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June 27, 2006


Discover America, says the Cottonelle brand toilet paper puppy mascot.


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If the puppy keeps walking down the road, this is going to be a real short contest.

I suspect the World's Largest Fire Hydrant will be a real .... hit... for this puppy.

WOW! FINALLY a contest where I can gain great prizes AND poop in every state of the union and be PROUD of it!!! Count me in!

will they have those automatic flush toilets everywhere?

A bear and a puppy find themselves pooping under the same tree. The bear asks the puppy, do you have trouble with the poop sticking to your fur?
The puppy sais, no.
So the bear wipes his ass with the puppy.

This must be how you become a toilet paper mascot.

On a positive note...when the hotel personnel find out who booked your stay you WILL get the only room in the joint that still has a super high flow toilet.

The puppy picked 9 quirky destinations? I'll be quirky (hint: Homer Simpson).

Giant Fire Hydrant
requires giant christening.

Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

but it's so soft and fluffy!
(The canine's cute too)

Follow the puppy tracks? Um, no thanks.

Tyler, "bear" and "puppy"? Is this some hidden reference to the Charmin bears?

I hate the Charmin bears. There's just something unnatural and freaky about bears needing toilet paper.

As frequently happens when a new promotion hits the streets/screen/net, I'm trying to envision the many meetings at which this idea was presented, discussed, argued, and modified.

Topics obviously included:
- Competing with the cartoon bear who wipes his butt
- Several focus groups on what animals you associate with softness, friendliness, and innocent coprophilia
- Should the puppy have a male or female voice? (Obviously male, if you want to be a brand leader)
- Who last checked the drug supply in the Creative Division?
- Should we approach Kodak for a co-branding deal?
- WHY are we asking them to take pictures of this stuff again?
- Wouldn't it really, truly, be better to finish your novel and/or open that B & B?

"So many fun places (to crap), only one summer."

Betsy, SNORK at coprophilia. Betchya have 'em all scramblin' for the Funk & Wagnall's.

This is such a great country ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

Us Brits were all introduced to the concept of coprophilia recently when a prominent Member of Parliament was discovered to be a practitioner.
You probably heard our collective cry of UUUURRGGGHHH clear over to the West Coast.

"only one summer."

Huh? Why only one summer? Does the puppy have cancer or something? What a sad campaign!

how much is the fine for not cleaning up after your dog anyway?

*risking another de-snorking from judi*

isn't Zach Braff from Scrubs the voice of the puppy in the TV commercials?

I think the industry should abandon the cute furry animal mascots, and go for a superhero tiolet paper icon. A big muscle guy with 'TP' on his chest, maybe. Then you can create the criminal type nemisis like a Dirty Dingleberry Dave (we are all aware of his 'crimes'), who TP Man, heroically, 'wipes out'!

Need good a name for the mild-mannered TP man's secret identity, and he would need a side-kick, too.

Please offer suggestions or just throw my idea in the crapper.

Side kick: Minipad Girl. (she, of course, would have wings.)

Why on earth would your mascot be an animal that you would bring into your home and proceed to poop on your floor?
Oh! I see, the second part of the campaign would be a picture of the puppy with a gun to it's head with the slogan "buy this toilet paper or we will shoot this dog".

a thousand pardons to Nat'l Lampoon.

"Check out our weekly travel LOG" - like the one you left in my front yard yesterday, Fido?

oh, and *snork*@ Betsy for an ad agency meeting that hits a bit too close to home. :)

*SNORK!* @ Brainy Jello

John Steinbeck ghost-wrote this page... it was going to be called "Travels with Charmin"

"What's a Wagnall's?"

Response of some guy I went to school with when the teacher, cleaning out her room for the summer, held up a book and asked, "Where'd this Funk & Wagnall's come from?"

We usually clean up the "puppy tracks" as soon as he's done scooting on his rear.

I let my dog in the house the other day after he had been outside for some time attending to his daily duties. When he came in, he left little footprints all over the wooden floors in the den. I thought he might be having trouble with diarreah until I looked outside and found that it had been raining "cats and dogs!"

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