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June 29, 2006


We will refrain from linking to this.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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Sounds like the wedding is verrrrry soon. Tinkering with the toy and got caught????

somebody let daddy in the delivery room with a bong....

What cruel parents!

Good lord. Reminds me of a classmate I had once, named Luke Walker. Any guesses on his middle name, 'cause you'd be correct...

Parents indeed! College buddy: Peter Richard Wang.

My brother had a friend named Hanso Lo, which is pretty bad too, but the first name could be spelled wrong; I never saw it written down.

Can't wait for the birth announcement - "It's a Boy Toy!"

My 4 yr old's pediatrician is Dr. Toy Fountain.

But Tinker Toy....well....that's just wrong....

Oh, and props to him for not being driven to AK47ing Mom & Pop Toy.


Well, at least she's got something to play with when she gets bored.

Hi Annie - seen any good baseball lately??? No? Then you oughtta watch the Red Sox... hehehe

Punkin - Got Rings?

One. What's your point? Or can't you see it from FOUR GAMES BACK???? Hmmmm?

Can you imagine the poor priest trying to make his way through the ceremony?

Priest - Do you, Melissa, take Tinker Toy (snork, giggle, titter) to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Wife - I do.
Priest - Do you, Tinker Toy (AHAHAHHAHAHA) take Melissa to be your awfully - I mean lawfully wedded wife?
Tinker - I do.
(teehee, snarf)

I knew a girl in grade school named Sunny Honey. But at least she could get married later and change it...

Parents should realize that something that sounds cute at the hospital is something they are stuck with for the next 18 years or so.

Hmmm...just don't see it on the calendar in JUNE. :)


(The parents, I mean ... gimme a break ... what sorta nutcase saddles a kid with a name that will make him/her subject to ridicule throughout life???

... Um ... besides the ones who named their kid ... umm ... nevermind ...)

Tinker E. Toy

To make up for the first name his parents gave him the middle name of 'Elifintbalz.'

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Toy. Looking forward to the little...er...Legoes?

That can't be his real name.
They're just toyin' with us.

Nah...I got nuthin'.

another entertaining relative, I'm sure - please don't make fun of this guy.

If ever there was a case when he should take her name.

Some people should not be allowed to breed.

That is all.

Except *snork* to Annie for the birth announcement.

Parents can be cruel
Just like a cowboy named Sue
But "Tinker Toy?" Ouch.

Ato24 - Call him "Melissa?" Wouldn't that be confusing?

My sister had a cat named Tinker. Two big differences. Tinker was a girl, and it was formally followed by "Bell". Not that I'm suggesting that for female humans.

Schoolmate....Dixie Crystal Sugar

Punkin Poo: I knew Dr. Toy Fountain when she was a resident and her name jumped into my head too when I saw this. Her real name is like Martha but being from the south they nicknamed her Toy. Where is she practicing at?? She was a great doctor and I trust she still is. Small world!!

her previous boyfriend was Lincoln Logg...

"Melissa Jellerson" What a stupid name! Ha ha ha ha.

Not made up school mates: Buster Brown and his brother Charlie. ISIANMTU.

One of the school bus drivers I knew back home wuz named Jimmy Carter ... ISIANMTU -- SHMBSJ!

Sandy Lott and Merry Mee were classmates of mine.

Oh, and I took guitar lessons from a guy named Mr. Strum, and my friend's brother is a dentist: Dr. Payne. But at least you can't blame their parents.

There once was a man by the name of Vee Dickey. When he had a son, he named him "Rickey." They lived in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Oh. My. God. WHAT were his parents THINKING????

Punkin Poo and Annie,

Red Sox are on ESPN right now. Go Sox!

Aww, Blurk- don't worry, honey, It's no big deal. It happens to everyone sooner or later. Just don't think about it. You just got too excited on the penis pump thread. You'll get it back.

I once had a veterinarian named Dr. Slaughter, and a woman in my med school class, last name of Brown, married a guy with the last name Fudge. Brown became her middle name and when she graduated they read her whole name- ______ Brown Fudge.

I am guessing they will use an erector set to create some li'l Lincoln logs

It hurts me to watch another Rangrer game. They're on a "loosing streak."

Bus driver back in HS: Gay Lord.

And no, IANMTU.

General Douglas MacArthur named his only son Arthur (MacArthur)

My 7th grade PE teacher was Gaye Fagg. But, you know, she must have been 45 then, back in the early 80s...so her parents get a pass for that, right?

Still, I think if I had been in her place I would have gone by my middle name.

STG I went to high school with a guy named Nevils Nevils Nevils. His last name was Nevils and I guess Dad just got carried away. Well actually all "his" names were Nevils, but the families last name was Nevils... Oh hell forget it. Insert your own version of the "Libby's Libby's Libby's on the Label label label.....joke here. Slyeyes, sorry, this is a St. Louis family.
I also know a girl who's name is female(pronounced Femily, because it was on the crib in the hospital nursery. I won't even get into I. Bein Love. No S*%T.

My maiden name is Champ. My uncle's name is Richard. He used to write for a newspaper in Sioux City, IA
Dick Champ

My maiden name is Champ. My uncle's name is Richard. He used to write for a newspaper in Sioux City, IA
Dick Champ

Sorry, stupid robot thingy

*snorks* to everybody

Punkin Poo ~ "Oh, and props to him for not being driven to AK47ing Mom & Pop Toy."

I wouldn't be so sure about that. They're conspicuously absent from the wedding announcement......

Cebasham: The middle name thing works as long as the middle name wasn't "butt" or "ass":)

Went to school with a Sterling Silver Stone, and my mom knew a girl by the last name of Lear. Crystal Shanda.

Also, I read on ESPN about people named Arena who named their son Joe Louis.

But this is worse. Because "Tinker," in addition to not being a name at all, is also something that sounds weak and childlike. To be a grown man with that name must be emasculating. I definitely would have changed it.

At least they didn't name him Sex.

Ann: That might not be that bad!?

Joe Tinker was plenty masculine on the diamond, and Grant Tinker did some fairly noteworthy stuff in decent-quality TV ...

Granted, not FIRST names, but still ...

Kid in school where I taught, long ago ... Dakota Rhodes ... ISIANMTU - SHMBSJ!

Yes, it wuz in Nodak ...


A girlfriend of mine had a gynecologist named Dr. Letcher . . . and he was!

*snork* at Ann
My dad always thought of amazing, ridiculous name games. He was a great help in naming our son. I wanted to name the baby after both grandfathers; Robert Louis, but my dad said he could call the kid Bobby Loo....obviously that is not my son's name.

I know of several people named Dusty Rhodes, but the best one is this: I was in elementary school with a girl named Peggy Babcock. Try saying it five times fast.

Tinker toys used to be fun. Now, not so much.

How could this guy NOT have changed his name years ago??

Tonight on T.V. during the Red Sox's game, CoCo Crisp, RS fielder made a spectaculer catch in the 7th inning. Yes, his name is COCO CRISP!

Tinker Belle.

Hey Kat...Heading down to Arlington from Ark. tomorrow to see Saturday's Ranger/Astro game. Should be fun. Look for me on TV, I'll have on a cap and sunglasses.

if you believe,


Astros first (long story) but love the Rangers. Love Nolan, so I get best of both worlds.

The Astros are O.K. There are spectacular players in every team. But wouldn't it be nice if the Cubbies could win the World Series just once?

Girlfriends cousin: Jack Imofski

Insomnia led me back to the blog, and re-reading all these names reminded me...

...about this guy.

I knew a woman with the last name of "Slutsky" (I kid you not) and the amazing thing is when she got married, she DIDN'T change it.

My friend, who works in a hospital, told me about one young mother who wanted to name her daughter "clitoris". Obviously she didn't know what that meant. The doctors talked her out of it. IANMTU.

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My vet's name is: Mark Marks.
And I always want to ask him what his middle name is...

went to school with a girl named candace kanes, candy to her friends. but this guys parents get an award for, evil. he should change his name to hers. a friend's mother was a delivery room nurse, and tried to talk mrs. duck out of naming the baby donald, but couldnt. that's mean. but tinker toy?? sheeesh. morons.

Here is the followup story explaining the name:


Sorry lets try that again with a shorter URL


I went to college with a guy named Tim Burdick. Say that real fast...

About Shanda Lear - as I understand it she's the daughter of Bill Lear - the guy who invented the 8 track tape and Lear Jet.

Oh and during the 96 Olympics we in Atlanta were treated to the insufferably arrogant member *snork* of the IOC, the appropriately named Dick Pound. Then his wife got into a drunken fight with an Atlanta police officer.

My vet's name is Dr. Trout, but he doesn't treat fish.

I had a teacher who was Mr. Rink...and when his wife was having a kid, he had a contest to name it...Dinky Rink, Roller Rink, Pinky Rink...etc

I also have a freind who is named Clearwater...actually his name

and we emeber Richard Marks...the pop singer...his friends call hin Dick

My friend, who works in a hospital, told me about one young mother who wanted to name her daughter "clitoris". Obviously she didn't know what that meant. The doctors talked her out of it. IANMTU.

Maybe she was a Seinfeld fan?

So at least it wasn't Tinker's parents' fault.

There is a writer named Dom Forker. Say that three times fast.

The paper did a follow-up article, and he changed his name legally to Tinker:

http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/ - it's on the home page today (Friday, June 30)

Link to that story.

I heard about a mom who named her baby Meconium. IANMTU, but the person who told me might have been.

My aunt once dated (for several years actually) a guy named "Roland Mole." With a southern accent (this was in Georgia) it sounds like "Rollin' Mole". The family name was originally spelled Mohl but they changed it when moving to this country...

An unfortunate name.

ok. i read the linked article... so mr. toy himself chose tinker. aint that cute. what a bozo.

and that delores clitoris eppy of seinfeld is one of my personal faves. after the yadda, yadda.

Everyone who's scoffing at the guy's parents have obviously not read the article linked to the wedding announcement. His birth name was not Tinker, but Harold Edward. He was called Tinker as a nickname since the day he was born, and it was coined by his grandfather. When he was an adult, an identity theft issue came up, and he found the best way to fix it was to legally change his name. So he did.

It's his choice for his name, not his parents. And quite frankly, being a guy who played with tinker toys, I think it's cool. This guy is probably a hoot to be around.

I refuse to make any jokes about how the bride will be playing with tinker toys.

Schadeboy, please do not ruin our fun by injecting facts into the discussion. Makes me wonder exactly why he thought of himself as a toy. Leads to all sorts of disturbing conclusions.

Or Tinker's toy, Darrin?

I want to be named "Tonka Truck".

fivver: Not just Shanda Lear. Crystal Shanda Lear. My mom went to school with this girl - no connection to the plane. Apparently it's just that having that last name makes you insane.

Then there was the old governor of Texas way back when, Hogg, who named his daughter Ima. The tale is she had a sister Ura, but that's made up.

He lived most of his formative years as Harry Toy??? And someone Stole that name...

Snork @ insom.

There is a doctor here named Dr. Urash and yes he is a dermatologist. We also have a doctor named Dr. Waterhouse and he is a urologist. No kidding.

My mother and father must have never thought of the harm of naming thier children uncoventional names. My sister's name is Misty and to her great unfortune she married a man named Flesch. The irony of it all is she Mrs. Misty Flesch applied for a job working with sex offenders. EEKS, I can only imagine why she didn't get the job.

Back in highschool I knew someone named Starla Luna and someone named Coral Dolphin. I can only assume they had hippy parents. At least Coral sounds like an okay name if you don't know the last name, Starla...not as much.

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