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June 28, 2006


(Thanks to David Roe)


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Yeah, because her mom did such a GREAT job raising her!

Well, running from your problems always helps. Luckily she has K-pred to guide her down the path of wisdom.

Please keep those babies in your prayers, folks!

She is pouring money into her mother’s home to make room for her growing family

New wheels, vinyl siding, fresh coat of white paint on the used tire planters...

Snork @ Fivverr

*SNORK* @ fivverr. I am going to be laughing ALL day over that one.

Don't forget the tires on Top of the trailer.

New pink flamingoes, maybe?

"She is also looking for a second house so she and hubby Kevin, 28, can have some privacy."

One with a really big basement.

Once again humming ~~~Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let 50 cents.~~~

Mom must have a doublewide!

Kt - Mom IS a doublewide.

"Yeah, because her mom did such a GREAT job raising her!"
Took the words right off my keyboard, Blurker..

yep, talk about the blind leading the blind...

Did anyone besides me see the link on the side saying "Get a cleavage for the summer"? A cleavage? I thought you usually referred to those in the plural form. Only getting A cleavage would leave you a little lopsided, wouldn't it?

SquirlCat41, cleavage is the in-between part....

Would one of you nice ladies show SQ41 what a cleavage is?


Something like that, isn't it?

marfie - this is more like the blonde leading the blonde.

And since we see her so much here, perhaps the blonde leading the blog.

cleaVage = OVO

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