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June 28, 2006


Here you go.

(Thanks to Kevin Goss)


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Are they saying you can't have sex in traffic? The human race will die out in Miami.

What law protects the "under-aged" children? Can't Protective Services nail Pimps and Prostitutes for enlisting minors into prostitution?

Can't wait for the girls to file for unemployment benefits.

"Hey, baby, you like it under the table?"

What we really need is a tax deduction for sexless marriages.

Carol Leigh, a representative of the Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network in San Francisco, California, called the proposal short-sighted.
Yeah, but think of all the money he could get! Your taxes could go down as pimp taxes go up! Well, not her taxes in SF, those are going to go up (YAY! for universal healthcare) maybe that's why she's bummed.

Um...how the hell are they gonna track the amount of money these people are makin' for doin' sumpthin they couldn't catch 'em doin' in the first place or they'd already be in jail???!!!

Oh I don't know. If you really wanted to attack something with the most underhanded, ruthless, evil, meanspirited and coldhearted organization, the IRS would be the best choice.

Pimp Tax WBAGNFA Hip Hop Group.

Pimp Tax WBAGNFA Hip Hop Group.

*snork* Adonis!

Damn spam robot.

Well Mike, I'm glad you filed that post in duplicate. However, I received both copies, and you're supposed to keep the yellow one.

Sweet! First snork in about three weeks! Awesizome! Muffles is the shiznit!

So, would sleeping with ugly people count as a charity deduction?

I can see a whole new arena of CPAs. Pimp and Ho special accounting.

Hm, wonder if it is too late to go back to school.

Matt - I think for her to claim it as a deduction, you'd need to give her a receipt.

Maybe Charlie Sheen should start visiting Iowa, where his checks for sex will be more appreciated.

After that comment AWBH, I think you need to give Matt a W2.

Oh, snap! Good one, Annie WBH!!!!

Not for me, Annie, for a friend. Its my friend that needs the Charity, not me. So if anyone wants to help my friend out, just contact me, I'll forward it.

And just let me know who to make the receipt out to. So, you know, I can tell my friend.

Ok, Matt. :)*wink-wink*

The Pimp Tax? The Pimp Tax?


Man, that Grassley kills me.

I thought for sure he was going after Ted Has a Mullet!

"and yank from their grasp the girls and women they exploit...

just as long as they're not yanking anything from the girls' grasp...

good ol' Chuck.

he's always good for a laugh, especially when isn't trying to get one.

as a native Iowan (motto: Iowa is a great place to be from)who lived there when Grassley was first elected to the Senate all i can say is, "at least Iowa has Tom Harkin"

'cause between Chuck and Tom Arnold you people might get the wrong idea about Iowans.

this would open up unemployement benfits for out-of-work pimps and ho's

it aint easy being a pimp

Just to avoid any confusion in the event of, say, a Senate confirmation hearing in my future, I always make my ho's agree to and sign the following. Can't risk a Zoe Baird incident.

It is the express intention of the parties that Ho, in the performance of the Work to be provided under this Agreement, is an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, franchisee, joint venturer or partner of John, and Ho shall have complete control over and responsibility for all personnel performing the Work. Ho shall have no authority to act for, bind, or commit John in any way (unless such services are agreed to in writing). Nothing in this Agreement will be interpreted as creating the relationship of employer and employee or of agent and principal between John, on the one hand, and Ho or any employee or agent of Ho, including without limitation Madams, Pimps and Baby Daddies, on the other hand, and Ho will retain the right to perform services for others during the term of this Agreement. Further, both parties acknowledge that Ho is not a John employee for city, county, province, state, federal or national (or any other governing body having jurisdiction over the Work) tax purposes and, accordingly, except as otherwise set forth in Paragraph 3(f), above, Ho is solely responsible and liable for paying all applicable taxes and social insurance levied by any competent authorities and/or any governing bodies in any country having jurisdiction over the Work, and shall pay such in a timely manner.

... illegal sex workers ...

Um ... OK ... so all ya hasta do is point out which direction to take so we can find the legal sex workers ... (besides Hamburg, or Nevada ...)

*warning of non-humorous post*

Actually, using the IRS to fight crime is a brilliant method of finding and punishing criminals. That's how they got Capone! As was said in the Watergate scandal: "follow the money." Money tells a much more detailed and honest story than any other source.

**end of non-humorous post**

Tax-exempt 'charities' in the red light district will spring up faster than Rush Limberger on Viagra.
-"The Horizontal Limbo Foundation"
-"Stress Relief Anonymous"
-"BJ's R Us"

Boo- Wow! You have a lot of free time on your hands!

If this passes, can we have a tax on ignorance as well?

*snork* at Matt and mega-snork at AnnieWBH -

Boo, when I make my millions, I'm hiring you as my legal contract writer -

A really great film on this subject is Live Nude Girls Unite! which I had to order through inter-library loan for a class assignment. The librarian here in Western Kentucky actually demanded proof that I was a student before giving me the movie.

Republicans of the 1980s and 1990s: "Cut taxes for all"

Republicans of the 2000s: "Tax people we hate"

Senator Grass-smoker needs to get caught with a call girl or 6. What a total ass and a stain on his party.

*snork* at Boo.

"How much, Baby?"

"75 bucks plus tax."

WOW, a new "hesd" tax.

WOW, a new "head" tax.

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