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May 25, 2006


First this, and now this.

(Thanks to Jeannie Kelly)


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I hope they quit horsing around and deal with this bull.

C'mon Dave - isn't that really beating a dead horse?

oh yeah...AND my first first. :)

"DNR spokesman Hoy Murphy said since the matter doesn't involve wildlife, his office won't get involved."

'Nuff said.

A call to the Ravenswood Volunteer Fire Department went unanswered Tuesday night.

Better a dead horse than a fire.

Why do politicians always sound like my kids? I didn't do it! Its not mine. He made that mess, I'm not cleaning it up.

Which leads me to the question - what provisions are there is the constitution for all politicians involved to receive a spanking and have to go to their rooms?

OHHH - SN... I don't think I have ever wanted to be a politician so much in my entire life!

Gives new meaning to the lyrics from Country Road by John Denver, "Almost heaven, West Virginia." Maybe they should be changed to "Bovine heaven, West Virginia."

You never forget your (not you're) first first.

Coast, I said their rooms, not mine. How about if I just suspend your TV privleges?

WooHoo, I feel like an expert today, all of these postings are regarding something I have person experience with. Sooooo, here goes:

Rotting animal carcasses actually improve the smell of Left Virginia (offical state motto: Open sewers are mandatory). I would know, cuz I'm....

this sounds like a bunch of horse manure to me.

Horse hockey!

random WV,

I thought the State Motto of WV was "10 Million People 14 Last Names."

(Viginia Snot here)

that VIRGINIA not the other.

Fireman: Ravenswood Volunteer Fire Department, state your emergency.
Caller: Uh, yeah, I got a dead horse that's stinkin' up my propity.
Fireman (muttering): (Ah, geez. You help somebody with a dead cow and they come crawling outta da woodwork.) *sighs* Ma'am, we're a Fire Department, not a glue factory.
Caller: It's a pony named 'Wildfire.'
Fireman: Oh, well, that's a horse of a different color then, isn't it? *snark*
Caller: (muttering) (Everybody's a comedian.)

No, the state motto was "...wut's a mottoe?"

Mikey, there are only about 1 million people, and 12 last names. But there are about 10 million teeth.

random - what drawer are the teeth in?

will, I was going to say the exact same thing to jaybird!

It's always a special memory....:)

Hey, I live in Left Virginia and I uh, I, oh hell, I agree.

HAR Rita!

We should tell them about the whale incident in Alaska. Just the first part though. We'll tell them the second half of the story after they try it... **snicker snicker**

A corpse is a corpse, of course of course
And no one thinks much of a corpse, of course,
That is, of course, unless the corpse
Is the famous Mr. Dead.

Go right to the source, you’ll feel remorse
You’ll want them to clean up the mess, of course.
You can scream until your voice is hoarse,
They won’t move Mr. Dead.

Government types will talk a lot, and pass the buck all day,
But Mr. Dead won’t move a jot, you’ll find it unpleasant to stay.

Officials will cover their butts, of course
They’ll stick you direct in the shorts, of course
You’ve never seen an immobile force?
Well how about this…

Try moving Mr. Dead.

Ford79, that kicked @ss! Almost worth the earwig it gave me.

Great minds think alike. Also ours. ;-)

Ford79 - you are brilliant!

Perhaps the best jingle I've ever heard. Better than "Honey Comb" cereal even.

Annie keeps her teeth in her drawers?

um ... nevermind ...

BTW, "Hoy Murphy" anagrams to "Yeh Hoy, Rump"


"Rotting Cow Carcass" WBAGNFA country-punk band.

Ford79: cool as Dry Ice, dude.

Quick! Somebody notify the Oregon Highway Department! (Bonus points to all who understand this reference)

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