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June 28, 2006


They still have a few kinks to iron out.

(Thanks to Amanda Klein)


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I know I should read the story FIRST but I think I know what it is (belly)

Is that some Russian tradition?

Or just a pedophile?

Just checked and yep, it's Pootie-Poot puckering!

It'a an old KGB habit. The CIA was constantly planting bugs in kids' belly buttons to find out was Chernenko was up to.

Why isn't there any reason given in the article? I want to know why!

Maybe Putin thought the boy had a hidden camera in his belly button and he wanted to be on CNN.

The way to a future voter's heart is, apparently, through their belly.

Well under communism belly button lint was considered a delicacy.

Reason? He's a polititian. It was to distract the cameras while he stole the kid's candy out of his pocket.

The kid was a little deflated after meeting him, and Putin didn't have his bicycle pump with him.

Well, it's not much, but it's a step forward from the old "whang them upside the head" greeting.

does he have kids? maybe its an old habit.

In the Godfather movies, they would kiss you on the cheek and then later you would end up sleeping with the fish....

Have no idea what happens to you after a kiss on the stomach. Can't be good, though...

The kid's mom already has him for sale on e-bay.

He looks a little too friendly with that kid. It reminds me of one of those public sercive announcements aimed at kids -
"Say NO
And GO
And tell someone you trust!"

I wish the kid raspberried him right back. Why didn't he show the kid a little respect and just shake his hand?

We need a 'CAUTION' sign for Annie-posts. I had just taken a sip of beer.

I bet he gummed his tummy because his name was Nikita!

Someone did that to little Vladdy Lenin around 1880. He never forgot.

I'm just really glad the kid's name wasn't "Richard."

for sale on e-bay.

*snork* @ AnnieWBH

I just hope other Russian politicians don't follow his example.

Monty Python's Life of Putin:

"Let us, like him, kiss the child upon the belly and let the child be confused, for this is the sign, that all who follow his example shall be elected ruler of all the land."

That's what's known as a "Razz-putin."

i guess we should be glad he didn't rip out the kids guts with his teeth and then shake his head from side to side while onlookers stood by in horror. that might have been weird.

Annie's on her game today.

puppytoes dear, I'm at work. Don't make me laugh so much please

Obviously there wasn't a baby in the crowd to kiss on the cheek - that's the AMERICAN way ! Tough to translate to Russian, apparently.

Puppy, are you saying that Putin is really a *gasp* dingo?

That poor woman's child!

The dingo ate her baby.


Sorry, it had to be said.

it was a little bit of a trip, but you got there pretty smoothly. nicely done

And then he peed on her shoe.
Scared every damn kangaroo in the neighborhood away.

*sigh* nothing like world recognition of your Putzy pervness.

He was just checking to see if Jack put a microphone or hidden camera or his PDA in there.

Hey dave...I'm still writing. Thanks for the advice.

The Stages of Sex

By Carson Cockman

I am old and wise now. I know things. Listen to me young people and learn.

Stage one (age 5): Couldn’t care less…You’re playing marbles.

Stage two (age 12): You can’t play marbles now. She wants to play doctor.

Stage three (age 18): Someone’s playing with your marbles…it’s probably a doctor.

Stage Four (age 22): Doctor Feelgood’s IN the house! You may marvel at the doctor.

Stage Five (age 35): Doctor Feelgood’s not feeling so good. You are staring at the divorce settlement in which SHE got all the marbles.

Stage Six (age 65): You feel good. The doctor says it is ok for you to, but you spy a marble cake on the counter and get distracted.

Stage Seven (age 75): You could care less…You’ve LOST your marbles.

Thanks a lot, guys! I was laughing so hard I started wheezing, right about at "The dingo ate her baby."

Please post boring comments until the albuterol kicks in. Thank you.

I apologize in advance for several reasons -- not the least of which would be the fact that I'm too tired/lazy to find the "correct" thread, and/or that this will be TMI/TOT ...

Speaking of checkout lines ... I have just this minute returned from dining at an Oriental Buffet restaurant.

As I approached the cash register desk, there were two ... older, fatter and, -- if I may flatter myself -- less reasonable and pleasant persons of the female-type gender discussing their bill with the young lady.

"This is a coupon for two people," says one of the OF--LR&P items ... "so that's two dollars off ... that money (pointing to some cash) is for one of them ..."

"Now, we have another coupon, for the other two people ..." says the other OF--LR&P ... "so that's two dollars off these meals ..."

Cashier: (She is very pretty, wearing an engagement-type ring, and speaks American English with a notable Oriental accent -- for older ears, such as mine, she is not easy to understand.)
"But there were three people, and the coupons are for two people [each] ..."

Both OF--LR&Ps: "No, there were four people eating ..." (I was seated near their table. There were never four people there, that I noticed. At least, never four at one time.)

Finally, the cashier has collected money from the second person, for the second (discounted) meal ...

Then, the first OF--LR&P wants to pay for the #3 person's meal ... which she does ... (The cashier, by this time, has figured out that each one will be $7.36 ... )

Finally, the fourth OF--LR&P begins to pay ... WITH A CHECK!!! (I will grant that she had it written out, by this time, and was entering the amount on her check register as the tab was tallied on the cash register ... All the other transactions (four people ate -- supposedly -- only two were at the counter -- a third sat at the table -- I did not see a fourth person who appeared to be involved with these other OF--LR&Ps ...)

My turn.

My check ($8.87) and a $10 bill ... change back within 15 seconds ...

Elapsed time on mine: Approximately 30 seconds.

Elapsed time on theirs (as I stood, waiting, suppressing the burning desire to strangle, maim and otherwise abuse these OF--LR&Ps ahead of me) -- well, let's merely say that it took me so long to get to the register, I wuz hungry again, and hadda go have another meal ...

Whoever that is that always says,"I got nothin'"...... well, Im with him tonight on this one.
_I think it might be Blurkernomore

kj - did that albuterol kick in yet? Do we have permission to be funny again?

so, if it was a wet, sloppy kiss on the belly, would that be Putin' on the spitz?

No, no, Vladimir. Next time you talk to Mr Clinton, make sure you have a better interpreter...

Putin see's a boy,
He leans in to give a kiss,

... um ... on that above narrative, I fergot to add ... ISIANMTU -- SHMBSJ!!!

(Except for the "second meal" part ... it all really happened ... whatever that's worth ...)

Looks like Putin's off his meds.

That kid'll be in therapy for life...after someone buys him off eBay. *snorks to Annie*

why dont they just call it what it was...foreplay. A sampling of dessert for Puty-Baby. Who's yer Daddy? Putin is..!

In Soviet Russia, belly kisses you!

(I don't think I did that correctly)

Yes, the albuterol kicked in, then I went to bed without giving y'all permission to be funny again. Sorry. Carry on.

It's just as well..."Putin on the spitz" would have set me off again.

I had a neighbor who did that and got 20 years in the pokey.

*actually it is a common act of endearment for children in Russia*

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