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May 27, 2006


Right here

(Thanks to RussellMc)

UPDATE: Speaking of bad food: Let's go to Lithuania!

(Thanks to Marie in Kourou)


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Great. There goes my idea to become an internet billionare. Someone always beats me to it.

But what if I want ad-free pages of giant squid pictures? Does Public Radio offer no equivalent page filled with membership drives?

Sounds like they should be called Led Cepelinai.

It looks like one of the messages from Judi's computer has one of those invisible links that triggers Gamblock.

Ooops, I spoke to soon. Of course NASA has a page devoted solely to giant, what with all the aeronautical and space squid that they study.

It's here.

And, I suppose the point of the thread is really the magic of being able to get BOTH ads and squid at one place. If only they sold a Barry Manilow calendar through one of those squid links, then my Memorial Day shopping would be complete.

The rotted shark is from Iceland, I think - Lithuaians eat lots of meat, but not fish...

Good one, Marie.

Do you have a taste for rancid blue cheese, but find it can be improved by the added tang of rotten fish? Then try Iceland's great speciality, Hakarl - putrefied shark. Hungry Icelanders found that the uremic acid that renders raw Greenland shark inedible could be removed by burying the meat in gravel for a few months, producing a sort of piscine Jerky with an ammoniac stench so powerful it could blow the doors off a Transit van. If your courage fails you, you could sample Iceland's milder delicacies, such as sheep's head jam, mutton smoked in its own dung, or rams' testicles.

Who's for Iceland?

Putrified Shark & The Rams' Testicles WBAGNFA Icelandic RB, I guess, one a powerful emetic.

mutton smoked in its own dung...

"I'd like one Rejkavik Steamer to go..."

Maybe the Icelandic diet explains the Bjork phenomenon.

Wowser ... I'd never really had a chance before, to view a "GIANT" squid in juxtaposition with a human ... offers new perspective ... and ... dare I say it?

They're BIG suckers, ain't they?

(As to the "food" ... it seems that Lutefisk pales (?) in comparison, to some of these gastronomical disasters ... merely ... almost pukin' ...)

The national favourites are Cepelinai ("Zeppelins"), hefty airship-shaped grated and mashed potato dumplings stuffed with mince, then boiled.
I first read this as "dumplings stuffed with mice," which sounded really good.

Oh, and Snork at Insom!

The FART button was the only item of redeeming social value that I saw.


Did anyone else see an interspersed random photo of a giant Statue Of David peeing? What the...?

...or the blue-footed boobies playing soccer?

The rhinotiger is pretty cool, though.

pretty sure "giant squid" and "rotted shark" were two battles featured on Iron Chef.

Wavey - the David statue caught my eye, too. Quite tasteful, I thought.

I can only imagine what it must've smelled like, taking those pictures. Ick.

Thanks, Dave and Judi!

The Lithuanian ambassador to the UK must be thrilled to see his country is first on the list.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't it look like that squid had claws? Yeeek!


I've never eaten a zeppelin, or even heard of it. But I make a mean kugelis (potato pudding). Don't knock it til you've tried it, people.

(But if the ingredients are a little off, yeah, I guess it can come out of the oven like a brick.)

But not mine! I have perfected the recipe. I am the master of all things potato. I can smell the bacon and onions sizzing right now. Hmm... do we have any sour cream on hand...?

Oh, and if you can't force yourself to try the cuisine, you have to admit the Christmas ornaments made of straws are very pretty. (I haven't learned to insert a proper link yet, so check this out:)


From Your Defensive Resident Lithuanian.

I really do know how to spell. Just can't type.


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