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May 26, 2006



But it's there.

(Thanks to everybody)


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Am I the first to say "huh?"

I want one!

So, no, then.

haha, very funny


Found it.

Maybe I'm just stoopid, but I don't get it.


Of course, i can also see adolescent boys crossing with girls locker rooms so maybe that is not a good idea

You're welcome, Dave

Geez, Dave...I actually found the article, but I can't figure out how you posted that link (and of course I can't find it again).

Anyone ever tell you you have a sadistic streak???
(P.S. to other bloggers: yes, there is a link there ...somewhere)

Ohhhh... I found it now. Cute...and very useful. I'll take 2, please

It's a "." in white text, I think.

Say whuut?

I vote they start out with an invisible Fabric Swatch.

"We will have a cloak after not too long," he said.

Jeez, and i thought I was tho only one malfunctioning this morning.

And... I could see it working on something small, but what if you tried to hide The Hulk with it?

or maybe it's just a linked space " "...which is VERY devious...

Well, that was just downright sadistic! Makin' us search for the link. *mumblegrumble* Need more coffee...

aww, in'dat cute. pffft.


You are very clever, you know? You should write a book or something. :-)

I think my car already has one of these things. Other people drive like they don't SEE ME THERE!!

Yaay! I figured it out! I guess I'm not so stupid after all!

Me too Cheryl - all the time. How is that possible? (rhetorical)
But I can't find the link, so....

*zips out to look again*

*zips back in*

OK. It's not there. You guys are just messing with me because I got posted TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!

That's it, isn't it? :)

*waits for someone to admit it*

Ha! Despite their neck-breaking efforts, they are too late. Jack Bauer already has a hoodie of invisibility, DAMMIT! Stupid scientists couldn't shot a giant in the thigh...

*small voice*

never mind. i found it. so it's not all about ME, is it?

On-topic comment: Boy would I love to have one!

*Shhhhh .... Eleanor is falling for it ... nobody tell her about the conspiracy.*

Damn! Too late. :-)

hmmmm - OK since I am the designated perv of the blog...

How long before Trojan jumps on this technology?
and do we want them to???

Hey! I just got a screen asking me enter a password before I could post a comment, to prove that I'm not a robot. I swear! It said "robot" ...

Have any other Dave Barry readers out there been accused of being robots? Just curious. It COULD explain certain book sales ...

Bravo, Dave. Took me a few seconds to find it...

Did we steal it from Joanne Linville.

*Gets back on the Geezer Bus

Cheryl, that happens all the time to me,too. The car thing, I mean. The robot thing, too.

Use explorer, then just hit tab until you see the blank space illuminated, then click it.

It has happened to me a couple of times.

And, El, just move the pointer to the space where the first letter would be, on the line between the first and third line.

And according to the html code, the link is a space.


I got distracted for a few minutes and several posts were posted. Well, good intentions have filled another pot hole on the road to He!!

Invisibility shield--very cool!

Disney should start working on a display of the cloak for Tomorrowland. (If done correctly, it could be a very inexpensive display.)

Cheryl, yeah that comes up when you post comments in quick succession.

Cr ~ you are?
*offers CR her perving crown*

War of the Worlds II: A blog army of sarcastic, semi-productive invisible robots attacks the offices of the Miami Herald.

Probably goes straight to DVD, but still ...

Cheryl, you'll get used to it. It happens all the time.

I finally quit loosing my keys when I started always putting them in my right coat pocket.

Why is Dave posting my paycheck on his blog?

i didn't hear that story on CNN, yesterday.

anon, pro'lly not just ADOLESCENT boys (depending on how you define the term)...


Joanne Linville = Romulan commander in possession of cloaking device on Star Trek

I'd call you "Juggler of Geeks" but what does it say about me that I recognized the reference?

*slinks back to parents' basement*

LOL Ford. I like that. Juggler of Geeks.
But I like the geese one more.

*slinks away quietly from JoG & Ford79. Wishes for cloaking device*

Step over to the dark side Annie, it isn't a bad place.

Ford79 - is your real name K-Fed?

finally, i'll be able to shift my 2am nekkid yard work sessions to a more reasonable hour.

*wonders what it will look like with a tool poking through the cloak*


*dripped sauce all over shirt at lunch. needs one cloaking device delivered immediately.*

sigh ...

Johnny Urinalcakes,

What sort of 'tool'?

I saw this article this morning, and I believe my reaction was "Why are they talking like Harry Potter was the first book ever to come up with the idea of an ivisibility cloak?"

Estelle: Because in our culture, if you can't buy it at Wal-Mart, it doesn't exist.

HINT: If you move your monitor in a certain direction and just the right colour of light reflects off the screen, you might be able to see the link. ;)

YAY! for being part of "everybody"! I didn't have to find the link to know what it was about!!

I've been here all along, but no one has seen me because I already own one.


Girls locker rooms are going to be deserted...

Ford Prefec.. I mean, 79: snork on the Juggler of Geeks.

Commment relating to story: Doesn't he mean "STEALTH technology," not "STEALTHY technology"? Just wonderin'...

So if I win PowerBall, will I have enough to get one?

How will I know if I clash with the cloak? How will I match my shoes to the cloak?

That's hot.

I think I had a coat like that one once. Here, I've posted a picture of it:

* Pirateboy in Invisijacket *

In honor of one of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes, I'm calling my jacket "The Tuttle".

Can I get Hermione under one? Wait, she's too young, or I'm too old... oh hell, i forgot which...

a fine pun.

"Invisiblity cloak"

(Puns are the lowest form of humour.)

Robert - humour is only as low as the audience it reaches. Booger!

Au Contraire, (IMHO) mon Booger!

Puns are the highest accomplishment in humor, b'cuz only the most intelligent minds can create them -- or understand the humor present ...

(Ya want intelligent design? Try doin' a bi-lingual pun that werks in both languages ... merely suggestin' a stimulatin' mental exercise ...)

Hey Dave,
I made one of these but I can't remember
where I put it!!

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