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June 28, 2006


Mr. Ah Pee.

(Thanks to Colleen Tolton)


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Okay, now I'll read the story.

Or not.

And, to quote all the drivers that managed to miss him: "Aaaaaaah...eeeeeeeeee!"

jt - brevity is key to being first. :-)

Ah Pee, oh poo. Are they being kind by describing his car as vintage instead of an old heap?

They could also issue Mr. Pee a driver's license in Boston.

Driving the wrong way is a proud tradition around here.

Driver and passenger on the correct side of the hwy, matching speed with our heroes, yelling and signalling at them - Put your window down!
Steve Martin - He wants something.
John Candy - He's probably drunk.
Woman passenger - You're going the wrong way!
John - What?
Both driver and woman - You're going the wrong way!
John - He says we're going the wrong way.
Steve - Oh, he's drunk.
Steve - How would he know where we're going?

Seems like a great time for one of my favorite quotes from Planes Trains and Automobiles.

*snork!* @ prairie dog

Mr Pee would be right at home on the freeways of Central oHIo. driving the wrongway is almost a tradition around here.

Morris Minor is kind of a cool looking car but there wasn't, as near as i can tell by googling for images, much change from the 1958 model to a 1970 vesion.

doubless they were small by US standards of their time.

I wonder if Mr. Pee (well) peed when he got pulled over.

Don't worry ...

Be Ah Pee.

OH, Cheryl. That was sssooooo bad.

I spit water all over my keyboard.

Maybe 80 year olds should have to retake the drivers test to keep the dangerous ones off the road. I know they aren't all dangerous, my grandpa's 82 and he's a great driver still (I know because I've ridden with him) even on the freeway! He's on no medications, doesn't have glasses, no problems walking etc. It's like he turned 60 and just stopped aging.
*crosses fingers hoping she got his "long life" genes*

Dog Town is the old Geezer Capitol of the World. They all eventually migrate here from California, Colorado, N.Y., Minnesota, and you name it. The climate is perfect, the town still has that close knit community feeling, and you won't find a single life-time resident here. The only draw-back is the fact that everyone is an old "automobile driving Geezer." I bought a small fast car so that I could play "dodge ball' on the road. (And believe me, you need to stay out of their way!)


And yer point is...?

What a dumb name

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