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June 27, 2006


We know where you can stick this.

(Via Gizmodo)


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hi-LAR-ious!! And a lawsuit waiting to happen! Everybody wins! Especially me for being first!

Oh, no, they di'nt!

Oh, and PJ's pizza sucks so badly I wouldn't even take one for free.

Someone PLEEEAAASSSEEE tell me Victoria's Secret is gonna do this.

Someone should make up a sticker of a lawyer with a subpoena and put it in front of the inventor's keyhole.

Actually, I know several people who would be severely traumatized by this. Where can I get some?

*snork* @ blurker

Oh YES! I am so going to OWN any company that screws with my personal security and safety by pulling this!!

*starts looking for Caribbean island to buy*

SuzyQ - Really? I kinda like it. Who do you recommend for delievery?

Also, this was really a campaign by Sherwin-Williams. The industrial strenght glue is just so you'll have to repaint your door.

OK, this is exactly what this guy needed

Man, all we need is someone else trying to stick something up our (peep)holes.......
although the ad for HERE might prove more interesting

(I already know the SB thinks I have an unnatural fixation..)

What about a Hooters girl? She wouldn't even have to have a face. Or food for that matter.

You could really mess with people by using those.

Hehehehe........I'm gonna get some of all my friend's mothers-in-lawses.....hehehe....

or you could see one of these?

I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend and someone has painted over the peephole - at first I was distressed but now.....I may leave it painted.

*blush* at insom ...


(that eye looks very suggestive ... might be time to rethink that design)


*looks at Eye of Sauron again*


Cheryl -oh, lovely, here we go - you certainly let that cat out of the bag!

Well, I can't help it. :-)

i see what i see.

*calls psychiatrist for emergency ink blot test*

I keep imagining stoners opening their doors 478 times before they realize its a sticker.

I saw it, too, but I didn't want to alert the dawgpound. That's ok. *restocks fridge in doghouse with Icehouse before Tiny nags her again*

it truly is "one uhhh...thing to rule them all" (and i won't even mention 'and in the darkness bind them')

"cat" out of the bag ...

no pun intended, I'm sure.

belated *snork*...

Moi? A Pun? Jamais!

*adds "Go to Home Depot for new front door equipped with peephole/lawsuit magnet" to his to-do list*

*Realizes what they see in the picture*


***Goes to find dark, yet pleasingly warm place***

****Stop It!****

Rats -- Typepad held onto my nom-de-gag from earlier. My bad.

Yes, WriterDude - you've been very bad.

Knock! Knock!

"Hey, open up, man! It's Dave!"

"Uh, Dave's not here, dude!"

"No, man, it is Dave. Let me in!"

"Uh, sorry, man. Dave's not here."


"Yeah, it's me. Dave."

"Dave's not here."

Annie - just cuz you and Cheryl are pervs, you shouldn't automatically assume that the rest of us will go there (well, except for WriterDude) - quite frankly, i'm insulted, and i think you need to start thinking of ways you're going to make it up to me

"Dave's at the bottom of the pool."

Dave's not here!

Brainy: Any of those ubiquitous pizza joints, Pizza Hut, Domino's, PJ's, they ALL suck. You have to find some neighborhood Italian eatery and order pizza from there.

Hey, Annie, throw some Jim Beam in the dudehouse...I mean doghouse, too.

oh, sorry insom - you're a perv too

Coastraven, belated thanks for the snork. I was at lunch. Had a strange craving for Hooters wings.

Whut??!! Them are some goooooood wings.

Thanks, JM.... It's been a long time since I heard that! LOL!

At least the guy on the sticker has the decency to look apologetic ("I'm sorry to do this to you, but tuition's up this year...")

So sorry to have misread you, Tiny. I have no idea how I could ever make it up to you.

TC, I can't believe you left me off the perv list!
I haven't felt this bad since I found out Dave is a sports writer.

oh, sorry blurker - you didn't comment on the eye - if it makes ya feel better:

you're a perv

and Annie - is that the best you can do? i'm disappointed - really i am

Thanks, TC. The robot nazis won't let the eye through.

Someone should make up a flyer with an IRS Agent holding an audit bag...

Tiny - that's not the best I can do, but that's the best you're gonna get. :)

Um...TC...I think Annie's tryin' to make the perv list.


it's a sad, sad day when i can't even pick a decent fight with Annie


About a month ago I painted my front door RED.
Now I'm waiting for Christmas so that I can see Santa coming thru that peep hole.

I called our city manager's office to inquire about whether these are legal, and he told me that he wasn't sure but that he did think if someone left one of these stuck to your door that it would be ok to light a bag of dog crap in their lobby so long as you had a fire permit.

Why would the city manager's office allow a flaming bag of poo in the lobby?

Why are people so upset about this? I'd be mildly disappointed that I don't get the pizza. But I don't know if I'd resort to throwing flaming bags of poo into the city manager's lobby. Nor do I see how that will make the pizza man appear.

SN - the pizza man, not to mention the, um..."Great Eye" as it were.

Somewhere North-If you have ever lived where these flyers are rampant you would want to send out flaming bags of poo as well. Nothing worse than having your arms full of groceries while battling through 12 door flyers to get the key in the door.

Mad Scientist-If you have ever tried cooking a pizza with a bag full of dog crap burning in your lobby, you would want to stick these flyers on people's doors as well. Nothing worse than having your arms full of pizza while battling through 12 bags of burning doo-doo to get to a customer's table.

What? I missed a chance at having Annie throw me into the fabled Dog House™? Dammit, The Airport Job® got in the way, and earned me $200 tonight alone.

I think I'll buy the denizens of the Dog House™©® some snob beer somewhere up the scale from -- ack -- Icehouse. Red Hook, anyone?

I admit to liking Papa John's. I swoon when biting into a slice that has been dipped in their special artificially garlic butter-flavored grease.

*subsides into Homor Simpson-like stupor*

I don't like Papa John's Pizza; it literally makes me ill, everytime, nothing enjoyable about that. I don't have a peephole either, and very few people can find my house without directions, but I wouldn't advise sticking this ad on anyone's door unless you would like it stuck somewhere unpleasant soon after.

When Papa John's first came to our area, they were the best pizza I had ever had. Alas, they really don't seem to give a crap about their quality or customers anymore, and we've had to stop ordering from them. It's only been over the last 3 years or so that their quality just went all to hell.

I second that all the national chains have gotten pretty much the same, and you'd do best to find someone local, a one-off or small chain.

And then there are the "FRozen Chosen": Toni's, Red Baron, etc.

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