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May 23, 2006


We love the glamor.


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could it be? first again?

Soft toys?

I'll pass.

Something is wrong here in corperateville... WebSense didnt block the page!

The Turds franchise, including posters, figurines and soft toys...

Soft toys? SOFT TOYS?! May the only thing that's soft be the developer's dangly bit.

Where's an albino monk when you need one?

further Web-based games will be rolled out in June and July

The best they can do is rolled out?

To be purchased at any Excrement R Us re"tail" outlet.


Woops. Wrong thread. See Madonna, above.

i was expecting this to be the picture of britney circulating on the net with her thong and bra hanging out. what a relief it's just turds.

local coprophiles are already 'logging in' hours playing...

What??? Mr. Hankie wasn't invited?

It has to be said. Codemaster & The Turds WBAGNFARB.

No matter how much you polish them, they're still TURDS!

boong-ga boong-ga, baby.

puppytoes...I think it's time they moved your computer into the living room so they can keep an eye on you...:)

puppytoes...I think it's time they moved your computer into the living room so they can keep an eye on you...:)

ruh-roh... believe it or not, Betsy, my son showed this link to me! (yes. i am a terrible mother.)

"where's an albino monk when you need one?" love that. Changing the subject -- the big headline on a tabloid at the grocery store read "The Da Vinci Code DIET"

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