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June 30, 2006


Blogging may be light today, because I will be watching the Germany-Argentina match at the Fritz and Franz Bierhaus attending an important business meeting with business colleagues regarding business things that are important. You may rest assured, however, that if any important news breaks out, this blog will have no idea what it is.


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important news? isn't that like an oxymoron or something?

"I will also be attending an important business meeting with business colleagues regarding business things that are important."

WOW Dave! I didn't know that we had the same job! We should do lunch at that deli, you know down the street, with those sandwiches and drinks. Then we can complain about that boss, that s.o.b., with his ties, and papers, and stealing pencils!

my job sucks

Damn Dave... work work work! You should take aa break once in awhile... sit back and have a drink or something!

I think the Good King Wingbipeekaboo speaks for everyone when he says that he is secure in the knowledge that, no matter what happens, he can always count on Dave. Professional soccer as we know it may die off, terrorist bastards may increase their use of farm animals as projectiles, and the internets may come and go, but Dave will always find a way to entertain us all. Until the day he croaks - then we'll all have to get JOBS, or something.

Dave, don't you DARE croak, or we will ALL gang up and have to kill you.

Your Friend, The Great And Powerful And Almighty And Wonderful And Glorious And Magnificent And Magnanimous And Unanimous And Ambidextrous And Anything Else That's Good That You Can Think Of, His Most Humble Eternal Excellency, King Wingbipeekaboo Etc. Esq. Pdq. Mtv. Cnn. Tbs Esp. Espn. Espn2. EspnDeportes. Mgm. Xii.

Now I have to go to work in 25 minutes. Hi, ho, hi, ho, (ha) it's off to work we go. Just keep on singing all day long with a hi, hI, HO!
(no, I am not employed in the oldest profession known to man. I have an executive job at an exclusive shop here in Dogtown. I dress the "dummies" in vintage women's clothing. Important executive decisions have to be made at all levels of this job. Please excuse me if I have to be away from my computer today and can't offer any intelligent information on the world situation at present. Thank you. Kathryn Graham (my maiden name)

Hmmm. Based on European metric time I think Dave started drinking beer at 8:47. You go Dave!

Dave, are you wearing those little girlie socks with the tassles? NTTAWWT

So are Fritz and Franz going to drunk *clap* you up?!

Now how will I get my Brittany Spears updates? That being the only news I deem urgent, necessary and important these days.

Somewhere North, maybe this will tide you over until Dave's sober back.

Damn!!! Does this mean I have to work today?


Straw wins the prize for comment of the day so far. I had forgotten about Fritz und Franz.

*snork* at fivver!

isn't it Hans and Franz?

Someone please help me out on a morning with too many hands on my time -- if both Italy and Germany win today, will they meet in their next match? An inquiring mind can't find a bleedin' bracket graphic anywhere wants to know.

i'd say then, that it is none of our business, or maybe we should mind our own business, if we have any.

Writedude, yes, if they win, they'll meet in the semis. And they will form a new axis of power.
Or maybe they will just make out rather sloppily for a while.

WriterDude: You can find the
bracket here.

At least, you can find it there when they add some bandwidth... the site is http://soccernet.espn.go.com/worldcup/bracket?cc=5901

Ah, metric football...fast-kicking...low scoring...and ties? You bet!

Betsi: Hanz und Franz pump you up. Fritz and Franz drunk you up!

wow, what a game. or match! or something. and all that fighting and crying at the end. it was cool.

This is as close as I get to watching the World Cup.

Here is the bracket.

Being Argentine and German, I have absolutely no idea who to promote.

Alfred: how about a sixty year old stripper.

James, I didn't know that you had such "good taste."

Belated thanks to obi wan and jp, and a belated *snork* @ bert. Give my best to ernie.

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