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June 29, 2006


Now they want to take away our precious constitutional right to pole-dance for hair-salon discounts.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"Unfortunately, he failed to get an entertainment license, and yesterday, town officials said the pole must go."

It's not nice to call a business owner names!

So, if you dress like a cow and kiss his tummy, you get a REALLY BIG discount?

I have to SECOND(?) 24 on that!

"Dancing is entertainment?" Obviously they've never seen me dance.

Thats a crap shoot.....some you would wanna see, some ya just wouldnt

“I feel kind of like an artist who’s been nailed to a cross,” Freeman says

Wow, you're gonna be royally up the creek when something that actually matters happens in your life.

WHY do they always have to take down the Poles! Rise up my brothers in defense of the Motherland!! Don't let them take down another Pole without a fight!!

Since when do you have to get a license to entertain? So much for those Friday nite poker games.

yeah, the ownner isnt making money on the pole dancers...he is loosing money. Isnt that charity?

“I feel kind of like an artist who’s been nailed to a cross,” Freeman says, adding that he is disappointed but not bitter.

Persecuted, but not bitter!

Didn't the advertising slogan for Cape Cod used to be "America's Playland"? I mean, if you can't pole dance in exchange for a discounted haircut, what CAN you do on vacation, anymore? Sheesh.

[insert very naughty joke about owner wanting them to dance on his pole]

KCSteve - Or maybe they have...

Boy! For a minute there I got as excited as a judge at a murder trial, but then the dude said there was no nudity involved.

“This is actually a wholesome activity,” Freeman says. “There’s no nudity involved.”

Boring! Where's the fun in that.

Darn you, blurker, you beat me to it. (Or was that the judge?)

Oh well, hair today, gone tomorrow...

Wonder what you had to do if you wanted to go from brunette to blonde....strip?

One day you're going too have to get a license to "poop" in a public toliet!

to not too. ^above^ pollitical sentiment

*removes extra "l" from political before anyone notices*

Need more coffee, Kat?

*snork* at fiver ;)

YES! Coffee would do. Thanks.

I'll take it straight! (No cream or sugar)

Blurk, you're taking Kat's pole? You've become one of THEM!

Better to join them than be on the "Losing Side!"

According to my "Better Half," everytime I go out in public, I need an entertainment license.

I only took it to install it in my combination drive-thru liquor, hair care and tire center business. I have an entertainment license.

And coffee makes her dance faster.

Just tryin' to be helpful.

But does "Tequila make her clothes fall off."?

Nope! But a good diet does!

Barbers have always had poles. It was only a matter of time before someone tried dancing on it.

Um...I could be a barber.


Did you read the problem in the 8th grade math book?
A monkey climbs up a flag pole. The pole is ten feet tall. The monkey climbs up 3 feet during the day and falls back 2 feet at night. How many days will it take the monkey to climb the flag pole?

Full price for gum??!?! That dog won't hunt, Monsignor!

It's because you don't feed him!

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