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June 28, 2006


A moving plea from a Miss Universe contestant.

(Via Tim Blair)


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Australian Miss Universe contestant Erin McNaught has urged pageant officials to take a closer look at topless photographs before ruling her out of the beauty contest.

She has to urge the judges to take a closer look at the photographs?!

and i am certain there are plenty of other people who want to 'check' those rampa... photos.

Let me take a look at them...for purely analytical purposes...and I'll render a verdict. I may need to snap a few photos myself for comparison purposes.

I'm with fivver on this one.

Ok, as morally outraged at the very concept as I may be, I will take a look at the photos in question if it will help matters....

Just go ahead and send me copies. Preferably 8x10s....

No, really. Send them.... It's OK. I can handle it.

Ask and ye shall receive.

topless pictures? So what they were like - pictures of her hips and legs?

Or maybe you prefer this one.

first time commenting!!! HELLO BLOG!

It is obvious that as a reformed stripper this young lady has strong morals after all ....

"since being crowned Australia's Miss Universe, she had turned down offers to do nude pictures because of her involvement in the pageant"

The picture was in a "Zoo" magazine? Does the word "zoo" mean the same thing in Australia that it does in the States? If it does, is the editor of the magazine making a statement that they think the lady in question belongs there? Where is her horse? Has she already "ridden" him to death?

Perhaps she can scare the mean judges away with "magic" wild dog wee - from an article linked on the right-hand side of the page:

"Australian researchers say they have discovered a new repellent — dingo urine — that they say can help with almost everything "

The article is AWESOME!

OK, here's the thing...She's a very attractive young lady and all. She really is. But there's, like, nothing to her. I can't be the only guy who is less than attracted to these skinny waifs. I mean, that's not to say I drool over 400-pound women, but c'mon, ya gotta have something to grab on to, don't you? (This is coming from a guy who has been with the same woman since he was 16 years old, so in end, what do I know?)

This may be the cover shot. No big deal, really.

I gotta agree with you. A woman should have a little sumpthin to hold on to. Them stick figures just don't get the job done.

Oh, and WELCOME to the blog, MilkmansPrincess!!!

Here's a prayer for Ms. Erin McNaught
Who may not get the title she sought.
"My pics were a blunder,
You can't see 'down under'."
There are some things that just can't be bought."

I, like most of the men here in the comment section of the blog, am willing to take a closer look at those photos. I'll go one step farther, though, and say I'm willing to do a detailed comparison to the real thing, as well as a comparison to any and all other topless photos Ms. Australia wishes to provide. Of any other women.

In the immortal words of the great Ron White:
"When you've seen one woman nekkid...you wanna see the rest of 'em nekkid."

A minor edit of Lab:

"I, like most of the men here in ... the blog, am willing to ... do ... any and all other topless ... women."

That's better.

CJrun, they don't have to be topless.


Great minds think alike.

Erin McNaughty is more like it.

Speaking of Rons, yesterday I heard an advertisement on the radio for a Tiki Bikini Party at Tiki Bob's here in Richmond. When they said the party would be hosted by Ron Jeremy, I almost ran off the road laughing. I thought of this blog.

Damn that Photoshop software! Pictures of me floating all over the web with other women's faces edited onto them.

*calling lawyer*

Special Ed for Blurk and Billy:

I, like most of the men here in...the blog, am willing to... do...all [of] Australia.

Topless optional. Australia optional.

Scott, Blurker: A friend of mine said the guys who go for the super skinny might as well go ahead and admit they like the look of teenage boys, since they're getting almost the same body and face, minus the acne.

Scott: Ready, set,..




OK, so a topless picture taken from behind disqualifies her from the miss universe pagent!? what a crock - i mean you'd see more if they let her in the pagent....

i love the swimsuit competition :)

but i digress

my point is, who are they tryin' to fool with these silly rules? the whole thing's about how the babes look in not a lot of clothes

In the States, we use Coyote urine. It is supposed to scare the deer away from your garden. The only thing it does is to cause my wee doggie to smell, ----then pee on my bushes.

Scott, you do know you are now Mr. Popular? Us women who have something to hold on to wish more men would express your opinion. I would like to know what man finds a skeleton sexy?

*Runs, scared, from Kat, her coyote urine, and her bush-peeing wee doggie*

I AM in the States! =) I was just entertained by the article. Anything that calls "pee" of any sort "magic" is FUNNY.

And my dog pees all over the back yard, and it deters our own native miniature kangaroos (genus rabbitus obnoxicus) not a whit. We tried distilled "predator" urine (which is probably a coyote/wolf/drunk redneck hunter mix) and the freaking things used it as seasoning.

Laura, one way to keep rabbitus obnoxicus out of your back yard: Plant flowers in your front yard.

How did this post go from nekkid women to coyote pi$$?

good question!

focus people! focus!

I think that we should have completely nekked women in these contests in order to accurately appraise whether or not these women are in fact, "beautiful". We don't want them covering up anything ya know. That would be obfuscation of the facts.

24-aholic, this is the guy who like skeletons.

Toss up an 's'

The Chipmunk Nation holds dominion over the front yard. Even the rabbits don't mess with the 'munks. Luckily the squirrels and blue jays are distracted by each other squabbling over the trees and roof or we could have a full out global conflict on our hands. Our neighborhood is a crazy cross between CNN and Wild Kingdom.

Funny that you guys are going on and on about how you "like something to hold on to", and how skinny girls look like teenage boys, and then say that you'd bang every Miss Universe pageant participant when there's not one who's over a size 6. eeenteresting.... merely sayin'.... get yer facts straight....

If the women on miss universe all had the proportions of a Marilyn Monroe, we'd still say we'd "bang" 'em. Who a guy says he would "bang" and what he likes aren't connected.

Well said, Matt. The concept is so simple. I don't know women don't get it.


I PREFER a curvy woman, but if the choices are limited...ya gotta do who ya gotta do.

*once again find myself duckin' a flyin' high heeled shoe*

*OH! and heads to the doghouse*


Matt: An important point, and well made.

Confusled: That's just it. I WOULDN'T bang the majority of Miss Universe paegant contestants. Mostly because I don't think my wife would let me. Well, then again, I haven't asked her. The worst she could do is say no and throw a heavy object at my head, right?

I know what you mean about "MAgic Pee." My ex-son-in-law used to go around my daughter's house and "pee" on all of her house plants instead of watering and fertilizing them. He thought that he was Mr. Greenjeans, in person!

Scott, that reminds me of a routine Jeff Foxworthy used to do. He talked about the overuse of the word "awesome".
The punchline was something like: "If I walked into my hotel room tonight and Shania Twain was standing there nekkid holding a note from my wife saying 'go for it', THAT would be awesome. It ain't gonna happen but THAT would be awesome."

Hey! I heard Bill Engvall do that one too! Funny sketch, funny guy. I was just thinking about the one he does about when he got his cat neutered. *snicker snicker*

OOPS! You're right muffles. Apologies to Bill.

Maybe it was this one?

Don't worry, I'm sure Bill won't mind. Think I'll go listen to some right now actually. Yay for the Comedy folder on the server at work! And for boring days at work!

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