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June 28, 2006


It's here.

(Thanks to fivver)


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dude, if they're writing you messages, you've lost

She said she has sworn to do whatever it takes to get rid of the message's author.

Typical Washington strategy...

i saw that story on cnn. the worms were smarter than the woman.........

Looks a little like "Kiss" to me...

She said she has sworn to do whatever it takes to get rid of the message's author.

Oh sure... let's kill the messenger. That *always* helps.

I don't know...it looks like they were interrupted before they could finish writing 'kill'

all your produce belong to us

That is literally a book worm.

Stop us before we spell again!

My thoughts exactly, queesnbee.

"We got down and was pruning and got down there and just pulled open those tomato vines," Smith said. "There was a message that that bold bug had left on that tomato, and it said, 'hi.' And it just blew our minds. I laughed so hard."

After seeing that quote, which contained a wonderful example of oratory genius, I found myself wondering how she was even able to read the word.

Today's meat and veggie [ok fruit] special:

Fried green tomatoes, with woims!

Is anyone else thinking about Charlotte's Web ? Just me? Oh, never mind.

OK, i agree with bert - clearly a death threat - there's no question that deadly force is called for

but, more importantly: a tomato's a fruit?

C'mon...don't you just love the part about "that bold bug"? I think this would make a great short story by Jane Smiley. Excellent blog of the day!

Yes, Tamara - you called?

Yes, TCK, a tomato IS a fruit. And, that's all the learnin' you're gonna get today from this blog.

Kinda looked like kiss to me too TRWC (missed ya btw). But I THINK it was only the START of the message... eventually they would have written "hire a shrink"

i read my fruit today, oh boy
it seems the worms were leaving messages
and though they wanted to be friends
well, i just had to puke
at what was on my cuke
Their greatest minds had tried and tried
To find a cure for many pesticides
A crowd of critics stood and stared
They'd read the words before
Nobody was really sure if it was Rachel Carson
Or Al Gore!

I'd love to squish them all...

I saw the news today, oh boy
My worms' new movie was now in the works

Though the 'casting''s going fine
The stars can all be heard to whine
Usually it's producers who are covered with a coat
Of slime!

I'd love to squish 'em all...

*tosses TCK some more knowledge*

"Fruits and vegetables" is like saying "buildings and houses." Not all houses are buildings, and some buildings are houses.

"Fruit" is a botanical term. It's the part of a flowering plant that results when the ovary rippens. It contains the seeds. "Fruit" is also a culinary term - read on.

"Vegetable" is a culinary term, and is somewhat arbitrary and subjective. It's any part of a plant that we eat whole or in part, unless we call it a fruit - culinarily speaking.

So, the tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant, botanically speaking, but we call it a vegetable when we eat it. The pear is the botanical fruit of the pear tree (imagine that!) and when we eat it, we call it a fruit.

Either way, I'm hungry now.

"a tomato's a fruit?"

The politically correct term is "homosexual"

thanks Lab - so, botanically speakin', what part of the plant was it that i smoked so much of last nite?

The tomato is a fruit from the "night shade family." It is toxic to people which inherit a tendency fo have cardio-vascular and respiratory problems. Certain symptoms occur whenever the individual in question eats too much of the fruit. (Fatigue,lack of energy and strength,etc.)

*snork* at Straw.

At least it didn't say "we're baaack..."

I used to watch "Night Shade" when I was a kid. I loved that show!

It's Charlotte's tomato! Oh, rats, MOTW beat me to it.

Phyllis Smith: Dear, what would you like for supper tonight? Fried green tomatoes or fried green worms?
Mr. Smith *dials the mental hospital*

Sure they can write, but they can't punctuate! They put the exclamation point in front of the word.

So long and thanks for all of the Miracle Grow.

philintexas- ¿maybe it is a Spanish worm?

Kat- unripe tomatoes and all other parts of the plant make folks very sick ("anticholinergic toxidrome"- like a Benadryl® overdose).

*geek alert* mango(e)s, cashews, and pistachios are related to poison ivy.

Lab- aren't bananas technically berries?

Normally others would have gotten here before me with this, but since they've got other things on their minds: *SNORK* at Insom! (especially "casting";)

NUTHIN' gits 'tween me 'n my t'maters. Not even th' anty-christ.

Worms Writing Hi WBAGNFARB.

how long before this turns up on ebay?

diverdowndoc: If you want to be really technical, it's a false berry. And the banana tree isn't actually a tree. It's an herb.

Mike A: You make a great observation.

I don't know how you people can sit around here and chatter about false berries and such when there's an actual crisis on the other thread. Apocalypse? for Pieter's sake- they're running out of beer!

Annie... they ain't running out of beer HERE, so I'm good to go.

That is NOT "writing" ...

It is merely printing ... and a rather crude job of it, as well ...

I know of second-graders who can print MUCH more neatly than this example ...

Well ... except for moi ownself, of course ... I never could print very neatly ... ever ... whether in second grade ... or ... (mumble-mumble) years after second grade ...

diverdowndoc and <>
What about white potatoes (Russet) that have a greenish tinge under the peeling?

they can make you sick! cook them and you'll be okay.

When I was about ten, my little sister, who knew how into horror novels I was, wrote, "I've been watching you," on a tomato with a black marker. I hardly slept that night. I wonder how the gardener feels about her garden now.
"Today, this tomato is worm food. Tomorrow, you."

One of the first sci-phi movies came out in 1950 called "The Thing." It was a giant carrot that had been exposed to radiation and took on characteristics of a living monster which continued to grow. Was your sister ever exposed to this old movie?

I am a pastor in India, (MISSIONARY) working for the Lord sicnce 1987.
pray for me please.

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