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June 14, 2006


Don't go in the freezer.

(Thanks to Mike Antonucci, who is lucky we didn't click this link any closer to lunch.)


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A smoothie??? OMGWTDBBQ...ewwwww... etc.


That's just NASTY.

I'm guessing that everyone else is too busy retching to post.

Tastes like liver?! That's so wrong on so many different levels.

Take a freaking vitamin pill.

"I'm guessing it tastes like liver" - another good reason to JUST SAY NO!!

Hat trick?

Rumo(u)r had it that the Cruiser was going to have a plate of placenta after his baby popped out, but he (sorta) denied them.

I may have invented the smallest unit of time ever!...the space of time it took between reading the headline and pushing the "back" button in my browser.

I used to have placentas in my freezer all the time.

Unlikely sentence #46.

Dr.: Nurse, prepare for the afterbirth.
Nurse: Right, doctor.
Julia Child: Save the placenta!
Hannibal Lecter: Get the chianti.

no thank you. i'm a vegetarian.

Urk...What's wrong with just a bit of baby's hair?

Bleargh. Her husband "at the time" was a little leery of getting anything from the fridge? And does she wonder why he left her?

This woman has saved placenta for 15 years??

Oh yeah, her kids are going to have their hands full when she hits her senior years...

For starters, I predict a house with 20 to 35 cats.

Obviously a Wal-Mart shopper.

Ok, I'm at work and I've learned through very tough experience not to open links with the not at work warning. This involves placentas and smoothies and possibly Hannibal Lector. Can I get a summary without the pics?

"My husband at the time was a little leery about grabbing anything out of there"... "Until I chopped him into little bits and pickled his eyeballs!!!"

ACK!!!! That's all I gotta say....

Damn! I read this while eating lunch.

Does anyone know how to get projectile vomit off a computer screen?

Yuck. Everyone knows fresh is WAY better than frozen.

At what point does this become cannibalism?

ewwww. double-ewww, yuck and hurl. and the cannibalism thing - yeah. ugh. i left out bleagh.

Somewhere north-

Here's the article

Whether they plant them in the backyard with a sapling, or oven-roast them with chopped onions and peppers, new moms are increasingly choosing to keep their placentas after birth, rather than see them carted off as medical waste, midwives said.

“Since the placenta is extremely full of nutrients and hormones, lots of times a mother will cook it up and eat it to reabsorb the nutrients,” Salem midwife Leather Dupris said. “I’ve never tried it, but I guess it tastes like liver."

Maternity Web sites feature recipes ranging from roast placenta to a placenta smoothie.

More than 90 percent of her clients ask to keep placentas, Dupris said. Of those, most bury the afterbirth in a scenic spot or the backyard and plant a tree over it.

“Give it back to nature. That kind of thing,” said Dupris, the proprietor of MoonDragon Birthing Services.

The placenta is essentially a vascular organ that connects a growing fetus to its mother’s uterus.

“It’s pretty common with people having a home birth, not as common with hospital births,” said midwife Susan Moray of the Midwifes Alliance of North America. “There is more and more interest in keeping it.”

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Chief of Staff Ed Kiely said there aren’t any state laws that explicitly deal with whether mothers may take afterbirths home from the hospital.

“We leave it up to the individual hospitals to develop their own procedures on this,” Kiely said.

Dupris got her grandson’s placenta from the hospital where he was born. She pickled it in alcohol and keeps it in her refrigerator next to the mayonnaise, she said.

He’s 15 years old.

“Personally, I don’t understand the squeamishness. I think it’s a fascinating little thing,” she said. “I used to have placentas in my freezer all the time. My husband at the time was a little leery about grabbing anything out of there.”


Placenta - It's What's For Dinner.


I'm with pepe. There are plenty of other ways to commemorate a birth. Pictures, video, saving the first blanket. Pickling the placenta and keeping it in your fridge for over a decade seems, well, excessive.

Though it does make me wonder what she keeps on her mantle.

Anybody wanna bet that a lot of people here who are registering disgust would change their minds if it suddenly was discovered that placentas were low-carb AND removed cellulite?

jt - no.

Ohhh, uggums is such a cute baby. I just want to eat you up.


LMAO at the inset quiz by Dr. Phil - "Men think about sex all the time - Yes/No "

...sure, except when staring at their kid's birth baggage next to the other leftovers...GAK!!!

Oh. I get it now. It's birth control.

Thanks CandyT.

Bury it under a tree...okay, fine. Eat it...disgusting!

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Eat me."

An interesting side note is that another article on the same page of the printed Boston Herald newspaper was about a placenta that was found near a local pond.
Police fearing the worst, searched the area for the child and/or mother.
They were found alive and well.
The parents had saved the placenta and apparently haing second thoughts about the wisdom of this action, tossed it into the pond to get rid of it.

The collective insanity of the human race never ceases to amaze me...

....next to the mayonnaise? Oh, for the love of *sigh*

What the hell?

I only read the first sentence - eeewwwww!


You suppose 15-year-old grandson ever goes to visit granny? Or ever goes to the refrigerator for a snack while he's there?

Ok, who let the spammer in.

Major "eeewww!
major snorks at darn near every post (except the spam-oh and now mine, I guess)!

One more thing-we need a new warning:EWWW!

Why does the freaking robot censor me whenever I use naughty words, but allow spam in?

I learned to pay attention to the do not open at work warnings, But I believe I will have to refrain from reading the comments too. I second the Ewwwwww warning.

Thank you Judi.

Wouldn't that technically be eating oneself? After all, the woman's body produced the placenta (and the child incidentally). Yum! I taste like liver.

“Since the placenta is extremely full of nutrients and hormones, lots of times a mother will cook it up and eat it to reabsorb the nutrients,” Salem midwife Leather Dupris said.

*wonders why no one else has commented on this, other than the fact that we don't make fun of names on this blog

But juuusssstttt this once, I gotta say "Leather Dupris" WBAGNFAPornStar

Geez, and my mom got mad at my dad for eating Lorna Doone snack-cakes after my brother was born. I guess she had no idea how bad it could have been...

... tastes like ... chicken!

... erm ... so I've heard ...

Certainly ups the ante for those who advocate for a birth as natural as possible.

WTF is with this? Ick, yuck, ha-gurk.

Did any one else hear Sam Kinison screaming in their head?

Two comments:


2. I think threatening your 15-year-old grandson with his own pickled placenta would be an excellent disciplinary tool. Imagine your teenager is doing something you do not want him/her to do. You could immediately get him/her to stop if you threatened to take his pickled placenta out of the refrigerator and show it to his/her friends, preferably while they eat a pizza on a Friday night! Your teen would do anything you asked, for the rest of his/her natural life, as long as you promised NEVER, EVER to do that again!

I am laughing at some of the comments made about placenta eating. Talk about stirring up the pot to see what surfaces. Wow! It definitely is not for the squeemish, to say the least. I thought I would post a few responses to the comments here. Just for S**ts & Giggles.

Since the news interview I have added a page about PROPER placenta disposal & rituals including recipes for the brave at heart. The page with the placenta info is located at:
www.moondragon.org/parenting/placentadisposalrituals.html and even has a few non-placenta cocktails added to the page that may help in getting pleasantly sloshed before a dinner of placenta stew.

I personally never wanted to eat placenta. Medically, I never had to since I didn't have hemorrhaging or other birth related problems with my own births (had 5 of my own). I can't even stand the smell of liver cooking or the taste of liver (yuck). But placenta can be used for medicinal purposes under the right conditions. It can stop a serious postpartum bleeding problem very quickly, if needed, or help in a case of severe postpartum depression and hormonal imbalance. They use placenta in many cosmetics or other products, commercially.

As far as my grandson's placenta, it has been kept all these years because we didn't have a special place to properly dispose of it, being the renters living in a city all these years (we do now, we just haven't gotten around to it yet... it will be buried on my daughter's land... I will be there too when my time comes to be green-buried or cremated).

As far as my ex-husband... I left him because he was an abusive jerk that I had no desire to put up with any longer. Husbands are more work than I want to deal with, especially at my old age now. Love the independence!

Eating placenta is not cannibalism, only eating the baby would be (or the father for that matter). It is discarded after the birth and no longer belongs to either mom or baby, technically. It is the only organ created from life, not death, and is the only "meat" that can be eaten without killing another living organism. It is a lot more nutritious than eating hot dogs or bologna. Ever think about what was in those foods? How about Rocky Mountain Oysters (calf balls) or eating tripe soup or brains with scrambled eggs (aborted chickens) or eating honey (bee spit). Talk about vomit on monitors!... but we still eat them because we don't see all the stuff that goes in them, they taste good to "some" of us, and they are presented in a appetizing manner (most of the time).

And as for my name, Leather, just thinks of whips and chains and attitude... or dried tough skin... just kidding. I have heard every bondage joke out there. I am already a semi-senile grannie with 2 cats (had 18 at one time) and have moved into retirement. Although I haven't started skipping down the street naked yet looking for people who died 40 years ago... gives me something to look forward to in the future. :-)

Anyway, Bon appetite! - MoonDragon.org Midwife.

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