightmares have more money than they know what to do with. I have a well-paying job in the Silicon Valley and I have no hope of *ever* being able to afford a house in either community.
* Mebbe the thieves are collecting them to put in a barn made of steak (get it! chortle).
* The thieves are obviously vegetarians.
* I ride my bicycle in Los Altos Hills all the time. I'll watch for wooden cows that look like they've been rustled.

Actually, Queen, you are thinking of Karl May, the bestselling German author who brought cowboys to the Rhineland.

In the 1800's, The U.S. Army brought camels to South Texas but they didn't bring any Sheiks.

they were uncertain if culprits were kids playing a prank or political opponents.

I feel that way about every election campaign

Sean, "Got Wood?" was Viagra's slogan.

Oh, and Wooden Cow Thieves WBAGNFARB

I knew a cow that once stole a whole pasture full of grass. And then just blew it out of her %$#.

Back in the '80s I covered the dastardly theft of Billy the Bull, a huge fiberglass bovine that stood on a flatbed trailer in front of a steakhouse. Seems some rambunctious teens hooked up the trailer and took off with him. He was recovered. The steakhouse later became an asian buffet restaurant (one of several thousand here -- all run by Koreans) and Billy was apparently part of the deal when the building changed hands. He remained in place with only one change -- they painted slanted eyes on him.

Dear philintexas,

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