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June 29, 2006



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2nd last...oh and during a trial!?

I think this whole trial is just a ploy to get more people to accept jury duty.

Wasn't this posted a couple of weeks ago? NTTAWTT acourse.

And they SAID it would never stand up in court!

(HEY Someone HAD to say it!)

It appears that the judge is well versed in the penal code.

Never before has the phrase, "If it please the court" meant so much.

"Stiff sentence"? Subtle.

Foster further testified that during a 2002 trial, she heard the pump "during the emotional testimony of a murdered toddler's grandfather". She continued: "The grandfather was getting real teary-eyed, and the judge was up there pumping on that pump. It was sickening."

But hilarious, in a sick kind of way.

24-aholic: this is the latest update.

"...judge faces stiff sentence"

But, but, that's what he wanted.

I have differing opinions on this issue.
If the jury was full of Hooters girls...you go dude!
If not, you're just a whack-job.

It just gets more hilarious.

I wonder if the case is getting a rise out of the jurors?

Maybe it was a remote-controlled device, and he was going home for lunch.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term: "a hanging judge"!

*snork* @ Blurk!

What kind of journalism leaves out the important part--the pictures!?

Maybe the court reporter is just deathly afraid of pickles.

I also wonder if you got a more lenient sentence when the judge was 'otherwise occupied'.

"Pantominme masturb@ation"? What ever happened to the plain old invivible box?

Remember that song, "Do the Jerk"?

Why, thank you, Southerngirl.

"in 20-20 hindsight"? Methinks this guy isn't the brightest crayon in the box anyway

Judge swearing in a witness:

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nuthing but the truth so help you oh God, oh God, oooohhhhhh God?!

snork@blurk. bwaahhha. still laughing.

Anyone who has a "worn-out" old innertube for a "pecker," needs compassion, Folks!

pantomime masturbation

a/k/a "Punchin' Judy"

blurk- bwhahahahhahahahhahaahahahhhaahhahahahhahahahhahaha


you're welcome - and *SNORK* again!

note to self: keep tissues around when readin' blurk's comments.


Thanks for all the compliments.

I guess I just have a way with masturb@tion.


Masturb@tion JOKES.

so no more judging for the judge...Guess he'll have to move to Miami and take on a job as an apprentice baiter on a fishing boat.. won't be long before he works his way up to .... wait he's already made that level.

If the jury votes to convict, does that mean it's hung...

AFKAT, I was on that jury.

Yes it does.

Of course not, AFKAT! It is Well Hung!

I wonder why Chief Justice John Roberts always has that goofy smile on his face when the camera focuses in on him in his big black robe. Do you ever see his hands?

I can't believe we all overlooked the obvious.

*slaps self on the forehead*

"HEADline of the Day So Far"

Oops, make that Morning.

... and then of course, there's that whole pen!s pump thing ...

Blurk- have you gotten any actual work done today?

If convicted, will he get a stiff sentence?

Sarah J, not one damn thing. The job I have is either feast or famine. Some days I don't sit down. Some days I don't stand up. Guess which one this is.

I did jury duty about a week ago. A "Lewd Conduct" case. Every single witness for the prosecustion was pantomiming masterb@tion. Hillarious in a juvinile sort of way. (And what other way is there?)

I actually live in Bristow. It's kind of funny to pick up the local paper and read something about the former judge and how his comments went from "not his" and "totally incorrect" to "just a gag." However, I won't be the one to pump him for the truth.

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