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June 28, 2006


How, exactly, is dingo urine collected?

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)


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Dave, from dingo urinals, of course.

Hello? This can't be that difficult.

Just set up some porta-potties with signs that say, "Dingos only" and take it from there.... DUH!!!

And people talk about science being so tough. Sheesh....

Yes, blurk, dingo urinals (WBAGNFARB?) is obvious but what I wonder who's leaving the pennies?

tech 1: "I'll hold the pot, you hold the, uh, dingo.
tech 2: "nononono. I'll hold the pot, you hold the, uh, dingo!

Collecting Dingo Urine the Crafty Way:

"Well, Mr. Dingo, your resume certainly is impressive."


"Oxford! Really? I didn't even know they had a mule husbandry program!"


"Business casual, and on Fridays you can wear jeans and a hat if you like. But we do require that any kangaroo carcasses be left in the break room."


"Ha Ha! You've got me there! Well, I guess all we'll need now is your 10 panel drug screen, and we'll be all set."


"Yes, just fill the cup up to the line. There's a water fountain down the hall if you need it."


I imagine that it was collected VERY CAREFULLY!

those poor kangaroos. They're making them smell different types of urine!
"Now how about THIS one? Aaaaaaaand this one? Now this one?.."

Perhaps Jack could use this around the PERIMETER!!

First the formula to Coke, then McDonald's fries...and now dingo urine collection is a "tightly guarded secret."

Think they're all in cahoots?

If so, ew.


They said how it is gathered is a tightly held secret.
Held where, it doesn't say....

collecting the urine is a hell of a lot easier than testing 'em for pregnancy. they hate squatting over those sticks. and, since dingo's are notorious for being impatient, waiting for the color change is a real pisser.

"When we presented tame kangaroos with coyote urine, they became interested in the new smell"

Obviously, the solution to the kangaroo problem is to import coyotes. (Maybe they'll eat the cane toads, too. And then when winter rolls around, the coyotes simply freeze to death.)

Ma'am - there's good news and bad news.
The good news - the 'roos have quit nibblin' on your petunias.
The bad news - your entire veranda smells like wild dog p!ss.

Um, JL, coyotes live through Nebraska winters just fine, so I think they'd thrive in Australia. They are at least cuter than dingoes. Don't know if they'd eat toads.

kj - coyotes survive Nodak winters quite readily ... barring the occasional intrusion by varmint hunters into their lives, of course ...

And when they find they can't synthesize dingo urine, we'll probably hear:

"'Ey mate! Give'em dingoes another six-pack! We've got three more mine sites and a stretch o' 'ighway to treat!"

I wonder if they give them those huge cans of Forster's to...um...increase production.


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