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June 28, 2006



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*not funny alert*

Isn't that a sign of iron deficiency?

Carry on.


And Dave, I'll take this post as a big "YES" on my trailer park question.

What's wrong with good old traditional coal?


Meanwhile, the Toxic singer has confessed to having obsessive compulsive disorder - she can't stop cleaning.

Okay, now I understand her attraction to K-fed. He enables her cleaning addiction.

I just pity the kid and the future kid. I can't think of anything funny at this time.---KC

It is probably a "transfer" of a "sleeper teeth grinding" fixation to a daytime activity and can indicate worms in the intestine, possibly. Thank you

Dr. Obe Wan Kanobe

Best sentence in the whole article:

The singer fears she'll lose her glamorous mystique when fans discover she's can't keep away from her rubber gloves and duster.

I hate to tell her, but that ship sailed a loooooong time ago.

DAVE! How could you!? No warning or anything!

Renee (tf),
Haven't you learned by now what BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN means?

I have now. (Shudders) It didn't always come with pictures, though.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ....

There are so many things in that article. I just, I don't know, I can't even begin ...

*head explodes*

Was that nearly nekkid tramp really Brit Twit? It didn't look like her. K-Fed must have dwindled her cash reserves to the breaking point.

Have you guys heard that TomKat's family is having trouble unloading the baby pics for cash?!

Twitney is looking flab-tastic. A coule more pounds and she will automatically qualify for the Roseann Barr-Arnold Booty Contest for Washed-up and Overweight Flash-in-the-pan Stars (coming to Fox this fall featuring the entire cast of Facts of Life, 8 is Enough, and Ralph Malph).

Eeewwww. I threw up a little in my mouth.

Ok that picture woke me up in a not nice way. Why is he never around when you truly need him?

Random - the extra weight is probably the new bebe she is carrying... Li'l Sis to (whatever the he!! the boy's name is) is probably going to be one chubby li'l pack of fun for the Federlines...

P.S. I didn't actually look at the article or accompanying picture. I know better. That's why I just comment on the comments in this case...

who knew ice had so many calories?

Overheard when the pictures were viewed:
"Thank G*d she's not completely nude."
"She looks like a whale,
Who ate Kate Beckinsale."
said her family (the others were rude).

Elephant teeth?.....ice cubes?.......Nope. Not gettin' the connection, Sweetie.

"a massive 170lbs "...wow, so that is the definition of massive now?

Hello, operator, can I get the number for weight watchers?

I originally read crunching ice cubes since conceiving again as crunching ice cubes while conceiving again. Found the entire thing amusing until I realized I had read it wrong. I like my version better

"Have you guys heard that TomKat's family is having trouble unloading the baby pics for cash?" - I guess if you call $3 million chump change! Greedy boogers.

Wait, she's shocked that "87 percent of people polled in Us Weekly had less respect for Spears after the" Today show interview? Really?

it means that 13 percent weren't paying attention!

hey, some good news for a change - with her mouth full of ice all the time, she wont be able to attempt singing :)

Shame on you people for making fun of a pregnant woman! This< is a much better photo of the greatest aquatic pop star ever!

barbara manatee?!

♩♬♫Barbara Manatee (manatee...manatee)
You are the one for me (one for me...one for me)
Sent from up above (manatee from heaven)
You are the one I love (I love I love I love)

Please don't cry Bar-ba-ra,
You're a nice Manatee,
You've been so good to me
But i must go into the world and do noble things for the good of all
And you cant come because you don't speak Frrrench.
Au revoir"

Barbara: But if you leave Bill
Who will take me to the ball?
Whose going take me to the ball, Bill?
I have a new dress and shoes
And new manatee lipstick
Who will take me to the ball?♫♪

Thanks for the earwig, cg

The singer fears she'll lose her glamorous mystique when fans discover she's can't keep away from her rubber gloves and duster.

Maybe not- the kinky porn websites will have a field day with her

(a) The photo is probably a fake [photo has since been removed] (b) so is the article.

Pictures here:


And one here:


Sorry, probly easier if those were actual links:



24 ... yep, the "massive 170 pounds" was just one of the phrases in the article that made my head explode.

I trust that all you boys are headed to the gym in hopes of bulking up to a massive 170 pounds ...

Weigh-ins in one week ...

To my 6'3" brother 170 lbs would be big, I don't know about "massive," but he's about 150 right now, darn that beanpole gene (that I didn't get!)

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