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June 06, 2006


(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Shouldn't it be "Buttlers in the Buff"?

and *snork* at 'cheeky!'

They want their naked waiters to be "Cheeky but clean"? Well I certainly hope their cheeks are clean!

or maybe even 'butt-leers'...

and what's a 'hen party'? Does it involve mojitos?

Judi-Are you referring to the "no touching" rule?

I'm trying to picture this and I just can't. Sorry but men's nak*d buns are not particularly attractive items to be on display. Chests, shoulders, big arms, even legs and I'm with you. But I have yet to see an attractive a*s on a guy.

They're going to franchise this. Can't wait to see:
-the Canadian version:
"Hey, you're not supposed to be wearing anything on your butt."
"That's HAIR, you idiot!"

-the Southern version:
"I think you can stop mixing the fruit punch now. And by the way, your apron is on backwards."

SNorth: Oh, you poor, poor girl. See post below with the men's undies. Some nice butts there.

I always tell my husband I could bounce a quarter off his bum. He never lets me.

"Jeeves, what are you wearing?"

"I'm doing a bit of what the Americans call moonlighting, sir."

"It's giving me a bit of a stiffy, old fruit."

"And your aunts wonder why you're not married, sir."

Jeeves would faint.

gives new meaning to 'the butler did it'.....
oh jeeeves, jeeeves....

I'm thinking Butlers in the Buff would probably NOT bagnfarb.

They mention a hypnotherapist naked butler. That sounds dangerous to me. "You're getting sleepy...I'm already naked..."

Sex sells. Naked sells too. Reminds me of Naked News. (not that I've ever watched Naked News...um...)

Dave and judi seem to be duelling with their posts. In my book, judi is winning. Sorry, Dave - squirrels are funny, but naked is as naked does.

"Naked Squirrels" would totally bagnfarb.

Whoa. Simulpost AND mind-meld with insom! I'm not worthy.

Somewhere North, One of the best male butts it has ever, ever been my privilege to .. uh ... admire belonged to a ruggedly handsome member of the Ontario Provincial Police. Ever. ;)

A hen's party (if anyone's still reading) is the female equivalent of a stag night.

a tasteful alternative to strippers and pole dancers

I'm not so much seeing the "tasteful" part...

But those butts (in the post below) were covered by nice thongs. Mens butts look lovely all nice and ... excuse me ahem. I mean when they are covered.

But naked men's butts? That is just asking for nastiness.

Sallyacious - you're right - we need pictures.

"We take their bums on trust"

Sigh...the last time I did that, I ended up in divorce court.

Dude! I got posted. It's been a while. Feels good.

*struts dizzily away*

Amazing! Working bums! (Gagging on my own pun~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

Butlers in the Buff? Idiot Servant. :-)

It's so good to get hard help these days.


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