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May 24, 2006


...you're talking about... OK, you're not talking about this.

(Thanks to Charley, who saw it on Good Morning Silicon Valley)


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uh. brain is rebooting.

I am so embarrased for her, and all people who are genetically devoid of rhythm. That's why you will never see me rapping.

she would have been better off if she showed up two threads ago.

*ducks before anyone reaalizes what he said*

"Three threads sir!!"

oh yeah - three threads!


Having her squirming around on the 'Humping Frogs' logo was a nice touch.

She is SOOOOOOO white.

Poor girl. You know they made her do that...

Not her fault...

MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh. She's not very good. Not a single profanity in the whole report. No death threats. No offers to do inappropriate acts to a minority. She knows nothing about rap.

I watched about 5 seconds with the sound off and I can't bear to go back and continue. I can only imagine it gets worse. Doesn't that violate some kind of OSHA rules or something? I hope she's compensated handsomely.

She's got a great future in radio.

yeah even without sound that is painful. They started singing the traffic report on the radio here in L.A...I can't remember which station...this morning it was the "Hokey Pokey." Too bad the guy really can't sing.

hey random-
you took them words
right outta my MOUTH
that's why I won't
be movin SOUTH
I am New England
born an' BRED
My neck is fishbelly white
...and so is hers

Wow. If they want attention, why don't they just make her wear a bikini instead?

She is WAAAAY too caucasian to pull that off. And those clothes! No self-respecting gangsta would take her serious.

you know they're trying to see
what the limits might be
how far will she go for a buck
will she dress up like a duck?
will she shave her head?
carve an "X" on her forehead?
will she wear Depends?
the fun never ends
she is a good sport
do the weather report
while looking like a dork
she's my favorite sort
will she talk about the rain-fall
and stand against the back-wall
while we play a little dodge-ball
with balloons full of Barba-sol?
will she wear some lingerie,
roll with a menagerie,
with Regis and Kelly,
what's the barometric "P"?
Wear a puppet on her hand,
pretend that she's a man,
make wee-wee in the sand
dress like the Ku-Klux Klan?

That's a very... ummmm... curvy rap ya got there mud!

That makes me very sad. Sad for her, and sad for me. My ears bleed.


Oh, god.


Funny, mudstuffin.

*ears asplode*

She's gonna get jumped for that.

Jeff - That was gonna be precisely my comment.

Y'know, every time there's a BM link, or a BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN!, I click anyway. I don't know, but maybe I just like the jolt that I know is coming.

I couldn't finish watching this. It just hurt too much.

... um ... there's eight minutes of my life I'll never get back ...

waitin' for it to finish "loading" ... which never happened ...

which, judgin' from the comments, is prolly a good thing ...

... merely ... grateful ...

*adds to list entitled "Things blondes should NOT do"*

That was wiggity wack.

Dam thats perky

Ow, that really hurt. I hope that she doesn't have any children or their classmates are going to make their lives a living h*ll over that. Can you imagine being a teenager and having your mother do that on live television? Yikes.

sly- save yourself some time - just make a list of things a blonde CAN do. See, you're done already!

HEY! Annie WBH, I take offense at that! Neither a wanna-be blonde weather rapper, nor Paris Hilton, can represent all blondes. There are many of us who have very long lists of things blondes can do. And by the way, yes, it IS true---we DO have more fun!

marfie, good point but she was practically a teenager herself so I'm guessing no kids.

Spress yo sef, hony!!

Amanda - I'm glad you keep a list. Makes it easier to remember, doesn't it?
And congrats on your response- under 4 hours to reply to my joke - that's a new blonde speed record! ;)

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