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June 28, 2006


Pass on the noodles.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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and may I add, YUCK!

second. and EWWW. yuck, paa-tooey!

Am I gonna be the first to ask how the hell a wad of chewing tobacco, large enough to make people sick, could fall out of your mouth and you not know it???!!!

wow... I was all set for a fried worm dish of some sort, THAT was almost more than I could handle.

Kinda like a momma bird regurtitating grub for her chickies.

But not.

Oh, and BLECH.

I'm with blurker. How the HELL does that happen?

Also, EW.

Queensbee: please be careful where you patooey.

So, it makes people vomit when they eat it, but she's chewing it by choice........ it just makes ya go "huh"

I went to high school in a very small farming community in Oregon, where a lot of the guys (and some of the girls) chewed tobacco. At the end of the school year, the janitors would get busy cleaning and polishing the floors to remove all of the stains. The following September, there would be an unofficial contest to see who could get the first stain on the floor in the most conspicuous place. Is it any wonder I didn't go out with any of the guys from my high school?


That will teach the little "Boogers" not to take up the ugly habit of smoking!

I'd guess that there had to be alcohol involved.

Oh, and I'm no longer hungry.

I kept envision Mel from the diner on the show Alice. Then I read that Sieng Sang is a woman and ....what? I'm still picturing Mel, but now he has saggy bazoombas.

It wasn't chewing tobacco. It was a large sprinkle!

That. Is. Vile.

told her to be more careful when opening her mouth while cooking

Um, this implies that this woman still has her job. She who didn't notice when her disgusting wad of tobackey fell out of her mouth and into the batter. Might we wonder what else is going on in that kitchen?

Yeah, think I'll skip the noodles.

I think I'll skip Cambodia.

This makes me glad that I gave up as many carbs as I could. Pasta is a big contributor.

But I'm wonderin' how in the hell chewin' tobacco causes food poisoning. I mean, it's gross and all, but it's not toxic. Using this logic anybody who chews would get food poisoning wouldn't they? Just askin'.

Don't think it was the tobacco juice.

They had just seen the picture of the very pregnant Britney in the previous post.

This is exactly the reason why I do not visit Cambodia. Because the women chew tobacco.

I'm reminded of the first time me and a buddy decided to try some Red Man. When I finally told my mom why my buddy and I were both green and terribly sick, she almost split her gut laughing. To this day, 35 years later, I cannot stand the smeall of that crap. :-)

They neglected to mention that the chew fell in with her dentures.

"Police gave her a lesson in hygiene..." (with bars of soap in pillow cases).

Cat meatballs in China. Horse ice cream in Japan. Tobacco noodles in Cambodia. So, in other words, if we go anywhere in Asia, don't eat?

Dimwit--I didn't date anyone from my high school either. Odds are, I was related to them somehow.

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