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June 30, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Does Dilbert work there?

It's right up there with "nothing sucks like an Electrolux"

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Wow. A year and no one there has even noticed.

Nice to know that the ENRON bussiness model is still alive and kicking.

Reminds me of George Costanza telling Jerry what his employer's motto should be: "We don't care and it shows."

Troy INC. a proud member of Vanderlay Industries since 1993.

i like our motto better: where sleeping under your desk is not an option.

Troy Inc.: We're mediocre and not too modest to admit it.

Troy, Inc. - homophonagram for Tinker Toy?

qb - but sleeping on your desk is OK?

They're playing with chemicals and want to announce they are none to careful about it. Could this really be a terrorist plot carefully disguised as a business slogan?

Of course sleeping WITH your desk might get you written up.

There are some very nice screen cleaning wipes made by s company called Tech Spray. I keep one in my desk not for cleaning off my screen but for their slogan:
"Chemically Engineered Solutions...
Solutions For Your Problems."

You have to love guys who enjoyed college and aren't afraid to admit it.

I prefer to sleep around...

my desk.

Troy, Inc. We've upped our quality so up yours.

For a minute there Queensbee, I thought your company slogan was "we're sleeping under your desk". Good relations with your coworkers are important and all but I don't think those are the relations they meant.

*pauses to throw extra 'o' onto the 'to' up in her last post*

SN, it sure as hell does wonders for morale, though.

Well, at least that takes a lot of the pressure off, right?

Blurk - too true. Brings a whole new meaning to Casual Fridays.

Not QUITE as good as the potato chip motto that was floating around recently

"Lunch just isn't lunch without Lay's"


And then there is the new(ish) Snickers motto that I find kinda dirty. Something like...

"It only satisfies if you eat it"

So, wait...are they saying that Excellence is Mandatory and therefore not an option? Or do they just not care?

Close, CR.

"It's only satisfied..."

Blurk - I have to point out (casually of course and in a non-sexist manner) your mind is in the gutter these days...

This reminds me of the last company I worked for. It had several "mottos" that we were all supposed to strive towards, one of which was "Evolve or Die". Several of us found that more threatening than inspiring, ala: "Keep improving damnit, or you will be taken out behind the parking structure and shot!"

Mrs. Blurk has been gone for almost a month taking care of a sick sister AND SHE FLIES IN TONIGHT!!!
So, yeah, I kinda have a one track mind these days.

Blurk: Ah. So I guess you don't want all the bloggers showing up to watch a movie at your house tonite?


See, there goes the blood right out of your brain again when you think of the Mrs. You're forgetting your spaces.

I b'lieve he is hoping there ARE no spaces (between him and the Mrs.)

You took the words right out of my mouth, CR. *Snork!*

How about "If we made it any better you couldn't afford it"?

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