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June 28, 2006


Last night, home alone, I tried, really tried, to watch Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. But I could not keep my thumb off the remote, and I ended up watching, and being riveted by, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Does this make me a bad person?

I still have no idea what a "Sith" is.


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and yes it does.

Join me, Dave. And together we can rule the universe...and force geeks to explain to us what a Sith is, 'cause I never quite got that either.


Not a bad person so much. Do you find yourself driving through trailer parks?

Sith is what Cindy Brady called Marsha..

At the risk of being outed as one of the above mentioned "geeks" the Sith are the Barry Manilows of the Star Wars world - irritating as heck, freakiy looking, and always somehow, inexplicably magnetic to those with weak constitutions.

Snork at Sean!

That woman's name is Beth? Not Lurlene?

I like his dye job better than hers.

Also an expression used by Truman Capote when he was walking to get his mail and would step in poo his neihbor's dog left in his front lawn: " What the hell'sith ?!"

neighbor's.. yikes..

The anime is worth an entry all on its own. WTF?

wait for it.....
Sith Happens....
there, I feel better...

Dog was definately the better choice. At the risk of offending the serious and faithful geeks on the blog...I hate science fiction anything.
I would much rather watch the grass grow...or bazoomage...or meet up with TCK and go shoot sumpthin'.

I had a Sith removed from my neck a couple weeks ago... you should have SEEN the size of that thing! Looked like I was growing an extra head

I thought "Revenge of the Sith" was the untimely reoccurrence of a social disease.

it doesnt make you a bad person. but i would check my teeth, and also, see if there are any stray washing machines on your lawn. you might be turning into a redneck. i think sith is just a stupid word.

Does anybody else watch Dog and occasionally forget that you're NOT watching a CARTOON? That show cracks me up.

I believe, as a Star Wars geek, that the Sith are the knights of the dark side of the force. Their revenge was "all your Jedi's are belong to us."

I mean, this guy has definitely got a bad case of the Sith.

"Sith" is right before "Saaaaven" when you're counting the evening's 'ritas, which will enable you to make it through the movie.

Doggone it, I posted and forgot to erase my email address. The viagra ads will be rolling into my mailbox now! Of course, as a woman, I have great need of that...NOT!

As someone who stood in line for 13 hours to see the midnight show last year I have to say it might but don't worry Netflix the DVD and skip ahead to the part were Anakin and Samual L Jackson have their battle and I think you will enjoy.

Now I have a question for all my fellow posters. How much of a geek am I by going to see the 10pm showing of Superman Returns which got out at 12:35am and still went to work this morning at a what feels like a really early hour.

Also for the record...
The Sith are the guys who don't play nice.

Dave, don't feel bad. I too enjoy Dog and his pound. Besides being a find bounty hunter, I get to ponder if Beth's bazoombas are real or not. Mom claims they are fake, but I think they're natural. If you haven't been watching Dog for long you may be interested to know that he has 12 kids scattered around the U.S. and he did time in prison for murder. However, he has turned his life around thanks to the marvels of hair extensions and squeezing the noose around bail jumpers. Don't get me wrong, I like the show, especially Leland's body art. It's like sneaking into the kitchen at 1:00 am and eating a bowl of ice cream when you've already given 10 million dollars to Weight Watchers.

Well, who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Smoked ten packs of cancer sticks

Well, Dog walked down in the cool of the day
And he called Nunu by his name
He refused to answer
'cause he was runnin' from the law

Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Smoked five packs of cancer sticks

Well, Duane had him a posse
And he led them all away
Said walk with me on A&E til
I go on and pray.

Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Down to just one pack a day

Dog came down - Hawaiian mornin'
Leland and Beth came to see
Said, go tell my posse
Meet me down in Waikiki

Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Tell me who's that wheezin'? (Dog the bounty hunter)
Down to just eight sticks a day

*snork* a Sean.

I confess to watching Dog and Beth's wedding in Hawaii, as one of the 'Correspondents' videos on the Tonight Show website.

For a great video, also involving a dog, and star wars fans, look no further than Triumph the insult Comic Dog:

And for a video of two Star Wars fans fighting, one actually named 'Dorkman' well, here ya go:

Sometimes, Dave, you are the biggest asshole in the world.

Boba Fett's character is based off of Dog the Bounty Hunter....

Whoa, Whoa, Chain E. Kindly take that crap to another blog.

An 80% chance of rain can mean: The conditions (for the forecast time period) produce rain 80% of the time, and this forecast applies to 100% of the forecast area.

It can also mean: The current conditions produce rain 100% of the time (hey! it's raining right now!), but only on 80% of the forecast area.

Or any multiple of those two percentages that end up with 80%.

Smart move Dave. The dialogue on Dog is far better than anything Lucas has churned out in years. Plus the bazoombas.

I love Star Wars.
I love Dog the Bounty Hunter.

I see no problem with watching either one.

Sorry... wrong window! lol

Boba Fett makes Dog look like him.

Addicted, you have a little geek showing there.

My husband, an avowed Star Wars geek, did the same thing: clicked between Star Wars Some Number and Dog.

He watched Dog, because of the riveting premise of the show, and because there is no blonde bazoomage on Star Wars.

Ok, there may not be much bazoomage in the other movies, but what guy can resist drooling over Leia in Return of the Jedi? C'mon, a brass bra and underware? Combined with chains?

A pox on Chain. Take it elsewhere and leave us alone.

I would just like to say, as a sometime member of the Kona community where Dog is filmed, that he is NOT representative of the local culture and I am HORRIFIED that he is what people may associate with the town.


Now, if it were set in Kentucky, I would have no problem with it.

dave, don't be ashamed of watching "dog", because of all the guilty pleasure you could have, it could be worse.

and seriously, beth's HUGE bosum could totally take out the crackheads & parole violaters in one fell swoop. BAM!

Dave, you made the better choice. Dog is awsome.

A few weeks ago me and the missus were in Hawaii. We went to his office and saw him, Beth and Leland inside. They had a sign on the door saying is was locked 'cause they were shooting a scene so we couldn't go in. It was still cool, though.

CherryPie: You just made an enemy, thankyouverylittle. I bet you've never been to Kentucky.

I bet everybody in the Kona community is either just like Dog and his family, or hooked on ice. It's on TV. It *must* be true.

that Duane guy must need some SERIOUS styling in the morning to make his hair do that

Choosing between Sith and Dog must have been like trying to pick the winning midget in a wrestling match.

*snork* @ Lab!

For the record, Mrs. WriterDude knew Dog professionally back when she was a booking agent at the Adams County jail here in Brighton, CO. (Real fans of the Dog know he is a product of Commerce City, and began his illustrious career bringing the bad guys to Brighton.) (*waves at Mary Ellen, Dog's mentor*)

Mrs. WriterDude reports here that what you see is what you always got with Dog -- the pseudo-rock-star wardrobe and the turbo mullet (not extensions) were in place long before fame found him.

Sure, the show can be described as a guilty pleasure. So what? Doesn't make it any less fun. Oh, and regarding Beth's bazoomage: also in place long before fame found her/them -- no way did she have the money to pay for that kind of enhancement until the A&E checks started coming in.

Sorry not funny -- merely channeling Uncle O....

Lab I think I am beyond help when it comes to being a geek oh well.

The end of the sith is when Harry Caray sings.

I don't get as much computer time as I did before, and it wasn't much then. Did something happen to Uncle O? I mean you can't channel someone till they're on the other side. So are you being serious? (I KNOW, I KNOW this is Dave's blog!) I hope you are joshing.

My vote is for the Dog too. I watched that so called movie too, but luckliy it was Mystery Science Theater 2000 style, with a couple of good friends who hated it thought it could have been better too. And it was, though I am not sure about this, possibly a bootleg copy, 'cuz the rolling writing at the beginning was in Russian.

Dave, if you were home alone, where the heck was Sophie? and Walter?

Jessica -- substitute "sounding like" for "channeling". Sloppy wording on my part. For my pennance I will have two mojitos and say three Shirley MacLaines.

ps: Turbo Mullet -- WBAGNFA Judas Priest song?

My cousin Jon taught his 4-year-old nephew to say, "Four on the floor and a fifth under the seat." The nephew, who couldn't say his f's, would say, "Sor on the sor and a sith unner the seat." He was in his first Sunday School Christmas pageant that year, and his one line was "Jesus was born in Bethlehem." When he got up in front of God and everybody, he recited (you guessed it), "Sor on the sor and a sith unner the seat." His mother was so proud! She nearly killed good old Uncle Jon...

This was 30 years before anybody ever heard of the Sith. The kid was SO ahead of his time.

Pitty Pat: What comes after Saaaaaven? Because I think Chain E got there right before 10:40 this morning.

Sorry I didn't come up with it--"Episode III: A Steaming Pile of Sith"

Uh oh, Star Wars confession time? I don't like Star Wars. The first three are tolerable, the fourth awful, the fifth I fell asleep watching, and the sixth I didn't see. I've seen the first three once each and don't care if I ever see them again.
I told a friend and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "That's like not liking football!" I reminded him who he was talking to and that I don't like football either. Apparently it's unAmerican or something to not like football and SW.

Just tell him (in case he somehow missed this fact) that you're a girrrl, so it's goooooood

I am very proud of myself. Despite getting 4 hours of sleep last night because I had to go see Superman. I made it through the day now I can go home and get some sleep. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

[Speaking in a really, really southern hick accent]
It make you a long-haired, hippy-freak, pinko, fag, that's what it makes ya!

*snork* at bert's link. That was hillarious!

Among the many things I don't understand about the Dog phenomena, the main one would have to be why the show is on A&E. This is the same channel that airs documentaries about paintings in French...I don't get it.

Sarah J- I'm guessing you didn't see them in the theater around the age of 8?

I saw Empire Strikes Back at 6 and Return of the Jedi at age 8 (am revealing my age here) in the theater, became a fan for life- of the Original Versions of the Original Movies. Mind you, I saw the first Star Wars movie on video after seeing the first two.

I had a crush on Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker for years....pretty much til I realized he couldn't act. At least not in those films.

This discussion has messed with my mind. Now I'm imagining Dog saying stuff like, "I've waited a long time for this moment, my little...green...friend!" and laughing maniacally.

Oh, and "Sith" is not nearly as ridiculous as "Count Dooku."

Don't forget that Count Dooku was number 2 for awhile...

And yeah, I think that hooking a car battery to two flaming icepicks and using them to stab out your eyes would be better than watching any of the "first" 3 Star Wars movies again.

And yes, Flaming Icepicks is a GREAT name for a band...

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