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June 30, 2006


An honest car dealership.

(Thanks to Peter M.)


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It's late on Friday so it took a minute, but *snork*

He sure drives a hard bargain.

"Coming soon - Dick Witham's Peterbilt Showroom."

Remember,when buying a car, Dick Witham everytime!

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to dickering over the price.

Free Ann Tenna Balls!
She's been held captive far too long.

I dont get it.

A to 24 - are you a Bosox fan?

I used to do internet sales at another Ford dealership, and I'm familiar with the template they use. Now, I'm sure that this place is really named Dick Witham, but I suddenly realize what an opportunity I missed to screw around with the website. It makes me sad.

ATo24: Pronounce the family name as "with 'em". Then all is made clear.

my friends and i used to drive around stealing antenna balls.

Ok now I get it and I feel like a complete idiot oh well I guess it could be worse.

lol @ a2

Ato24 - I have to agree with you there.

Blurk has it right. His middle initial is 'R.'

Dick Witham ... where excellence is not an option.

It's marketing nirvana!!!!!!

"And when you are ready to sell your old car, contact our sales manager Hugh Screwam for the best deal possible!"

I'm sticking with my dealership:Dick Zupp Toyota

I actually have talked with this guy since...well...lets just say I'm affiliated with Ford Motor Co. Nice guy! Just thought I would say yes...you are getting a good deal :)

*My mistake; his middle name is Mike*

Oh, I get it, har har har, it's one of those, "Let's make fun of the guy's name" thing. Right?

Wowser, Dr. Doug -- you picked right up on that, eh?

snork @ KOWb and thanks for the explanation cause I didn't *get* it either (as in I got the first name, but not the second).

"We have provided Shopping Shortcuts below for your convenience. These are links to sections of our site that you might find helpful in shopping for your new car."

The rest of the page is blank....

Seems like "Dick" fits Mr. Clinton better

Company motto: "Bring in your wife and we'll dicker."

That's what I thought the joke was--no links. I missed the part about the name.

Come on now, this isn't nearly as bad as this name: http://www.sportshares.com/autoracing/live/links/dicktrickle.html

P.S.- I hope I posted this link correctly

Well, It looks like I screwed that up. Anyway, I about lost my milk & cookies out my nose the day I discovered there is a car racer named Dick Trickle. (Maybe he should see a doctor about that)


when buying a car you must include your spouse bring your wife over and well dickher!! over price of course. salesmans name was richatd goesinya callm him dick for short!!! palm pontiac 1989 margate fl

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