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May 26, 2006


We have a possible breaking development in the Nun Bun case.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Shouldn't MT's buns sag a bit more?

It's a Miracle...

No. its miracle whip.

Looks more like Cinnabon to me.

This is the biggest religious food development since the Jesus pierogi!

I... I don't see mother theresa there. Does that mean I'm going to hell?

Something like this could help millions have "Miricle Toast" of their own

what's next? Pope-overs?


Uuhhhh.... should I duck?

For the Full NunBun story, visit www.bongojava.com. :D

It looks more to me like the old lady from the famous eye-trick painting of the woman looking into the mirror.

If anyone has a line on the Sally Fields "Flying Bun" contact me about it ASAP please!

I have to say I've never really got off on a nun's buns. But it takes all kinds I suppose.

gfunksizzle ~ No, you're not going to hell. You've probably been through Catholic school, and your Catholic guilt prevents you from seeing her in that bun.

I was Catholic-schooled my first six years, and as we all know, nuns do not appear in buns, nor do they have buns. Or hair. Or need the bathroom, ever.

But, I became a "public" in 6th grade, and maybe that's why I can see Mother Teresa's big nose in that bun.

Yes, I am going to hell. So I might as well see the DaVinci Code before I die. (If I wait for the DVD, can I just stay in Purgatory longer?)

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