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June 28, 2006


Be alert for cows, swans. That is all for now.


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Cows and swans are at least faster than the Sunday drivers with hats that infest the West Country.

The damn terrorist bastard squirrels are recruiting cows and swans now! And the failed Bush and Blair Administrations are doing NOTHING! (OK, the latter comes as no surprise--uh-oh, we ARE still allowed to disparage Dear Leader, right? Uh, right? RIGHT?)

Seeee, it doesn't just happen in Miami.

I dont really have anything to say about the article (except that they drive on the wrong side of the road) but the ad on the right side of my screen has a rather attractive looking young lady with what looks like a booger in her nose... that is all.

Perhaps they were going to the same "tea" party.

If that photo is representative of a "traffic jam" in England, they really have nothing to complain about.

oh, those whacky English cows. it was really just a practical joke probly. that's how they are.

The article said the cow wouldn't move. Was it one of them missin' wooden ones? We must investigate.

I protest, as I get no be-boogered attractive ladies.

The ad is all over the Blog today... the girl has a nose stud that looks like a booger.

move along, cow or I shall say move along again!

That was prolly just one of them Mavericks wanderin' around with nuthin' to do since the season's over. Wait, that's what they do ON the court.

Let the onslaught begin.

*ducks flyin' basketballs*

So the Cows and Swans heard that there was going to be "traffic" Jam at their tea party, too?

Dr. Acula,
Are the hats associated with weapons of mass destruction? (Sunday drivers with hats that infest the West country)

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