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June 29, 2006




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Dust off that full-body cow suit in your closet.


ta da

"Partial cow attire" WBAGNFARB.

finally a use for my Yak outfit....

What if I'm just fat as a cow - does that get me free food?

The sad thing is that I might just do it. Their chicken sandwiches are TASTY!!!

I'm just not that hungry...

I eat like a cow, does that count?

What an udderly FABOO idea!!

(OK - I have used up my allotment of obvious lines for the day)

What do you get if you dress like a judge?

Is this offer only valid in South Carolina?

Susan, got a cow suit lying around I can borrow?

Jeff - They're doing it in the Atlanta area too.

Do I have this straight? If you dress like a cow you get a chicken sandwich? Does that mean if you dress like a chicken you will get a hamburger?

No, Wramblin', if you dress like a chicken they will eat you.

Kinky. But cows don't eat chickens in the real world??? Gives them gas.

But whadda ya get if you go in dressed like a cow, carrying a p@nis pump and kiss the cashier on the belly?

what do I have to do for a side of fries?

A fide of thighs? Shame.

Blurker-you just described Paris Hilton's plans for Saturday night.

Speaking of moo...

Chick-fil-A's new ad campaign:

Got Stupid?

Oh, and BTW, what kind of person actually has a full cow suit layin' around?
No offense to anyone on the blog who happens to have said suit. Merely wonderin'(acknowlegment to OtheU)

Not only do I have a full bodied cow suit, I have one for my wife and each of the kids. Plus one for the dog. It started out as a perfectly healthy halloween idea, but took a turn to the dark side after a bit.

Anybody know of a 12 step program?

Lab--Have you seen the CowsWithGuns site? I bet your family would enjoy it.

dammm! i only just brought it to the dry cleaner's yesterday, and i dont know if my cow suit will be ready in time!

In college we had an assignment to watch people at Halloween and observe "persona" as expressed in their costumes.

My friend saw a lady dressed as a cow, complete with udders, which she played with constantly. When she turned with a light behind, was completely flat underneath.

We decided it had more to do with "wish fulfillment" than persona.

Just dress all in black and go as a black Angus cow. Or slick your hair back, say "Yo, Vinnie, s'up?!" and go as a Jersey cow. Or um, pack a cucumber and go a as a 'longhorn.'
Hey, Mavericks eat free!

I don't have a cow costume, but I do have a camel costume.

Sly's on vay-cay, so in her honor: moo

Oo, there's a loser,.. sorry - "non-winning" participant from America's Got Talent last night that happens to have a full body cow suit. Not sure what else he'll need it for now anyway..

PS: Did anyone see the Hoff on that show last night? I was embarrassed for the man. That is all. Just embarrased.

I'd be embarassed to admit watching that show, so it's a good thing I didn't see it. ;)

Why am I having Far Side flashbacks?

Ouch SarahJ. But it's only cause there was nothing good on until Saved. That's really it. Really.

I'd like to congratulate the blog on the lack of teet-related comments on this thread.

I'm glad to see that we are practicing mature humor around here.

Give me time, Cheryl. You know I can't resist.

((muffles)) I was teasing! ;)

Will a "Winnie the Poo Suit, do?"

No worries Sarah J. I can 'fess up to my tv habits. I don't watch much anyway, so I don't take it personally. :D

Kat, I'd say staple on a few big spots and go for it. They did just say to make a good effort!

I see free chicken in your future ...

Cheryl, wouldn't that be a little painful for poor Kat?

I meant on the SUIT ...

but, if it means free chicken, do what you must ...


A Chiken A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Jeff...nope...no cow suits owned by me.


Always a proud day to see my home state paper on the blog...

Cheryl, I was reading "I'm glad to see that we are practicing mature humor around here." as manure humor.

Everything in the Universe becomes fertilizer, eventually.

What, exactly, is a " ... 1,200-plus chain ... " ???

1,200-feet long? 1,200 links? How large are the links? Sausage links? Beef Sausage? Chicken Sausage?

Merely ... um ... wonderin' ...

Fertilizer to chicken feed to food on the table in three short steps. Same with hogs. Fertilizer to hog feed to food on the table.

Fertilizer to chicken feed to food on the table in three short steps. Same with hogs. Fertilizer to hog feed to food on the table.


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