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June 27, 2006


Because Dad could use this.

(Via Gimodo)


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nah-ah. i wanted it in brown.

I wanna thousand of 'em.

My Father Would Have Loved This Gadget. Once, I gave Him a Toy Motorboat With a Remote Control that he Could Operate In The Bathtub. It was His Favorite Toy. My daughter gave him a White metal Jumping Horse with a Monkey on the Horses' Back, which was Dressed in an ornate red bandleader style coat and a small red pillbox hat trimmed in gold braid. He was (my father) in the hospital at the time. He almost fell off of the hospital bed laughing when the horse went flying all over and the monkey was bouncing around on the horses' back!

Hmmm I could have a lot of fun with this in the animal facility...

Makes me sing "Ben."

My cats are gonna freak!

Radio Rodent
Insert Al Franken joke here.

Sorry, Dave, but this is for 6 and older.

It recharges directly from the cheeseburger, just like me!

*snork* @ Mad Scientist!

"Is that a Radio Rodent with Hi-Fi reception antennae in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

BTW, any of you that don't have a Roomba, yet, what are you waiting for? They're great and they are rechargeable and remote-controlled. I got several 'Discovery' models for Christmas presents and they're a functional hoot. Don't know that I would recommend the more expensive 'Scheduler' model.

I got something similar for one of our cats (his mouse recharges on a wedge of cheese). I should put in some fresh batteries and run it around for him.

Wow, Mad. I have to order a few for our animal facility. It is about time they have some fun down there in the basement.

So we finally found a use for that 1000 rats that need a home.

My cat (and dog) would go nuts over this! Might be worth the buy just for that.

Can anyone explain why the controller is shaped like a cheeseburger? I mean, I understand the mouse-cheese connection, but why a cheeseburger?

They were going to shape it like block of Swiss, but there were holes in the design.

*Snork* @ Jazzzz

I used a similar rig on our pest-control guy. He was a weird pink/purple color...even before he saw the fake mouse. He never came back.

Would a "productivity enhancer" be submitted to the Blog the same way as an article? And does there need to be anything in the subject line to bypass the spam filter? If anyone is interested, this is a training tool from the World Toilet Organization. URGENT!!

dad. i'm *begging* you... come up with a new list. (you know you like it when i beg)

What does it do when you tell it to go "backweard"?

I have one. Wonderful cat toy!

I dont know... in our highly sophisticated family the fake dog poop is about as good as it gets for gags.

MoFaux - some bakeries have cookies that look a lot like fido-doo. Bonus gag points if you eat it off the ground.

Annie, that reminds me of a dinner party at which my friend brought 3 desserts, all of which looked like poop. We all ate them, of course, 'cause deserts that look like poop are chocolate.

e_b_l was one of the desserts kitty litter cake?


I know just how that red-eyed rat must feel being controlled by a cheeseburger. I sometimes feel the same way being controlled by a peanut butter sandwitch!

fivver: that's sick man

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Deputy Assistant Secretary, Contracting (SAF/AQC)

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