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May 23, 2006


...you're talking Madonna.


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yeah right.

Looks like she's reading lyrics posted on the stripper pole. Did she steal that idea from Ridley?

Poor Lourdes. And my kids think I embarrass THEM.

Not just any ol' crucifixion, mind you, but a Disco crucifixion.

That makes it all right, then.

Isn't it nice that she took time off from writing children's books to share her religious beliefs with us?

Poor Madonna - she used to be cool and now she's just so sad....I wish she were still a virgin

24, you must be a really old fan... ;-)

Madonna, the "ministerial" girl.

And all those special effects would be distracting us from...what?

What a day. First I learned the "fire crotch" meant real redhead. Now, Lisa BFF lets me know that "ministerial girl". I always thought it was "menstrual girl".

Where's an albino monk when you need one?

Changing costumes again for the "Never Mind the Bollocks" section...

Ummm...did anyone else get a really scary mental image of what sort of costume that might be?

ssa - for a second i thought ,she was hommaging the sex pistols...

A Madonna show's all that you wish
For those people who own a fetish
Religious, equestrian
Or not-so-pedestrian
Though music fans have to "Go Fish!"

Long time reader, first-time post. I just couldn't let this one go-

"She returned to religious imagery for Confession's "Isaac," which featured a woman dancing in a cage."

I don't remember that from Sunday School...

Kewl! I get to...

*snork!* @ insom!

Diverdown - You musta gone to the wrong church!

*wanders off humming Culture Club's Church of the Poisoned Mind to himself...*

retch and barf. i just read that one of the spice girls - no, i dont know which one, it was a headline - named her new baby Bluebell Madonna... with this crotch grabbing dimwit as her idol..... ewwwww.

Well, she's certainly not like a virgin, but she still 'touched' all right...

(throws an 's up to the second "she")

Two things:

(1) My impression is that the only people who really like Madonna's contemporary work are, for some reason, other celebrities.

(2) I hate myself for even thinking this, but I'm not going to lie to you...I still think Madonna is as hot now as she was in that black lacy outfit during the Like a Virgin days. I would, as the kids say, still hit it.

Well if you really don't have talent, you cover it up with theatrics, so folks won't notice

Insolentwench, beg to differ. David Bowie had talent and presence, and could actually sing. Madonna: zero on all counts.

Madonna's entire career can pretty much be summed up with: "Look at me, I'm all shocking and stuff!"


*wanders off to play "Into the Groove" (the original four minute version, not that piano laden monstrosity that she released later)*

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