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June 16, 2006


You've done enough for one week.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I like it, but I cannot drive on a computer either.

my fingers don't hit the arrow keys fast enough. I could do it more quickly with my real car!

Damn, $12,000 worth of damage in the first 10 seconds. (Reminds me of Mrs. Thunking's driving skills).

*I didn't say that out loud, I used parenthises*

OK, I park even worse on the computer than with my car.

man even this is too much work after staying up so late last night..why do they have to start a 9pm....

I wanna go home and rest for sunday's NBA madness..

Wow. Do the directors of Cars know about this? I wonder how they'd do?

Cuz I s*ck.

I can't even get past the demo!

bookmarked for a clearer-headed day

...but I cannot drive on a computer either.
Remind me not let you borrow the car!

No Problem Bob, I don't drive at all, I wouldnt be borrowing it.

Did it..45 seconds....after 25,000 $ in damage first.

"...but I cannot drive on a computer either."

Remind ME never to let you borrow the computer!

Damn...I'm down to 37.3 seconds.

Wow that was fun. Wait, you're not supposed to damage it? Plus, I really don't see how I can put $50 000 worth of damage on a car that only cost probably about $20 000 to begin with.

I like running over the dog

25.1 seconds...I need a life.

Why must the game be over once I hit a car? That doesn't stop me in real life!

Never hit the dog. 111.7 was my score. Is that seconds? I didn't hit anything. I really need to do some work!

I wish it would stop making me start at the beginning everytime I hit one random little car. I've totalled 18 cars so far. Youd think they would take my license away soon.
When do I get to the level where I can aim for the people crossing the street?

Does anybody have a walkthrough for this game? I can't get the little man on the left to throw the fish at the walrus. And that's the only way I can think of to get to the red button.

What does the green button do?

Wait, this is a European "smart" car. Why can't I park it on the sidewalk like they do in Europe?

This would be a lot easier if the arrows corresponded directly with what you saw on the screen instead of to the direction the car is facing.

yeah!! its the game, not me - i can park... i'm parked in this chair all day...

Lab ~ He's not supposed to throw it at the walrus. That's just a trick. If you click on the chick smoking next to him, she will drop the ciggie on his foot and make him jump. The he smacks her with the fish and the walrus eats her.
How come you didn't know that?
Don't push the green button. It turns them all into aliens.

Apparently the computer and I have differing opinions on what constitutes an acceptable parking job. Exactly how centered does this car have to be int eh space anyway?

they should give this test to ALL MIAMIANS every year...

BTW: how do YOU know how much work I did and didnt do this week...HUH?

14.5 seconds.

* Na-na to the parking challenged in the room. *

I need blue hair.


The control arrows don't show up on my screen.

DAMN you and your infernal time-wasters!

(Please Sir, may I have another...)

74.2!!! I really need to get a life.

And El, it's the arrow buttons and space bar on your keyboard.

i waited around for the valet, but he never came....

They should have you sign-in as a male or female and then track who gets the best score.
My wife tells me that women are not as good at parallel parking as men are.
What do you think?

More CARnage than one of those shoot-em-up games.

So let me get this straight - it can't be a PE uless it's (not its) INCREDIBLY frustrating.


SEE? It's got me so upset, I'm leaving n's out of words.

My insurance agent just called - he wants me to stop playing. Something about a world record of most cars hit in a 2 minute period. whatever.

I can't do it!!! I need front-wheel drive. And hand-eye coordination.

Whoo Hoo! 64.9 for all 4 runs. Top that blurkernomore!

dangit - it won't skid sideways into the space

85.5 and I'll be buggered if I go back and do that again. I'm sweating like I just took my driver's test!

I must bow to your computer driving abilitage.


It said I hit a car. I did not! I hit a building. (But I missed the dog.)

This would be better if you had the opportunity to put your shopping cart away (and lost points for not doing it).

I am officially pissed off. TY Dave Barry, I shall NOT sleep tonight, worrying about how to master this godforsaken game. UGH

I started out by backing the car into the spot, and then sat and watched the time count down... for the next 45 seconds. then I saw the directions that I had to pull in front first. That was harder. I quit after I got to level three because it made me start all over when I had an accident. This cracked me up. Have an accident, get a new car instantly. In my world, I get to drive the cars that need an extra tweak here and there due to damage done by the punk teenaged kids who drove them before I did.

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