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May 02, 2006



(And since we don't make fun of names 'round here, we won't mention Big Ben.)

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Not to mention Beats Penicilin on Bacteria would be a kick a$$ album name.

What do you give the man who has everyone?
Wallaby Milk

I would hate to be the poor schmuck who has to milk the wallaby....

'course "Milking Wallabies" WBAGNFARB

just sayin'

Walla-bye baby
Before you will walk
Mama will be milked
By Aussie Ben Cocks

Wasn't "Milking Wallabies" a Rolf Harris tune???

Pardon me while I step onto the geezer bus...

"Ben Cocks, of the Victoria Department of Primary Industries, in Melbourne, said: "A huge amount of development happens in the pouch..."

Hey! I didn't comment -- I'm just quoting, ok???

What, just because he can't spell Cox?

Folks like you caused Bronson Alcox to change his name to Alcott.

Mom always said if ya wallaby healthy, drink milk.

'course mom did always have a speech impediment

Help Wanted Ad:

Experienced Wallaby Milker needed.

Small hands required. Must get along well with baby Tammar Wallabies. Benefits include free E. Coli inoculations.

i think they're missing the most important medical discovery, drinking wallaby milk creates lungs! think of all those people on the transplant list who just need to find a momma wallaby now.

Speaking about making fun of names...

"...latch onto milk bearing teats" reminds me of this guy in Malaysia...

*Uh, Honey? Where's the brain bleach?*


Did you notice your article mentioned the illustrious Dr. Beavers from a couple of days ago?

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