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May 09, 2006



(Thanks to John Rowland)


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Rather be first, than play Pendulumca.

Actually now that I played Pendulumca, I'd still rather be first.

i don't get how to do it

Not being able to read Japanese, what is the point of this exercise? Impaling the robot? I've got that down.

wonders what it says about me that I read it as the "Corn and green beans" type of produce.

OK, I got 2 jumps and 83 meters before I became distracted.

*runs off chasing something shiny*

For once a real productivity enhancer! It drove me right back to work.

Cooool. At first. Bored now. Next!

I kinda liked it until the little dude went up above where I could see him, and then eventually came back down, and then it was over 'cause he died.

Then I discovered I liked the dying part.

So you all agree being First would have been more fun?

Being first only counts when you check out the link first. Otherwise, you just have a premature e-jerk-culation.

College students of the world...

Study for your exams.

I think it is an interactive visual metaphor for man's spiraling dependancy on technology. And by destroying the pendulem are we symbotically saving ourselves? Nay, mankind?

Dyslexics of the world...


What Annie said.

For your information, I did check out the link FIRST on both posts. And I even clicked on it so there. :-P

What Edgar said.

Hey, I made him go -23m.... no, wait, -26m. Gosh, this is exciting. Who needs mind-altering drugs when we have this?

Or not..The music is horrible..Kinda reminds me of the "developers, developers, developers,developers" remix..


Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!
Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!

*grabs head* EARWORM!

Jemmy - pick a medication and stick with it. :^P

Edgar - I'm telling your mom:

No idea what this article is about, but no one else commented, and that is enough.

Posted by: Edgar Greenberg | 01:35 PM on May 9, 2006

I assumed that a 'productivity enhancer' was something WAY different.

Annie-- it's basically a preemptive apology for anything I might say that is rambling or does not make sense. Of course, that leaves me without an excuse for all the other times I post, but I'm trying to come up with a believable yet unresearchable one. :-)

So it's bad then that I'm actually entertained by this? (Made the little robot go 447 meters so far...and studiously continuing to avoid studying for the 4:15 exam...)

If you fly too high too fast, you drop like a brick.

Every 500m = a level up. What's the reward for a level up you might ask (but probably don't really care)? A *breaking glass* sound and the same ole same ole. I got to 1085 before I got tired of it.

Oh, now I get it. If they said that you were supposed to just Spider-Man your (not you're) way through the game, then it'd have made a lot more sense.
For those still confused: try to stick the web to the gray bars on the cieling. The little robot guy will swing forward. If he hits the spikes on the ground, he dies. Keep moving forward as long as possible.

Thank goodness my finals are all finished...

...Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!

Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!...

You OK, Tamara?

(I have actually never heard the Developers whatever, but I will now go out of my way to avoid ever hearing it.)

I'm with Jemmy, I don't think I ever want to hear the developers thing, also, I thought it said produce too.

*stares at Jemmy*
*lets right eye twitch to the beat*

OH!!! i get it now. thank you will! not that it's improved my game anyway, but i feel more productive already

This is the part where I should really get to my studying, but it's so hard when you're up to 1164m and you're SO sure you can do better...

Scotts of the world... my exams aren't for another three weeks. Oy.

"Don't sit down! Did I say you could sit down?! I have four words for you: I... Love... This... Company, YyeeeaaaAAAAHAHHHH!!!"

Developers, developers, developers, developers.

and mine were three weeks ago! Now I have new classes, what a joy...

Hey, y'all, I have a question...

I know I haven't been around much, so maybe this is a stupid question, but:

What ever happened to Bumble?

what the hell does it do?

930 meters!

TRWC- go find her on the new Kilt, she just showed up there today!

Actually, as a Microsoft developer, I love the "developers" thing - Steve Ballmer shouting "developers" until he pits out his shirt and all his veins pop out. He was working on having a stroke onstage, just to prove how much he loves us. What's not to like?

For MS-haters, it just proves he's nutzoid (and evil). I'll go long with the nutzoid part.

I got 2032! Wooo!

How are you guys getting that far? I get about 22m and then the little guy bumps into the edge of the screen.

Pain in the butt.

And I say: Huh.

...I was so proud that I got to 300 m and then I read Sheridan's post...
I finished one of my exams today, only four left! Yay!

I finished last week. I start again next week. Sigh.

I'm over forty with a desk job and 2 kids. I don't ever start or stop. Sigh.

I got bored by 159. Amusing concept, though...

I think at each level the grey bars that you can swing on get fewer and farther between. But I could be mistaken.

Thanks Dave Barry.

If you fly too high too fast, you drop like a brick.

Posted by: «LabSpecimen» | 02:38 PM on May 9, 2006

I'm gettin' that embroidered on a pillow.

Or maybe put it on a coffee mug.

... um ... Blessed St. Judi posted it ... merely sayin' (in adoration of her Stealthness ...)

Personally, I am planning on putting it on a brick.

Well, that was lame.

Here's a link to the disturbing Steve Ballmer videos. Developers developers developers develop...

not clicking on it. no way. Look what happened to TRWC.

I tried Bismuth's link; just got sound, no video.:(

I just heard on the morning news--Twitney confirms she is knocked up again. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

woo hoo! 2378 m !! I've never had the highest of all the scores posted this blog before. Yeah me!!!

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