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May 23, 2006




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i love her...and my own Sophie, too, who is 2

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;)

Way to go, Sophie!

Yay, Sophie! Already enforcing our strict marijuana laws!

Very sweet. Thank you for sharing it.

Uh oh - looks like Sophie has MickeyMouseitis - inflammation of the dark hair to look like giant mouse ears.

Which is SOOOO CUTE!

Sophie, that's great!

You know, I think she's stumbled across the plot for next season's 24!

If she can be talked into actually running for president, I will vote for her. If kids ran the world there would be a lot more peace. And cookies...

Way to grow, Sophie!

(Sorry, that pun must have come from "The Child's Garden of Worse-Verse, Volume Two".)

Holy cow, Dave, what is going on in your garden?

Very cute pic. But, when I was in school, unless I misheard or something, it was Congress who passed laws. The president signs them, and perhaps proposes (through a congressional sponsor) legislation, but it's Congress that passes laws.

Has Sophie's teacher never watched Schoolhouse Rock?

"I'm just a bill,
and I'm sittin' here on Capital Hill,

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Very cute, but I wonder what it says about today's 1st grade Government classes when they are teaching the kids that the President makes laws. Everyone knows that, as head of the Executive Branch, the President enforces the laws.

Laws are passed by whichever lobbyists have the most money.

Andrew beat me to it, and almost got it right!

So who's been pulling plants from Sophie's garden?

Hey, she's only in kindergarten.

I see your point. But how would it be to teach six-year olds "If I were a skum-sucking political lobbyist, I would pass a law that...."

then wouldnt that be a kinder(gentler)garDen.

I love the hands on the hips. That is soooo mom-like.
*smacks Moe & Andrey upside the head*

*another, more accurate smack to AndreW* (Yes, I have Audrey on the brain today.)

Moe, you're close, but no cigar. Congress does indeed pass the laws. The lobbyists just write them.

beyond adorable.

Could she pass a law that no one can mow the grass while she's at it?

"Sorry, honey, no can do! President Sophie has spoken. It's the law, baby.... Let the crap grow!"

I wonder who pulled up her plants. Poor Sophie.

I feel bad. Maybe I should send her another cookie.

Wow. When my boys were six, all they drew were car crashes and explosions.

Way to go, little girl.

Very impressive art work, Sophie!

Kids just know how the world works! It is simple. Play by the rules. And don't pull the flowers out of the garden.

We should all live by those rules.

What a great kid you have Dave!

Another great rule from my progeny:

Don't spit on your brother.

Dave, Can't you afford to buy your daughter a nose?

And who's the obnoxious little pink girl who wants to pick the flowers? Give me a vector on her, secure her perimeter and I'll send Jack over to take care of her. Let her see what the flowers look like from UNDERNEATH the ground!

(Sorry, PMSing.....administer dark chocolate...)

Go Sophie!

so sweeeeeet!

Before I read what it was about, I thought the little girl on the left was saying "I think I will drink." NOW I get it.

I like how she cleverly avoided drawing any hands or feet. Also, it looks like she's invented some sort of special President's Badge. I think we need one of those. (Hoping everyone else has moved on to fresher postings and won't respond with a certain line from _The Treasure of the Sierra Madre_.)

How sweet, Sophie is already trained in the environmental issues.

I think it would be better if Dave became President first.

We can let the plants take over. They would do a much better job than the men and women in Congress.

Sophie could guard the "oak tree" president.

Really cute Dave, thanks for sharing.

Mina, ooooohhhh, probably would have, but when you get a sweet, fresh, innocent thread like this in the midst of all the stoopidity of adults (as evidenced in this blog), I sure can't do it!

My brothers (5 and 3) would probably just mimic rules they've heard from Dad. Way to go Sophie for thinking up a bad thing to do that my brothers haven't already tried!!

"It's never okay to lick people."
"We do not put bowls with food in them on our heads."
"No biting babysitters."
"Always pee in the water."
And my personal favorite -
"We do not EVER lick toilets!!!"

That should be "as evidenced by the ARTICLES POSTED in this blog."

And we all, now, have joy!

Yes, just who is taking Sophie's plants? Very worrisome.

Go, President Sophie!

Andrew -- AAAAUUUUGHHHH, yes!!!

"But I know I'll be a law some day! --
At least, I hope and pray
that I will --
But today,
I am still
just a bill ..."

... they don't make kids' cartoons like they used to.

Kids are cute alright.You should see what my dogs did while I was out though...

Looks like Sophie is going to get the most comments of the day- congratulations, Sophie!

Sophie could cut an album with her dad. How about remake of Phil Collins album Hello, I must be going would be a nice start. Except she could call it Alone in the garden. Hello, I must be growing. She could also draw the cover!

If "Lordi" can win the 'Best Band in Europe' contest while dressed as Swamp Thing, I think the "Have Joy" girl would have no competition!

Dave - did you show her the story of the guy stealing all the landscaping by any chance?

She actually draws pretty well for six years old. I didn't get the eyes-looking-left-or-right-thing until I was at least thirty. And the expressions on their faces match what they're saying.

Maybe Sophie's a budding illustrator.

This is definitely a tough crowd.

Dave, Sophie's picture definitely gets me in touch with my inner gardener.

If she can draw an eagle in a tweed jacket her dad might go back to writing columns. Maybe even funny ones...and it goes round in circles....

I have no kids, so I can safely say...there is nothing cuter than a picture drawn by a little kid. One of my friend's kid recently gave me a picture she drew and I almost cried.

Having a lot of joy because of Sophie's picture, Dave. Makes my heart melt by reminding me of when my daughter was six. Thanks for signing the book for her, and thanks for sharing this.

(Okay, how did a golf ball suddenly lodge itself in my throat?)

Tell Sophie about weeds.

i guess i will add my awwwwwwwwwwww . . . .

Very cute! But Sophie needs a taser...

well, this puts my child to shame. i got a story in three pics from the first grader. pic 1 shows dark colored boy and light skinned girl, first grader narrates, "this is a boy and girl." (well drawn, nice details) 2nd pic has same boy and girl kissing, narration is, "they kiss," (how sweet, racial harmony) the third pictures shows same boy and girl with backs to each other, narration goes, "and then they break up." (sigh) any of you marrieds want to adopt my kid and model healthy family values?

Sophie can draw waay better than a normal k-age child. Also her penmanship totally rocks.

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