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June 25, 2006


Pelicans on Acid

(Thanks to many people)


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It's not even in Florida!

Do you suppose the algea are affected my the acid too? Is the algea acting strangely? And how would one tell?

I hope they don't charge the pelican with Flying Under The Influence!

She's hanging in there," Birkle told the paper.

no pun intended.

"domoic acid"

I thought acid was acid. I wonder if he was hallucinating?

Is this an innocent Pelican or one flying under the influence, and thereby, legally responsible for all damages in the State of CA????

IF there's a Lawyer for it, there's one in CA, the EB.

((Imagines flock of beaded Hippie Pelicans singing the "Age of Aquarius ,age of aquarius..... ")

*Envisions Tippi Hedren with a pelican on her head.*

"Dude, I told you not to eat that angelfish - it's bad stuff, man - got antifreeze in it. Bummer, man!"

I think a pelican on this guy's head would have added more drama to the photo.

Uh oh...the acid affected Dave's ability to spell...that's another sign of the apocalypse.

Pelicans on Acid? My god, next it will be Herons on heroin or seagulls on smack.

Hmmm, cranes on crack, ducks on dope, swans on SweetnLow . . .

This analogy's got wings!

Pelican Woodstock : "We have an announcement...stay away from the red algae!"

I bet at least one of these people is responsible for this...

we actually formed our own religion in high school based loosely on the idea that all people are really pelicans at heart. Our leader was known as
Pelican man... or simply "The Pelican". I dont remember all the pelican commandments anymore... I dont really remember ANY of them to tell you the truth.I did love those times though.

...birds found disoriented and wandering through yards and in streets, the newspaper reported.

I did that in college once a lot. Nobody ever really bought the "it must have been a chemical in the water" excuse, though.

Those birds flew into buildings and pecked several humans.

Okay, that just slays me.

Mourning doves on Meth up her in da nordland....

It's the working man's cocaine, and awful stuff I hear..

EB. The Detox Lady

I hope this doesn't inspire another lousy remake of a classic cheesy movie...

...Though seeing Jennifer Aniston run from a flock of strung-out pelicans could be pretty funny...

This past year, Birds were attacking humans in downtown San Antonio as they walked to work. No one knows why.

they were DUTCH pelicans so it was OK because its legal there.

For USA pelicans though, dont eat the brown algea...

And we thought bird poop was hard to scrape off the windshield!

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