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June 28, 2006


The Jack Bauer of the bear world makes his escape.

(Thanks to Mike A.)


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Poor Boo! He needs a Chloe-bear to help him.

Maybe Boo-Boo is just looking for some pic-a-nic baskets....

They're approaching his captivity the wrong way. Make him want to stay.

Boo can't bear being without beer. Get him some chips and a few sports channels and he'll never leave.

Just so long as no-one shoots him in the thigh. Be free, Boo!

And maybe a Mrs. Boo

Yet another failed perimeter.

"The lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here, uh... staggers me."

"Dear God man! What the devil happened here?"

"Jim tried to microwave a sack of forks again, and when the..."

"No, I mean this roughly bear-shaped hole where the huge steel door used to be!"

"Ah. Well, we think it's hormones. This is mating season and..."

"Sweet Juniper's Shilelagh! We've got to find him!"

"Oh, he's not gone. He's just outside humping your Chevy."


"Yeah, we tried poking him with sticks, but it didn't seem to work. Next we're going to try throwing rocks at him. Not to achieve anything, but just because it's fun."

"...I quit."

The resort people obviously need to take a flank two position, set up a perimeter, have someone download schematics of the vast Golden, B.C. forest, and enlist the held of the cougar that almost ate Kim.

And then have Steve submit a report.

I meant "help."


He said the bear bashed a nearly 400-pound steel door off its four bolts, destroyed an electrical box while tearing through two electric fences and scrambled over a 12-foot fence anchored with two feet of steel below ground. "Everything was completely trashed. We are dealing with a pretty smart and determined bear."

see, i'm thinkin' that even pee wee herman could pull this off if he were to notice folks eyeing his dangly bits.

YAY FedDuck is back! And making a great entrance with that comment!

(Please disregard this comment if FedDuck reappeared on a previous thread and I didn't notice or if he was not, technically, ever gone)

If one big option was to be neutered, I'd run like hell too!!

"I think he just kept charging it (the door) and charging it until it broke off its bolts," Dalzell said.

It occurs to me that a grizzly bear repeatedly charging a 400 lb. door might make a little racket.

Welcome back Fed, that was a Snork and a half.

I havent seen him in a while either Muffles.

*mmmmmmWAH* blows a kiss to Federal Duck

Anybody else thinking of this earwig: "Boooorn Freee! As free as the wind blows, as free as the Boo goes ..."

good point, blurk. Apparently, given the name of the resort, it must not have been heard over the noise of all the kicking horses.

What blurk said. Nobody noticed a freaking 400 pound steel door being ripped off it's hinges?

Maybe if the Hooter for Neuter Bikini girls came to the resort the bear would return. We aren't using them in L.A. go ahead and send them to Canada

Montana's close to Canada. We'll take 'em.

Thanks for the welcome back everybody :)

I haven't been gone so much as I've been vacationing in Blurkland. It turns out that if you quit commenting on Dave's blog for a while, you go into actual withdrawal symptoms, like actually saying the word "snork" in real life when something funny happens, or writing "WBAGNFARB" in company memos.

Also, *blush* @ MOTW

I agree with the others. I think this:

Resort staff had planned to neuter Boo, but he got away first. Once he's located, authorities will decide whether to try to recapture him again, Dalzell said.

explains a lot about Boo's motivation.

KCSteve- I was wondering why they didn't neuter him back in 2002- y'know, back when he was little and cute instead of big enough to tear down a 400-lb door?

I'm just sayin'.

And hello Federal Duck! missed ya bud. ;)

They just need to hire a tracker to follow his scat. Another name for his scat would of course be "Boo-Beary Muffins."

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