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May 27, 2006


I leave tonight for a week-long family vacation in a secret undisclosed island nation known for its exotic cuisine. I'll be taking the exclusive CrapCam and will post when I can, but I expect to be fairly busy, so blogging from me will be sporadic. I'm sure, however, that judi will link to photos of naked men keep you up to date.

I wish you all a fine Memorial Day weekend. If you can, try to find at least a few minutes Monday to think about why it's called Memorial Day. Thanks.


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Have a great vacation!

And stay away from those giant squid!

Happy Memorial Day, and have a great vacation, Dave!

...and rabid squirrels.

Beer and sex. Sex and beer. Life is so full of choices.

Happy Memorial Day to the Barrys!

Yes Dave, have a nice vacation and Happy Memorial Day!
Yum, beer tastes so good.

Please don't eat any of that Jolly Olde menu item, Spotted Dick.

YAY! for Judi!!

Have a memorable Memorial Day vacation, Dave ... and Mrs. Blog and Sophie, of course, also ...

And Blessed St. Judi ...

And Walter ...

And ... y'all bloglits ...

Enjoy the U.K. and watch out for the steak and rectum pie.

Enjoy brother! I'll be working that day (though I'm on a Navy base so I will take a moment and salute the brave fallen).
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Funny how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie timed the birth of their baby JUST when Dave takes his vacation.

I think Dave intimidates them.

Safe travels, Blog family! And a big woo-hoo! for judi, who is exceptionally well-qualified to rule the asylum while Dave chugs and frolics!

pssst, judi, could you please be extra careful not to log on as Dave this time? We scare kinda easy!

Enjoy your vacation, and no pulling plants from the ground or plucking flowers!

Hmmm...vacation waits until after the final episode of 24, but NOT until school is done, and just before hurricane season. Hmmm....ok, I'm just jealous because I'm not going anywhere. btw- Yankees won today! Cheerio and neener!

mmmmmmmmmm, beer.

Airport X-ray Security Guy: Sir, what exactly is that in your carry-on?

Dave: Frozen Pizzas.

Airport X-ray Security Guy: You need to take 65 frozen pizzas with you to an undisclosed island nation?

Dave: Have you seen the Spotted Dick?

"Memorial" is similar in root to the word "memory," which is appropriate because it's the day I'm gonna remember to mow the lawn.

Have a great vacation, Dave!

Also, an extremely belated thanks to Wessonality for snorking ME for the first time, which also happened to be my first time as the snorkee. You always remember your first, Wess.
I would credit obi wan as my first (being snorkee), but I'm only counting it as half-a-snork; see this post for details (near the bottom). At the same time, kudos to obi wan, as he is the only one here I have seen pull out during mid-snork. Which I suspect is like trying to pull out during an "H".
So, now that I've been snorked, maybe I can go on with my life, stop trying to post first and/or last all the time, and stop filling my posts with links to everywhere, but it's unlikely.
Key Quote:
Please enter your number with country code and area code below to see if it can be transferred to EVERYWHERE

have fun~ clear skies and great traffic too?

Morning everyone...Happy Memorial Day!

(serious comment alert)

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge my mom and my dad. My dad was a 24 year career Air Force officer that spanned WWI, Korea & Vietnam. He retired as a Colonel in 1965. My mom was a 2nd Lieutenant Army nurse during WWII. She resigned her commission when she got married and pregnant. They were both buried with full military honors at National Cemetary at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.

My mom died this past March. At her funeral when the young soldier knelt before my brother and I and said, "On behalf of a greatful nation..." I saw my mom and my dad 62 years ago.

Mom and Dad...Thank you for being heros for an entire country, and thank you for being my heros. I'm very proud of both of you.

(end serious comment alert)

Oops, that would be WWII not WWI up there. Dad was born in 1920.

Well said, daisy.
Thank you for sharing that with us. :)

fudtheman, you're welcome.

Dave - have a good trip, and just so everyone is clear, whatever that food picture is he posted, it is NOT kugelis.

Your Defensive Resident Lithuanian

Have a nice breakfast tommorow!

Thanks for sharing, daisymae, and nice story. My father enlisted at 17 after Pearl Harbor and spent 4 years in England.

Have a great vacation, Dave. We had wanted to go to the UK for our honeymoon, but we're slowly coming to the conclusion that's not financially going to be possible. So enjoy it for us!

But on the other hand, we may get to go see things like the World's Largest Ball of Twine. So you know, when God closes a door and all that...

Also, Hooray for Judi week!!!

daisymae - tnx 4 your "serious comment" narrative, above ... VERY nice story ...

daisymae ~ great post. And props to my Pops, who was stationed in Germany during the Korean War. He never had to see combat, thank God. Rest in Peace, Dad.

Likewise from me, daisymae. Beautiful. Thanks also to Jeff and Wessonality!'s paternal units.

I'll toss in my admiration for my grandfather, career Navy CPO spanning WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Buried with honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery in 1998. We miss ya still, Gramps.

Annie, school might be out, remember Sophie started wayyy back near the beginning of August. The daughter of a friend was out last Wednesday after starting in August.

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have a great vacation
good luck

Enjoy that family vacation. Time with the family is important.

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