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June 29, 2006


Looking to liven up your next affair?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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"Wait... I thought you said you hired a rock band?"
"I never said that! You should listen more."

Brought to you by the Association of People With Too Much Time On Their Hands

Dave, enough alcohol can make ANYTHING seem fun.

It's better than lifting weights in a stinkin' gym and helps one get out and enjoy nature, plus becoming extremely creative as the night goes on. (Mar-ger-re-tas!!! O-Lay!)

We continually remake our stacks and, pending the client's approval, allow guests to try their hands at it.

I'm sorry, this sounds like code for something illegal.

This does seem like as good a place as any to announce that for a nominal fee, I can come to your party and build snowmen.

"I said OOO0Lay, not Kenneth Lay. Wonder if he is pushing up "rocks" now?

as a member of the society for putting things on top of other things, i object.

Hey, they do this on the Wiggles.

Oh, great. Now I'll have Dylan's "Everybody Must Get Stoned" in my head for the rest of the day...

Straw, you said that out loud.

Like the Tower of Babel, what goes up,- must come down.

*We members of AAPSBP (the American Association of People with Squished Body Parts) do not condone this activity. That is all.*

Metros3xual Stonehenge.

That is all.

queensbee - my sister organized a chapter of that when she was in high school! You knew her maybe?

i was actually looking for something to take the edge off my heroine addiction and the harsh come downs...this amay just do the trick! Thanks Dave for steering me right!

we'll stack 'em when we're missing from our wives
we'll stack 'em 'cause we ain't got no lives
we'd stack 'em for anyone who'd be our friend
we'd stack 'em until we've reached the end
Though to others it might be quite a shock
Everybody must stack rocks!

we'll stack 'em till it's time to take a rest
Or there's an earthquake somewhere in the West
we'll stack 'em though our shrink says we're obsessed
we'll stack 'em 'cause we're nuts (now we've confessed)
In high school we got beat up by the jocks
Everybody must stack rocks!

If I ever have an affair, I don't think I'll want to liven it up with rocks.

Or maybe I will. In case he doesn't rock my world.

Just think one strong sneeze and you could take out half the people at your party.

Insom and I just rocked out on a simulpost.


Nannie: I'm just following Dave's example. He has no shame when it comes to sharing the ups and downs of raising a preschooler.

*stands up*

Hello, my name is Straw. I have a preschooler who watches the Wiggles. Sometimes I watch, too.

*sits down, tears of relief streaming down face*

The artist is based in "Sarasota, Florida and creates 50 to 60 sand and snow sculptures a year.

That's about 1 a week. Wonder what he does during the hurricane season.
*stack* *crash* "Damn."
*balance* *crash* "Damn."
(repeat ad nauseum)

I want to be there when the Rock Stacking people meet the Stuffonmycat people. Maybe I should introduce them.

*ducks sock o'nickels*

Hey, pal, why don't you try stacking some laundry? Or balancing a checkbook?

Wasn't Rock Stacking in the movies back in 50's - like Tab Hunter and Rip Torn?

snork at pogo!

No thanks. The ex's lawyer "livened up my life" enough after my last affair. It would have been less painful if'n it did involve rocks.

Most of my paties include stacking beer bottles or cans and the trying to balance while you pee..Ah pee.

maybe if we try it neekid, it would be titillating...

maybe if we try it nekkid, it would be titillating...

I don't get how this is performance art? Someone is putting rocks on top of each other, and this is a performance?

Where I come from, that's called playing.

I'd rather watch grass grow...

Wait a minute, I'll take bets that this guy also offers that!

24-aholic: have you not watched Seinfeld? Lifting rocks in the buff would fall under "bad naked."

I tried it out myself at the link to the virtual stackable rocks. It's not that hard!

parties... geeze!

We're here for you, Straw.

They've been "doing it" for years in Tennessee. They even have a special place where they entertain the tourists year round. It is called "Rocky Top, Tennessee."

This ex-girlfriend of mine used to make little rock stacks like that whenever we would go hiking. At the time, I thought she was leaving messages for the mother ship or something, but apparently she was rehearsing for a career in party entertainment....

I knew I should have stayed with her!

Try this with party guests. Now that would be something!

Then we could dance the 'rock slide.'

The best part is that there is ALSO a company you can hire to follow this guy around with a high-powered fan.

"Professional Rock Stacking" - does this mean there is an amateur league I can join?

I saw a guy doing this along San Francisco Bay, just past Fisherman's Wharf. He was using whatever rocks were there at the shorline. This outfit in Florida should get him to open their Bay Area franchise. Or he should sue them.

ps: "Dude, this party rocks!

I've been doing this for years, but everyone just takes me for granite.

At ;your request, you SHALE be called "GRANITE" from this day forth.

Hey Blurker! "Metros3xual Stonehenge" WBAGNFA*ROCK*B.

Gonna take a sedimental journey...

Really Clark K. I know I was spacy, but I never thought stacking rocks was that weird. I always suffer for my art like I'm being crucified or something.

When I wuz in SoCal I had some non-werk time and I went for a little walk ... whilst goin' past a residence, I saw one of these rock stackers talkin' to the owner about his "artistic" efforts ... on the guy's property ...

As I strolled past, I heard the "artist" say, "So ... let me get this straight ... you want me to ... get my rocks off ... your lawn ..."

About that time, the police arrived, so I merely kept walkin' ...

And then there was "Rock A Bye, Baby"

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