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June 29, 2006


This global warming deal is happening fast.

(Via Sploid)


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Has Al Gore been notified? He is in charge of the whole global warming deal, you know.

Why would any deep sea fisherman bring home a shark in the first place? "Lookie, Dear! See what I have brought home for dinner. Now you can clean it. You're so good doing 'prep work in the kitchen. (hahahahahah)

You have to watch out for those land sharks.

It must be a land shark. Was it delivering a Candygram?

Doh! One minute too late!

Damn lawyers are EVERYWHERE!!

(sorry El)

On a somewhat more serious note though if you havent already please see An Inconveinant Truth. It really opened my eyes.

LOL at Wendy's SNL reference

Al Gore was quoted as saying "I, of course, invented Global Warming.."

DOH - three minutes too late for the candygram line.

However, Desert Sharks WBAKickAzzNFARB

where is Scully and Mulder when you REALLY need them?

"only to die a freshwater, chlorinated death"

Doncha hate it when that happens?

On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and sharks and things
There was sand and hills and sharks
The first thing I met was a fly with a shark
And the sky with no clouds
After three days in the desert fun I was looking at a river bed, and a dead shark
And the story it told of a river that flowed
Made me sad to think it was dead, like the shark

..I got nuthin'..

This may be a dumb question buuuut...if this thing belongs to the houndshark family, why the hell is it named after a cat?
Wouldn't dalmation shark make more sense?

Oh, and would one of you ocean people type bloglits tell me what a houndshark is?


Bill - are you calling the shark a 'wetback'?

You ain't nuthin' but a houndshark
Dyin' all the time!
You ain't nuthin' but a houndshark
Dyin' all the time!
Well, you ain't never caught a wabbit
and you ain't no friend of mine.

hound sharks, so called because they travel in packs, baying loudly when they run their prey up a coral tree.

blurkNM: More than likely the leopard shark was known and named long before it was studied to determine its taxonomy. Since it has distinct spots, it would make sense to name it a leopard shark.

Many of the sharks in the Triakidae family are known as hound sharks. Oddly enough, most of them fall in the genus Mustelus, which means weasel.

Them wacky scientists!

Like "slick" as a weasel?

"Reality has a well-know liberal bias." -Colbert

Oh, and *snork* at Lab.

Thanks a LOT, Lab. That's the last time this Reference Wench has a go at humor ...

Thanks, Reference Wench and Lab.

Hey, has anyone seen my shark. Never mind.

No, no Ref Wench, don't give up! I was just about to post a *Snork!*@ you!

"It would be much too large for just any living room fish bowl".

Baltimore Kat - guess it was too big for yours.

Whacky west coast scientists. Those from the Atlantic are appropriately known as the dogfish and the smoothhound. So Lab is right, the common Atlantics had the group name then this whacky left-coaster screwed it all up.

Prolly 'cause Californians never seen a spotted hound, like a bluetick.

CJ, when I was young I had a pair of blueticks. There names were (ISIANMTU) Cornbread and Biscuit.

When I was young, I had ticks occasionally. They started out brownish. When they got bigger, they'd get kinda gray. They never got blue and I never named 'em. However, they had a mouth-bite like a leopard shark. Or a houndfish.

I find it difficult to believe that no one has observed that if this fish was, in fact, brought from the ocean and put into a pool to die a "freshwater, chlorinated death ..." then it must've been a ... pool shark ...

That's why we have you battin' clean-up OtU.

... or ... mebbe the person who dumped it in the desert merely borrowed it from a friend, and now he can't bear to tell the friend that his "loan shark" has died ...

O.the U(manity),

Are you related to the Manatees out in CA? Or to the ones in NoDak?

"We're gonna need a bigger....dune buggy."

*snork* @ nannie. Kat, that's what I thought. OtU is in ND. It's so hard to tell as he blogs southern.

It's merely my eclectic interests and experiences that provide the (sometimes) confusing or mixed impressions ... y'all git thet thar?

is SUCH a judgemental term ...
n'cést pas?

I prefer to be considered Eclectic

(BTW - I've got a copyright on that phraseology, for T-shirts 'n' such ... merely ... hopin' fer royalty checks ...)

[Kat - there's Manatees in Nodak that I'm not (closely) related to, but sum frum other parts of the country (and my ancestral homeland) that are close kin ... if I wanna claim 'em ... which I do ... ]

Uncle Omar was his name,
Uncle Omar played the game,
Yes, he's sneaky as a snake,
Using code, one can't help but break.

Now, he's go by O-U-(manity)
But we know that's part of his insanity!
Do we like him? Maybe so.....
But unlike Edgar, I'm no Poe!

My local (freebie) paper makes Dave's Blog.

Is that cool or what?

Y'all done perty good with the languageational manipulation there, Kat ... besides which already, you wouldn't wanna be Poe ... he's dead ...



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