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June 28, 2006


The sea has SPIDERS.

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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Thanks a lot, Judi. Just one more thing I gotta worry about.
No wait...I'm in Montana. Whew!!

And they're going to be mating with the Giant Killer Crabs next!

Half a Meter? Boy I'm glad I live in Colorado.
::>also First?

HAH! Two firsts in one day!!!
I gotta get a real job.

Thanks. Alot. As if jellyfish and tourist-snacking sharks weren't enough to keep me from venturing more than ankle-deep into the surf.

Blurk - why?

Good point marfie. This is much more educational and/or entertaining.
I mean just think about it. If if weren't for the blog I wouldn't have learned that I will never, ever, ever, ever go in the ocean.

Straw: You were planning on vacationing near Antarctica sometime soon?

"They seem to be constantly evolving and why that is is one of the mysteries," he said.

But there is no such thing as evolution!

half a METER?!! (or metre)
AI-YI-YI shoot me now!

And that giant pythons make wonderful pets for small children!

... um ... half a metre? How much would that be in ... um ... nevermind ...

Lab, it's only a matter of time before the float over to Virginia Beach.

O the U: that would be six quarts centigrade.

after the movie "open water"...I aint go no where near an ocean...

Mr Staples WBAGNFA cartoon advertising mascot

Don't care what's in the ocean! I'm still heading for Seagrove Beach this summer! Red Bar mmmmmmm...

Half a metre is like half a petre... about five inches??

Has this species FINALLY evolved it's own drawn butter and cocktail sauce?

1) There are sea spiders and
2) They are evolving.

The news just gets better and better...

From your bloggy neighbor crustaceologist, be you chilly. You already knew about these and know them from the buffet table. King crab, tanner crab, and snow crab are sea spiders. And a good-sized King crab would kick these [from the article] sea spider's a$$es. Half a meter ain't squat, for a King crab. Plus there's a sea spider from the waters off Japan that has a span of 2-meters, which is a point-guard in the basketball system.

BTW, we have 'em in Florida as well. Here, they're called 'purse crabs,' as someone thought their bodies resembeled the shape of a draw-string purse. The locals range in span-size from manhood to exagerated manhood.

Exaggerated ... how much?

It isn't the sea spiders you have to worry about. It is the Sea Scorpions that scare me. Even extinct they scare me.

Dang, it's quiet in here. Was it something I said? That sucks, 'cause this is my favorite topic in forever. So I'll just keep yakking in this scary empty place to maintain my composure.

Speaking of whales and sea spiders, I once worked on a Japanese fishing boat up in the Bering Sea and they weren't allowed to keep any mammals or crabs that came up in the catch from those American waters. So, one night I stumbled sleepily on deck to watch the catch come aboard and the entire catch, maybe 30-tons, was the rotting carcass of a dead whale and the thousands of crabs [Sea Spiders!] feeding on it. Watching the crew scurry about, carefully trying to gather all of the crabs and toss them overboard, I cut 'em a break and turned around, deciding that wasn't a representative sample. Sure would have liked to see how they got that whale off the deck.

Biggest purse crab I have ever seen was around 8-inches, leg-tip to leg-tip. But it's a sea spider; 8-legs, not a decapod like a crab. *crab walks off to look at Mad's sea scorpions*

Ah. A giant, but one that appears to feed as a barnacle with a sweeping tool. Which led to an article on an ancient sea spider that might be related to land scorpions; that was cool.

However, I am more concerned with these bad boys the other sea scorpion. Yeah, a fish. But if you've ever been hit by a stingray or a saltwater catfish, the neurotoxin [same bacterium] is such that you are a jello-ball of living pain. OK, yes, I have been that dumb, once.

Mad - that scorpion thing resembles the lobstrosities from Stephen King's The Gunslinger waaay too much.

The important question is that do cans of Raid work under water? There needs to be a follow up article to address this question.

Hey, was that fish the one that Whatshername stepped on in Whatchamacalit and That Dude had to carry her back to shore? Or something?

CJrun, I don't like the look in that scorpionfish's eye one bit. No sir-ee. Looks like he's got an ass to whoop...

Straw: I believe, maybe, yes, sort-of.

Tgirl: I dunno, looks kinda scared, to me. Maybe he sees a Sea Spider coming!

Guin that was exactly my thought.

Pretty scary, but this is scarier...

ewwww. that was an image i could have lived without! (so that's how they do it;)(ick ick ick)

*wave's Hi! to Targetgirl*

I was going to ask what a "sea spider" IS if not a crab... I won't eat crabs, as far as I am concerned, they ARE gigantic, heavily armored spiders. And there is no way I am putting a spider in my mouth.

*crab-walks in*

A crab is a decapod; 10-legs, five pairs. [front two 'legs' are claws]. Lobsters and shrimp are decapods.

Spiders and Sea Spiders have 8-legs.

Insects have six legs.

*crab-walks over to a piece of smelly chicken and gets yanked up in a trap.....

Crabs walk sideways and spiders walk straight.

Stupe, how astute. I can't think of a thing on the planet that walks sideways, except a crab. Notice how you never see a crab on injured reserve? It's probably that.

Yes, CJ, crabs never seem to pull a hamstring.

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