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June 27, 2006


You know those high-tech commode sensors? That are supposed to make the toilet flush? Instead of just letting you flush the freaking toilet yourself? The Japanese hate them too.

Key Quote: "The trick might be to wave your hand as close as possible to the sensor. If you wave your hand around a bit, the sensors will pick it up," the toilet spokesman says. "You've got to move close. I'd say about 5 centimeters or so."

So says the toilet spokesman.


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It's not so bad if you just go #1, but if you do the doody, it is quite embarassing if it won't flush!

So...I can wave my hand frantically for 35 seconds...or I can take 2 seconds and one motion to flush.....mmmm...PROGRESS.

They forgot the other end of the spectrum, where the toilet actually flushes while you're still using it.

Are you sure the sensor isn't working or is it hooked up to the ultimate in low flow toilets?

Quitcher whining! At least they're not asking for retinal recognition before they flush.

"As long as you don't try to activate them with a mirror, there should be no reason why they don't react,"

A mirror??

Uh...wouldn't that be rectumal recognition?

In Soviet Russia toilet flushes you.

Not only mirrors, but sweaty palms??? I guess that explains the low Japanese birth rate.

"Takashi-chan, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Ummmm.....a toilet spokesman!" *flashes V sign at camera*

Layzeeboy - My thoughts exactly!

In my experience, never met a Autoflush I hated, mainly because I only see them in places where users probably won't bother to flush.

"Theoretically, it's harder for black objects to activate the sensors than white objects, but this should have no influence at all when it comes to human hands, where no difference can be discerned. There might be a bit of a difference if you tried to set the sensors off using black or white paper."

So if you're a black person, you're s*&% out of luck!

"Strictly speaking, the sensors will ensure a stable flush if an 8-centimeter-square object is waved in front of them from a distance of 5 centimeters..."

Well, now, see...there's my problem. My butt's WAY bigger than 8 centimeters, and is more roundish than square.

niiiice....right before lunch.....

Toilets have their own spokespersons? How about Unions?

And *snork* at "unwanted greetings"

"Strictly speaking, the sensors will ensure a stable flush if an 8-centimeter-square object is waved in front of them from a distance of 5 centimeters..."

What exactly is a "stable flush?"

I thought that was how you cleaned out horse stalls.

Don't they usually have push buttons in case the sensor doesn't sense?

I worked with an extremely obese woman who always complained that the auto flush didn't work.

Is there any polite way to say "you have to be able to clear the 'eye' before it can flush"?

snork at Revenant. Gotta love Yakov...

And by the way, I love these things. Touching public toilets is nasty. I remember being an obnoxious child, and giggling hysterically while I peed all over the toilet handle. If it doesn't flush, it doesn't flush, but at least I don't have to touch it. And the adventure when it flushes with me still on it, is quite exhilarating. Keeps you alert.

Heck, if the bathroom's that bad, I flush with my toe. Course, that may not be an option for the more normally proportioned people out there.

Didn't we run through this before, but isn't it true that spray from a toliet while it is flushing can go 10 feet in the air. Isn't this the reason that one is supposed to close the lid before flushing instead of sucking in all of the flying feci and goo?


Where the hell do you get your toilets? NASA?

If you don't like the restrooms, build your own

My toliet was desiged by Calvin Kline and it went to my head!

OK, if I have to frantically wave my hands (or, in this case, a rescue flag) 5 cen. from the sensor, at that point I may as well manually flush the damn thing. I think breaking a sweat from flapping around in the stall probably expends more energy than pushing the handle down (using hand, toe, 10 ft. pole, the screaming toddler in the neighbouring stall, whatever).

We as a nation have a lot of potty issues (but never enough potty tissues when at a gas station off I-95 at 3am after injesting a microwave burrito).

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