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June 30, 2006


From South Milwaukee: The Cleavacious Brassiere.


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"Holy cow, vavoom" are two words that should not be used in the same sentence.

PS G'morning, Dave.

from the comments section of their website:

"My sister tried on my Cleavacious bra and refused to give it back. Do you have another 38D?"

Wouldn't it be great if it came in a remote control version?

There are many bras on the market that offer specially engineered seams and other features designed to give volume, lift and shape....

I had no idea there was such a boom in busts.

Shouldn't that be "Technology BaZOOMS Forward?

This story is useless without photos.

Here ya go GDogg.

"The Hills are Alive..."

Those bras are the most uncomfortable garments since the corset. The wires that make them "do their thing" are like razor blades on your ribs!

About as comfortable as the high heeled shoes which make us look so good but are awful on our feet and spine.

OK, I'm a party pooper!

You guys should have to wear both of these items for one day.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, says King Wingbipeekaboo.

Mikey--yes, but...but...cleavage!

I love the detached professional's view:

"I love the fact I have the option - during the day you keep the girls in, and at night you break them out," Cole said.

ALl I can say is: Let The Girls Out!

"I don't care if you're a librarian or a stripper, whoever wears a bra is my target market," Weyenberg said.

What if you're both?

what, no pictures?

MIkey... I HAVE!
(I was young and I needed the money)
Nuff Sed

*edges away from CoastRaven*

CR, If you ever come to boston can you give my receiving department some tips for next Halloween.

I want this. I am rarely deterred by pain when it comes to looking good. Except for the stick on bra. That was taking pain too far.

Coast, I'm afraid we're going to need a judge'r ruling on that. What? OK, the judge said we need pictures.

DAMN, I need to proofread!

"judge's" ruling

I remember the TV commercials from my childhood (pre-bazoomage) when "lifts and separates" was a big selling point. And the models were headless mannequins. You couldn't show a person in a bra back then.

Who knew we'd be shoving them together decades later?

I didn't realize it at first, but check out random thunking's link -- if you move your cursor over the picture, you see the full effect of this wonderful technology.

(Sorry for pointing {tee hee} that out to all the guys of the male persuasion who will now get very little work done this morning.) Speaking of which, is "up and out" acceptable for casual Friday?

Of course, there is the mysterious "sh-sh" sound coming from under the judge's bench while he is reviewing the porn.... uh- pictures

JoG - it was pretty much along these lines.

*edges FURTHER away from CoastRaven*

I hate bras. I wish they were still doing bra-burnings- I'd be first in line.

Of course I'm very much in an 'inbetween size' no it's hard to find one that fits right. Fits right and is attractive is even harder to find.

"She currently sells the bras from her Jeep boutique and on her Web site."

"Jeep boutique?"

As in, out of the back of her car?

Yeah, that's where I want my woman getting her underwear.

I don't know if I like this idea or not. Could lead to false advertising and a disappointment later.
No offense to the ladies of the small chested variety on the blog. Like you've told us men types for years - size doesn't matter.

Blogchik: go for it! Burn, baby, burn!

If it is good enough for the first lady...

*hands Chik, Blog Chik matches and lighter fluid*

*strikes the match for her*

OKAY OKAY, I will stop whining! :) After all no one forces me to wear them. I don't work at HOOTERS!

Coast- Pics?

I'm just grateful I still have them going in the general right direction,if you catch my drift.


IMPLANTS! (Viagra for guys)

2 kids...gravity...my girls and I are willing to try this contraption.

And blurkNM, my husband knows where they truly are, but he still likes to see them in all their glory once in a while.

Unlike all the bug stuff, implants are the single most important scientific discovery of our time.

Oh, and ad slogan for Cleavacious:

Kaboomage for your bazoomage!!

Mikey, some of the Hooters gals don't wear bras, 'cause I've seen some with their brights on...

And while I'm here:

24-aholic, it doesn't matter about gravity, kids, etc. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you've seen one woman nekkid...you wanna see the rest of 'em nekkid.

True, blurk, too, too true... and to your previous comment about "size doesn't matter," also true, too, too true. I prefer "the girls" (women bloggers [blogHERS?]: Is this a common reference?) smaller... less gravity effects...

I refuse to believe it unless I can see it. A picture, in this case, is worth at least two words.

Everybody missed the best line in the story: "Starbucks doesn't sell coffee." No $hit.

C'mon blurk - once you have her undressed, the bloods all gone from your brain anyway so you'll never notice whether the size matches the advertisement. You think I believe you pull out your tape measure once you got that far?

Ya got me there.

We females on the other hand, always notice if we were short changed. But we occasionally are talked around if you buy us large precious stones.

Just so I know you're not being s3xist, whatcha gonna buy us when you're NOT short changed?


I want one.

Yep, Obi Wan, "the girls" is a common reference! For me, personally, the girls are quite petite, so I can use all the cleavacious bazoomification I can get. I wouldn't say no to trying one of these! More kaboomage for my bazoomage!

Blurk - of course I'm being s&xist. Those rules only apply to guys. And of course, if I'm not short changed that means you've already received your prize.

Um...fair enough.

Thanks, Tanpopo- I've learned more on this blog than throughout my entire "formal" education, including grad school...

My size is in stock.... On order!

This blog has been unbelievably educational for me as well. Can you believe that before this blog, I had never heard of a mojito? Unthinkable.

I've learned from this blog too! It's the source of all my sports news/knowledge.

I like what one lady said in the article: "when I'm going out to dinner with my husband wearing a skimpy little outfit...."

Soooo.... her husband is wearing a skimpy little outfit. What is SHE wearing?

"During the day you keep the girls in, and at night you let them out."

(REALLY! In my day, they wouldn't go out at night without a chaperon!)

She needs to get out of that minivan and start selling these from a Winnebago. There are probably mountains of paperwork need to do that. She needs to lift herself above the competition and separate from the rest of the pack.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

I attended a black tie gala this week in which i had to wear a very formal gown. the gown i wore was very low cut and i needed a very special cut bra. i found the ladies at the department store knew so much about the celebrity tricks to creating a chesty look (instant breast augmentation for under $50) and for keeping the girls in place. many thanks to costume designers and for passing on their tricks to us normal folk!

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