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June 27, 2006


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Hey, FIRST....and it's my birthday!!

Happy B-Day, Lazeeboy!

They have a strange definition of "missile."

Happy Birthday, Layzee. Here, enjoy some exotic water from Summit County!

Happy Birthday and watch out for water balloons -they are probably coming up soon in Summit County...

There are projectiles much worse than water flying around.

Happy BirthDay-izzle

"He was arrested for careless driving, improper use of disabled parking and throwing MISSILES [!]."

Better get Bush to to see if he has any more WMD.

A shucks, thanks everybody.

*ducks flying water-filled birthday pinata (with a tilde above the n) missile*

Actually, Suzy, they are using the word "missile" correctly, here. I had to call in a judges ruling on this one, myself. The definition for missile is:

An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile.

Didn't know you could get charged for that, though.

Also, didn't know you could get a DUI on a bike. But then, here in Arizona, bikes are considered motor vehicles, so I suppose it makes sense.

And happy birthday, Layzee!

hmmm...two too many tos?

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiiigh…

Dave & Claire: I don't need to steenkin' register.

I believe this is what's in the water.

This very disturbing image (WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G) also appears when googling images related to the above product.

Happy Birthday Layzeeboy!!

OK what does that do not open at work acronym stand for??

toady : oh, Benevolent and Merciful leader, Starver of the Unrighteous, who loses more IQ points when he blows his nose than the American president has, where shall we aim our missile in the obese, plutocratic, s*x-obsessed United States?

Kim Jong-Il: Not in Summit County, for da*n sure, I could get a ticket!!

Look in the left column of the blog. There's a heading called Acronyms. It explains 'em all.

If there's one thing that annoys me more than a registration site, it's a registration site that won't let me use my back button...

"The driver told the deputy he wasn't handicapped, but he felt it was OK to park there because he had seen "two fat ladies" park in the spot and walk into the grocery store."

...so I'm not the first person to sue this rationale...

use, not sue

After the first one, I could hear the punchline coming....
"He failed a sobriety test and was taken to jail" goes without saying for those stories.


Most drivers whiz along the nation's highways largely oblivious to their roadside surroundings.

Oblivious reporter or just having fun?

I'm guessing the reporter was having fun. Besides, it would be the editor's fault. It always is. I was wondering who else would catch that.

I used to live in Summit County.

No offense to snooty rich people, but...

That county is full of snooty rich people-most of whom only live there a week a year.

It's definitely a whole different kinda place.

Oh. And I almost went to work at that paper. :)

But Dave's right there is something in the water-too much iron. I had a blood test once and the iron levels were off the charts. So I had to stop drinking the water.

Oh, and while I'm on a posting binge, I'm guessing it was both the writer AND editor having fun.

They have a lot of fun at that paper.

If you can't throw a cup of water at a motorist who doesn't use good manners on the road, can you "shoot-em" with a great big Water Gun Blaster like the kind you can find at Wallyworld? Will J. Roberts send me to the gallows if I use one?

It's not something in the water, it's something in the air... Or rather, it's something *not* in the air, like oxygen. Isn't Breckenridge, etc. at like 8000 feet? Everyone is suffering from brain damage, from lack of O2.

Closer to 10,000, actually.

And that's a pretty good theory.

Ah! There's our Claire.

Breckenridge, that quaint little drinking village with a driving problem.

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