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June 30, 2006


Number 3,972.

(Thanks to fivver)


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Can you smell me now?

Let me be the FIRST to say that I don't often want to smell the patients I already have.

Oops- make that "often don't want"

This has unlimited practical joke potential. I'm suprised it was the Japanese who came up with it.

Somehow, I don't scents a big market for this, but heaven nose, I've been wrong about this in the past...

May I be the first to say, "What the F...?"

On the other hand the Femail ad was kinda cool.

this is perfect - the next time i'm alone and let a perfectly good fart, i won't have to be sad that there's nobody else around to enjoy it - i can just capture the aroma and share it later

"Doctors, miles away from an accident, could be sent the smells around a wound to assess if it is infected. "

Every time I wonder, "What would my life be like today if I had followed my parents' wishes and gone to medical school?", along comes an article like this. Glamorous, I tell ya.

I would comment on the story but the add on the right caught me attention. So what is the invention anyway?

TCK that was my thought when I sent the artcle in...

JEEZ FRED! That would kill a buzzard at 50 yards! We have got to record it!

Pambuk Somboon anagrams to "Bono bumps amok," NTTAWWT...

that takes the Fresh Price's "smell ya later" to a whole new level

ROFL (I'm giving in and eliminating the "T") @ Chaz

I remember a skit from Nickelodeon's 'You Can't Do That On Television' demonstrating the all-new "Smellyvision." Now the dream can be a reality.

Up to now, smell generators used in cinemas or shops simply pump out pre-prepared odours.

What is a "pre-prepared" odo(u)r? Would that be different from a post-prepared odor? Or a pre-postpared odor? Could there be such a thing as a pre-pre-prepared odor? Hmmm... Maybe it's just a prepared odor.

I don't think that a fresh wound from an accident site would smell if it were infected. The bacteria haven't had enough time to "smell" the place up yet. Might work for smelling different poisonings and other metabolic conditions though.

/not funny

This has lots of potential for practical jokes though. I wouldn't mind waking up to the smell of bacon cooking every morning.

My god why didnt I think of this before. We should all get these phones and when telemarketers call eat about 3 pounds of garlic.

Call me on my smell phone would ya?

Coastraven, Now THAT was funny~~!

Is it true that some dogs can smell cancer on a patient? Is that an extra sensory "thingy" that only particular dogs have? Can humans develop this sense of smell, also? Would doctors use these special people like the way the police in Phoenix use that medium?

A new, literal use of the famed "crap cam phone." Dave, now your pics can smell like $hit too.

Why Dave? Why?

I can see the news now...Thousands of teenage boys send farts via cell...methtane levels at dangerously high levels. Pandamonium in the streets...film and smell on at news at 11:00

Kat- I don't know about cancer-smelling dogs (I saw a story about it on some TV show), but I would like one that can smell bulls**t. I often know it when I hear it, but sometimes it's good to know before you walk into a room.

And Zenkers- YIKES!

I seem to remember something like thos on Richy Rich...but even then they didnt have it emit the smell, just tell what it was...wouldnt that be better?

Dang funny movie though...

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